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Interested In Meditation? Here's A Few Tips

Updated on November 4, 2016

Deepak and Oprah Talk About Meditation



Meditation is not a magic thing, it will not answer all of life's questions but this is my observation on how it affects me. I become more aware. I notice and hear more than I usually do. I move slower through my day. At the same time I have meditated and had a rough one but that's life. It has been touted as an almost miraculous concept, but I think meditation meets us where we are in our beliefs, our values, our intentions, our goals and our plans for life. Along with these it meets us in our thoughts and thinking the most. I find it can and does begin to shift the minds script over time if that is what we desire and focus on.

There are many, many types, and kinds of meditation. Quieting the mind, repeating mantra's, sound therapy, like using crystal singing bowls. There are guided meditation's where someone is talking. There are books, video's, articles, blogs and on and on. There are meditation sites, centers, and movements. I find great value in meditation and put it as one the top three things I revolve my day around. I don't meditate everyday. I meditate when I meditate. But its' always on my list. When I do it, I often focus on good health, peace within and without, prayer for myself and others. What would I like to see in my day? I focus on that, then I move into the quiet, taking deep breaths, and listening. I keep a journal close by for any good ideas that might stop by.

My mind is very busy at this time, my to do list, my family, my friends, something I saw on television, headlines I saw online, the radio, the movie, the news, something that happened at work and on and on. I sit and move through them. I try not to resist them but watch them go by like a ticker tape. I think I am meditating now this is my time for meditation and I let it be, whatever that is. I start to itch. I scratch. I continue to sit and be in the meditation moments and minutes. It is for me a very imperfect time. But I do it anyway. I like the way I feel afterwards and what seems to be helping me be better, and do better in my daily activities. I am little more patient and that's saying a lot.

Until recently, meditation was only practiced by a small group of people, who used it for its very real spiritual benefits. Today, meditation has a much wider audience, ranging from stay at home mothers, to busy professionals, to students. Those who use meditation every day know its benefits, but if you are new to meditation, you might not understand how incorporating this practice into your everyday life can benefit you. Whether you are brand new to meditation or have been practicing it for years, here’s what other's are saying about the benefits of meditation.

The Advantages of Meditation in Your Everyday Life

The Possibilities

Meditation has been heavily researched by institutions like the Mayo Clinic and the Harvard Medical School among many others. What researchers found is that those who practice meditation in their everyday lives have lower blood pressure, lower levels of stress, fewer anxiety attacks, less joint pain, fewer headaches caused my tension or stress, fewer ulcers, much lower rates of insomnia, and better moods. They also had heightened immune systems and more energy than people who did not practice meditation.

But those are just the physical benefits. Regular meditation has far more mental benefits. A decrease of anxiety and higher levels of emotional maturity are just two of the mental benefits noted in studies. Meditators are also happier, more creative, calmer, more satisfied, have better intuition, and have shaper minds that those who do not meditate. On the whole, they have focused minds, with a better ability to glean knowledge and understand it, and then also recall it later. I say that these are spaces, places and times and of course not every day and every minute. However, it's still good and an improvement.

For those that lead stressful lives or suffer from chronic anxiety, there really isn’t anything better for the body and the soul than regular meditation sessions. It expands the mind and makes the individual more introspective and perceptive. This clearer calmer understanding of the world and of the individual can make it much easier to handle stressful situations—and most people find that the small things that irritated them the most become much smaller and more insignificant. Yes, my experience is it can and does help with all of these things. There are still challenges that will tap you on the shoulder.

The Good of Meditation for Students


Students are some of the most stressed-out, anxiety-ridden, busy people in our society. Whether you are in elementary, middle, or high school or have moved on to higher education, there are plenty of benefits of meditation for students, both physically and mentally.

Because meditation can improve the body’s stress response and make it more robust, all of the stressors that come along with being a student can affect you less. Your mind is also be able to better grasp and understand the concepts you are supposed to be learning, so that nailing down boring or even difficult subjects becomes doable. Learning is easier when you are relaxed and open to the knowledge—and those are two things that meditation can help us to achieve.

Meditation and Health


The very real health benefits of meditation cannot be ignored. Many of the mental and spiritual benefits have health-related positive side effects. Mental stress and anxiety can cause illness, inflammation, ulcers, and raise your blood pressure. Regular meditation helps to eliminate the mental thought jams, the waterfall of thoughts that won't stop, and therefore the physical, issues, too. Stress and the inflammation are the underlying causes of some of the world’s most common diseases, especially because stress also lowers your immune system. If you are suffering from insomnia, for example, mediation can help you learn to calm your mind and helps in having a deeper, more restorative sleep. I still have insomnia issues, it does not help me so much here. That does not mean it won't, hasn't and doesn't help others we are all different on how we are affected around the idea of getting a good night's sleep. Who knows as I continue on my journey, it may well be my story too, especially when I am able to meditate everyday and not just frequently.

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