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The Allergy-Sufferer's Bedroom. 12 Top Tips for Better Sleep.

Updated on August 2, 2016

Whether you suffer from allergies during the pollen season, or a running/stuffy nose and sneezing all year round, your bedroom shouldn’t make your allergies worse. Unfortunately for many allergy sufferers their blocked nose and irritated eyes and throat prevent them from sleeping well.

So what can you do to make your bedroom a more allergy-free place to be? Here are a few suggestions.

For more on getting better sleep so that you wake feeling refreshed, look at

  1. Dust, skin cells, pet hair, moulds and bacteria live with us harmlessly all over the house. Because we spend a lot of time in our bedrooms they accumulate there and cause problems to the allergy sufferer because, for you, they are allergens. So start by taking a look around your bedroom with fresh eyes. Surfaces that can be easily cleaned are best for your home and this is the same for the bedroom. Dust etc collects on rough surfaces such as fabrics, carpet and everything that’s lying about in the bedroom etc. So...
  2. Depending on your circumstances and budget you might want to replace carpet with laminate flooring. This is even better than wood as it has few joins in which dust can collect and is easy to clean.
  3. Consider swapping fabric curtains/drapes for metal or wooden blinds which can be wiped clean or for fabrics that can easily be washed at high temperature, such as cotton.
  4. De clutter. Dust collects on clutter in the bedroom and if the room is difficult to clean then you won’t want to dust as regularly or as thoroughly as you need to. Help with this in this hub.
  5. Clear out any old food and drink left-overs. Mould will grow on these which will add to your allergy problems.
  6. Put your dirty clothes in a closed wash basket outside the bedroom – in the bathroom for example. If you have pollen allergies the pollens will collect on your clothes during the day and can continue to irritate you even when you’re not wearing them.
  7. Use anti-allergy duvets and pillows – more about pillows and duvets on the site.
  8. Use anti-allergy mattress and pillow covers. One of the main allergens for allergy sufferers is house dust mite which lives in house dust. The dust that accumulates in our pillows and mattresses will trigger your allergies and these covers are a good way to reduce or prevent this.
  9. Always wash bedding at 140F/60C to kill bacteria and moulds.
  10. Use a good vacuum cleaner – one with an allergy filter is best if you can. Vacuum your floors as often as you need to (this will depend on the use and traffic your bedroom gets) and vacuum the mattress every time you change your bed linen.
  11. Keep pets out of the bedroom. Even if you know they aren’t the source of your allergy problems they carry pollens and dust with them which could add to the dust ‘load’ in the room.
  12. Consider products like Allersearch X-Mite which breaks down dust mite, moulds and animal dander so that they are harmless to you. Allersearch products come in spray and powder formulations.


Take your bedroom allergy make-over step by step and remember that reducing and eliminating dust is your key goal if you suffer year-round allergies, and reducing pollens in your immediate environment is key if you have seasonal allergies.

It may help to keep a sleep journal if your problem is severe so that you can see if the action you’re taking is having an effect.

There are more anti-allergy tips at


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