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The After Pregnancy Diet Plan

Updated on October 28, 2012

The After Pregnancy Diet Plan

There is a lot to consider when considering a diet plan for after pregnancy. A woman's body is not the same after pregnancy as before, and does not need the same things. While breastfeeding, no weight will probably be lost anyways, so it's not necessary to diet with the goal of losing weight. The goal of dieting after pregnancy while breastfeeding should be to ensure that the proper nutrition is still maintained for milk production and mother/child health.

If not breastfeeding, experts recommend that a woman give her body at least six weeks to rebound from giving birth before attempting to implement a weight loss program. This will allow the hormone levels to begin to return to normal, and to make sure that the new mom has enough energy to do all of those extra things, like changing diapers…on almost no sleep! Remember that a post pregnancy body still needs lots of protein, folate, fiber and vitamins to function. No diet should deprive mom of the nutrients that a healthy body needs.

Luckily, a recently un-pregnant mom is already in the habit of eating healthy, so there aren't any major changes that will need to be made. A general guideline is that while pregnant, mom is probably eating about 300 calories more than pre-pregnancy. Those extra 300 calories can safely be cut back out of the diet after pregnancy, as long as mom's not breastfeeding. Some things to remember during and after pregnancy diet:

· Take it slow-the body will recover at it's own pace. Give it some TLC along the way.

· Load up on the good stuff-like fruits, vegetables and lean meats. It is just as important to consume the right kind of calories as it is to consume the right amount.

· Exercise! Moms that load up their little bundles and go for a stroll will recover their pre pregnancy weight so much faster than moms that just stay inside fretting about their weight. Fresh air and a little blood circulation will help mom develop a bright outlook and "can do" attitude toward weight loss, which can be just as important as the weight loss itself.

· Be forgiving. There is no magic cure all or fix for a post pregnancy body. Following a post pregnancy diet plan doesn't mean that the weight will magically shed in a couple of weeks. Every woman's body is different, and there is nothing wrong with staying in new mommy shape for a little longer than planned.

A woman who is not breastfeeding can cut back to her pre-pregnancy calorie intake. A safe rule of thumb for an after pregnancy diet plan is to maintain weight loss at about a pound per week. Exceeding that might mean that mom is cheating herself out of valuable nutrients necessary for the continued demands of motherhood.


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