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The Acai Berry’s Power

Updated on June 29, 2010

When the secret of the acai berry fruit from the Amazon burst upon the rest of the world, there was so much interest in the fruit because it came at a time when people who were educated and aware were looking for healthy alternatives to the regular unhealthy diet that had become the order of the day. However, for many people today, just knowing it is healthy is just not enough. They need to know exactly what makes it so great when it comes to health giving properties. So let’s take a look at what the Brazilian acai berry is made of and the power that it has to make you feel better.

The nutrients that are present in the acai berry fruit are called anthocyanins and they give the body power to fight against infection and disease. These are very similar to the nutrients that are found in red wine which give your immune system a boost. The natural acai berry also has omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. The fruit also contains a lot of fibre and protein for healthy digestion.

For the ones who know, for the ones who have read a lot about healthy foods, for the ones who believe that antioxidants play a large part in maintaining good health, this is a fruit that has come at the right time. It’s got the right mix of substances to nourish as well as build up the immune system. It is nourishing as well as disease-fighting. Maybe it’s this seeking for new ways to health that has caused the acai berry and the acai berry antioxidant power to have found its way to many western markets.

The fruit cannot be picked and packed and exported like many fruits can. The acai berry fruit disintegrates and spoils so it needs to be exported in a form where it can be preserved. The fruit is, therefore, pulped and packed and frozen before it can spoil. It is the acai berry pulp that is sent to the various places. There, it is sold in this concentrated form or it is made into acai berry juice, sweetened sometimes to make it more palatable to the local taste.

Today, acai berry pulp and acai berry juice are available in certain select stores. Once the news of acai berry and its powerful ingredients spreads even further, it will doubtless be available in many more stores, even the ones around the corner. Many health food stores and natural remedies stores stock it today and in some of them, you might get the acai berry juice mixed with other juices as well. While this might be acceptable to some, the purist natural health person will probably want the juice unsweetened and unmixed with anything else. If the natural acai berry does indeed have so much power and health giving properties, then it must be ingested in its pure form – or in this case, because you can’t get it fresh – in as close to the pure form as possible. So many today swear by the fruit’s benefits and there are skeptics as well who say they have never felt the power of the acai berry.


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      quaywards 7 years ago

      I totally agree with you.