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The Agony Of Mouth Ulcers

Updated on October 11, 2015

A Typical Mouth Ulcer

What Is A Mouth Ulcer?

Mouth Ulcers – we have all had them at least once in our lives. In fact at the time of writing this hub, I have one just below a couple of my bottom teeth, right at the front of my mouth. It is due to the size and annoyance of this ulcer that I have decided to do a little bit of research into uncovering just what exactly a mouth ulcer is, as well as why they come about and the best treatment available should you have one.

So just what exactly is a mouth ulcer? Well a mouth ulcer is an oval shaped sore which tends to appear throughout the mouth, from the tongue to the inside of cheeks. Nearly all ulcers tend to be white, red, yellow or grey in colour and are inflamed (red and swollen) around the edge. They nearly tend to all be oval in shape. Whilst they are unpleasant, these sores tend to last only a few days at most, before slowly dissolving again.

A more painful ulcer
A more painful ulcer

So what causes these unpleasant sours to come about? Well there are several things which can cause a mouth ulcer to come about. The most common of these reasons are;

STRESS – If you are experiencing prolonged angst or had extremely stressful episode, this can produce an ulcer in the mouth

HORMONAL CHANGE – Women who are going through their menstrual cycle will often experience mouth ulcers

SWEET FOOD – Eating certain foods such as chocolate, coffee, peanuts, etc. can cause mouth ulcer to appear

TOOTHPASTE ADDITIVE – Certain additives which exist in certain toothpastes can cause mouth ulcers

Though these four reasons are the most common for why we suffer from mouth ulcers, there are other reasons why one can have a mouth ulcer, though the following reasons are due to prior medical conditions. These been;

VITAMIN B12 DEFICIENCY – Having a lack of Vitamin B12 in your body can cause mouth ulcers

CROHNS DISEASE – A long-term condition which causes inflammation of the bowels. This disease can also cause mouth ulcers to appear

REACTIVE DISEASE – A condition which causes the inflammation of certain parts of the body has been known to produce ulcers in the mouth as well.

VIRAL INFECTIONS – Certain viral infections, such as Herpes and even Foot & Mouth Disease can cause mouth ulcers, though chances of you having the latter disease is very unlikely.

So if you happen to have a mouth ulcer, what can you do to treat this unpleasant sore? Well the best answer is to apply some non-steroid, anti-inflammatory gel to the ulcer (in the UK, this gel is referred to as Bonjela). Doing this over time will cause the ulcer to dissolve and disappear quicker than if you were to just leave the ulcer to heal in in its own time.

Having said that, it should be said that if after using the gel for a week and the ulcer hasn’t in anyway decreased in size or pain, than I would strongly recommend booking an appointment with your doctor or dentist. Although it is still probably nothing to worry about, the fact that the gel isn’t helping may mean you might need something slightly stronger to do the job – something which can only be purchased over the counter.


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