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Over 50 Life and More Enjoyment in Life

Updated on June 12, 2013

Life over 50

Single again and over 50

In a couple weeks I will arrive at being a widow for eight years. Fifty-four is awfully young to change your status to widow, but it happen and I know it happens often. Perhaps for you, it isn’t a change to widowhood, maybe it is changed to separation or divorce. Either way, haven’t we awoken to the fact that our life book has changed drastically? It didn’t follow the map we assumed we would take. Instead now we are looking at a blank chapter of our life and not knowing what the heck to do. My new chapter would end up looking like a holy mess. What to do? My life was like living in a sci-fi page. I kept waiting to wake up. What to do? How do I even begin?

50 + Financial Stability

Becoming Financially Stable

First I had to learn to support myself.

As a new widow, I needed to support myself. I have not really work during my whole twenty nine years of marriage, except doing psychic readings from our home. I was able to get on a psychic phone line, and worked it. This involved teaching myself working ethics and financial management. My late husband was great at both, but that was not going to help me now. I worked the phone line with set times I would be on. I did have a friend than who helped me to set this up and to stick to it. The more confidence I built in myself, the better I felt, and eventually took an offer to do an internet radio show. It occurred to me one day that people looked at me as an expert. I never consider myself an expert in anything. Though way would escape me, since I have traveled the states by request, because of my skills when married.

In those days, any work I did was with me being part of a union-my marriage. If I wanted to I could turn down an engagement or an appointment. Now this has totally changed, since there was no other income but what I brought in. I grew to dislike being a psychic-phone-line reader. It is a different entity than what I was use too doing. There was no more choice of doing the spiritual enlightenment type of readings for clients, which I loved. Now I felt like a piece of meat speaking with those who sought quick remedies. I often signed off crying, because the type of readings frustrated me. There was now only me, and I had to figure out how to work, as well as honor my own principles. It definitely was a strange new world I found myself in. It took me a few years to be able to support myself, and do the type of work that humbled and honored me.

50+ and Dating

Dating when we become seniors

If working was strange to me, dating was absurd.. Marriage did not enter my mind, because in my heart I am still married to my late husband. Instead I had sought a companion. This was easier said than done for two reasons; one my basic pattern has been marriage, and two not having a person in my life was an alien concept, since it was not something I have experienced since my late teens. In the beginning being single proved to be a dilemma. The dating world was very different for me at fifty-five, than when I was in my late teens. My choices the majority of the time would be detrimental to me, which resulted from my own bias of how men would be. Age is not a factor in maturity and honesty, and this would be my first lesson to learn. Being my age or older did not necessary mean they had the same qualities my late husband had.

Dating now is under the arrangements that work for me. It took me awhile to figure what I wanted. It took me as long to discover I do not need to lower my standards. I found many people feel single senior women are limited in what they want. The men I have become friends with in my age group have also confided in me how dating is a nightmare was more often than not. They, as I had too, had to step back and figured out what they really wanted, and not settled.

Because we are now older does not mean we have to settle. We do not need to honor thoughts that we must take what is available for our life is short. It is easy to believe this, but for me, as well as others, it leads to disaster. Our life is not over, and far from it. There is a wealth of experiences out there that are just waiting for us, if we dare. We can still learn new topics, as well as explore areas we haven’t. Opportunities do come in many directions, and all we have to do is leap. It can come in many directions. You will never know where it will lead you. Do though realize the possibilities are endless. Yes, you might be hesitant at first, but if you try you will begin to see your own self-esteem rise. You will feel your self-worth is more than you gave it credit in the past. When you find yourself single again, for any reason, often your self –esteem gets shaken. The world is different and you are not sure where to place yourself in it. Start by learning something new. It does help immensely


50+ Changing our Dna

Aging and Health

This has become my latest endeavor of learning. There are so many new finds in science, which I am devouring. I am learning biology, and how our brain works. I am learning how our bodies can heal themselves, through scientific means. I have also taken up studying Quantum Mechanics. My left knee has been very bad. The Dr. informed me that I need a knee replacement. This is why I am studying everything that I can, for I am determined to heal my knee, without surgery. Aging can be done with vigor. I will keep my mind informed with scientific information that can aid me in my aging.

We still have fire within us, and this is great to use to create. This fire is our energy, and keeping ourselves healthy by using exercise, eating wisely and re-programing our brain will help our energy. We are older, yet still full of this living breathing fire energy. I have it and so do you. I do highly recommend learning everything you can about our mind. It is capable of endless abilities. I plan to stretch mine, as I continue to live fully.

I am Grateful for my Life

My life now

I am living a very good life. Yes, it is different, but still very full of activities and living to my fullest potential. I have taken up new interests and have tested myself on several of them, with writing being one area. I am learning new ways of cooking, especially since I have made the decision to remain single. I do cook meals for friends, which is enjoyable, but now I also enjoy cooking just for me. . Each day I awake with knowing I will make this the best day possible. I am involved in living. If someone younger would ask me, if there is life after 50, I would say ‘oh yes’. There is so much to live for and do even after 50. In many ways my life has begun anew. It is a whole new book, with new characters and new experiences. It is a wonderful life.


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    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      6 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you Dr. Pooja. It is the only way for me to be!

    • Dr Pooja profile image

      Dr Pooja 

      6 years ago

      Salute to your positive attitude!


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