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The Affordable Chest Workout For Ectomorphs: Bell's Padded Push Up Stand Reviews

Updated on January 7, 2011

Spring is coming soon and everyone is looking for that ripped and sexy body. I know I am, it's one of my new year resolutions. Sadly for me, my body type is one of an ectomorph. You know, lean and flat chested. Muscle is very hard to gain with my body. I guess I can’t complain considering the amount of cardio workouts I do. But even as an ectomorph I’m looking for a way to pump out my chest. I’ve been doing the traditional pushups for 2 years now and I do not see too much results. I watched countless videos on Youtube about how inclined pushups would help. Sadly, at the end of the day I noticed I wasn’t feeling that burn in my chest. The same burn and tightening my legs got after a long run. I tried all of the variations but I noticed only my arms were getting larger: a little too large for my height. I did not mind a skinny body heck I don't call it skinny, I call it lean. With my arms however I wanted to keep that at a minimum and I just wanted a more toned and pumped out chest. Because everyone knows a nice chest frames the body well.


My Original Methods

I tried doing lower pushups but without the pushup stands you can only go so far. I thought my form was incorrect but I had a friend guide me. He had the ideal body so he knew what he was talking about. He did not see anything wrong with my form so it confused him as well.

I tried diamonds pushups. Lower push-ups. Higher pushups. And they were not really working out for me. I just did not feel the burn in my chest. 

I did receive some good advice however. I was told, when doing the pushups, do not focus on pushing yourself back up but rather sneezing your chest together. I did feel a difference but it still wasn't the satisfaction I was looking for in a workout. 

I thought eating more would do justice but it did not. I ended up just getting a little body fat.

My Purchase

So in the end, I went to Modell's sporting goods and found the push up stands. I decided to just buy them to give them a shot.They were only 10 bucks. What harm could they do? Boy, I did not expect a 10 dollar purchase to give the satisfaction my chest workouts needed.

I got home and I already knew what they were for. Just grip the bar and do the same routines that I have already been doing. Just push down even lower. I swear, they are hardly a few inches high but just bringing myself down that much lower helped out so much. I did less pushups and felt much better results. I never thought I would be happy to wake up to a burn in the chest. (The good burn of Course!) 


They are nice and small. Huge plus, I don't have room for a huge machine in my house to workout my chest. I just need something basic and effective. They definitely were.

They have awesome grips that makes it nice and comfortable for your hands. You shouldn't feel pain in your hands when working out the chest.

And the way they are designed you can just put them together and keep them very compact when bringing them around.


Its just nice and simple.I probably could have spend another 30 bucks and got the perfect pushup but honestly the pushup stand I bought is one of the products I have zero buyers remorse for. I mean 10 bucks, you cant complain.

After about 2 months of using it my chest definitely feels tighter. I am probably overexagerating to myself because I do feel some difference and it is just a relief to finally notice any difference at all. But nonetheless I believe I do see results.


The only problems I can say is that they are not made for wide or super wide push ups. I can manage pushups with my arms a little further away from my shoulders but anything beyond that I notice the pushup bars tip over.

I WARN YOU! Doing wide or super wide pushups are not recommended with these. They may cause serious damage to your wrist falling at that angle. Nothing has happended to me yet thankfully but just having the pushup bars tilt over you can understand the damage that it could cause. 

Side Note

Even with the push up bar. I definitely reccodmend to put it away every now and then and do those wide and super wide push ups without them. It is better not to get too comfortable with any workout. You always should be trying your hardest. 

The pushup stands does make pushups a tad easier because you have a grip. I am not workout guru so I am not sure if that is a bad or good thing. I would say it is good because it is easy in a sense that you want to continue. But it is still hard because you do pushups until failure. And I definetlly see the improvements so I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be any good. If you have any thoughts about that please leave a comment I am interested myself.

Do I recommend?

I truly recommend this product. No, I stand by it.  It is super cheap and it is actually recommended by many. It is nice and simple. Once you have it you can instantly start your workout. Your chest will never feel the same. I'm not saying you can't get results from regular pushups. I'm just saying that these push up bars worked well for me and I hope someone receive the same results! GOOD LUCK FOR THE SPRING TIME!


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    • profile image

      ectomorph workout routine 7 years ago

      Thanks for the post, been trying to figure out how to work on my chest, but it's harder being an ectomorph :(

    • Leniscool profile image

      Leniscool 7 years ago

      The kickstand? I have never heard of it it. I will check it out though. By the way I checked out your hubs, you know a lot about health! You should write a hub about a good home workout. I'd definitely love the read! Gyms are too expensive haha.

    • The Smiling Man profile image

      The Smiling Man 7 years ago from USA

      Try armless pushups. They are especially good for your core.

      Also known as "the kickstand".

    • Adroit Alien profile image

      Adroit Alien 7 years ago

      this is great advice! i need to work on my chest and someone told me to do the same thing. Thanks for the help!