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The Aloe Vera Health Benefits

Updated on December 20, 2017

Aloe Vera a natural medicine miracle?

Aloe vera is one of the most widely used and accepted medicinal plants in the world. From ancient Egypt to modern China to the American southwest, aloe vera has been used for everything from soothing sun burns to treating stomach ulcers. While there are many plants on the natural market that are not recognized by mainstream medicine for their health benefits, aloe vera is often prescribed by doctors, as aloe vera’s health benefitshave been documented for centuries.

From skin health that promotes beauty, to internal healthy that promotes a long life, aloe vera juice, aloe vera gel, and aloe vera plants themselves have a range of incredible properties that make it one of the most potent and useful plants you can buy or grow yourself.

Aloe Plant

High in necessary vitamins and minerals.

Like most organic plants, aloe vera has a high concentration of vitamins that are necessary to a healthy body, both inside and out. It also contains a number of minerals that can help to strengthen and repair skin, as well as promote healing and cell regeneration. Applying aloe vera juice or gel regularly to the skin can help the skin get the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay strong.

High in protein and fatty acids.

Almost everything in our bodies is made up of amino acids. When you get a cut, burn, or rash on your skin, the body sends amino acids (the building blocks of protein), to the area to help repair the skin. Of the twenty-two amino acids that the body needs, we only produce fourteen. That leaves eight amino acids that we have to get through other sources. Aloe vera is high in these essential amino acids, as well as the kinds of fatty acids that lower bad cholesterol and aid in digestion. For a description of essential Aloe Vera compounds read this article.

Some of the Aloe Vera compounds.

B1,B2,B6,C,A,folic acid, choline
Pure mannan, glucomannan, galactan, acetylated mannan, cellulose
Mannose, glucose, aldopentose, L-rhamnose
steroids, triglicderides, triterpenoid, gibberlin, potassium sorbate
Zinc, selenium, magnesium, sodium, calcium
Not an exhaustive list.

Aloe Vera has adaptogen properties.

“Adapotgen” is not a term that many people have heard of. An adaptogen is a substance that actively improves and builds the immune system. It doesn’t just make it more robust, it actually improves the speed at which the immune system reacts to bacteria or viruses in the body. It makes the entire body more adaptable and more able to live in this environment. It can even help to combat the allergic response!


Aloe Vera aids digestion.

Because of those fatty acids that aloe contains, aloe vera is great for digestion, and a properly working digestive system is imperative to a body with a high immune system. Amazingly, aloe vera is great both for those who frequently get constipation and those that frequently have diarrhea. Why? Because unlike medicines that are formulated just for one purpose or the other, aloe works to actively calm the body’s digestive system, no matter the issue it is experiencing. Taking aloe regularly can help to maintain a healthy level of bacteria in the stomach and can even fight the unhealthy bacteria that might try to upset the stomach.

Detoxifies the body.

Like chai seeds and sea weed, aloe vera has a high gelatin content. These gels are great for detoxifying the body, because they actually absorb and hold on to toxins, allowing them to be passed through your body. As the gel passes through your intestinal tract, it will absorb any remaining toxins from chemicals you might have consumed or used on your body. Because it also aids in keeping your digestive system regular, aloe vera also ensures that the toxins are regularly and completed eliminated from the body.

Creates an alkaline environment in the body.

When you regularly take aloe vera, you create an alkaline system in your body. Most people consume mostly acidic foods (which is why there is such a high rate of heart burn and acid reflux disease in our society). If you temper that acid with alkaline foods, like aloe vera, you will have a system that is much less vulnerable to disease and is far less prone to problems like acid reflux and heart burn. Aloe vera creates and helps to maintain the balance that your body needs to stay healthy.

Aloe vera protects heart health.

While there have not been many clinical trials about the benefits of aloe vera on the cardiovascular system, it is clear that aloe vera combats inflammation, which is one of the underlying causes of heart disease. How aloe vera combats inflammation lends credibility to the idea that eating aloe vera or taking an aloe vera supplement can help to improve heart health. This plant actually improves the body’s ability to deliver oxygen, through the blood, to the sites that need it most. By also lowering cholesterol, the plant improves circulation and decreases the strain on the heart and any inflammation that may be damaging the circulatory system.

Aloe vera soothes and improves skin.

Unlike many skin products that claim to reduce inflammation, smooth skin, and help repair skin damage, aloe vera actually delivers. It’s widely used for everything from cooling a sun burn to soothing bug bites to taming psoriasis. Whether you have an occasional skin issue or a chronic one like psoriasis, having aloe vera on hand is always a good idea. It’s an analgesic, meaning that it can reduce the pain of a cut or burn, and it also hydrates the skin and decreases the impulse to itch, which can only further damage the irritated or wounded area. Even when not used on a damaged area, even just as a daily moisturizer, it can help keep skin balanced and full of life.

Aloe vera improves your immune system.

One of the biggest aloe vera health benefits is a boost to the immune system. Aloe vera juice, which is rich in polysaccharides, promote white blood cell production, which are the cells in the blood that fight infection and viruses. A boosted immune system is also better for curbing the effects of free radicals and can help to reduce fever, both in adults and children.

Aloe Vera is anti-x?

Aloe vera is actually naturally antibacterial, anti-viral, antiseptic, antimicrobial, and anti just about anything that can harm your body. It is high in salicylic acid, which kills the bacteria on your skin that causes acne and infection. It kills fungus and viruses on sight, too!

Reduces inflammation inside and outside your body.

If your skin has developed a rash, an application of aloe vera can help soothe that rash. If you have an ulcer (which is caused by inflammation due to stress in the body), eating aloe vera can help soothe that ulcer, too. Aloe vera’s high levels of B-sisterole cool inflamed areas and can even help to ease the pain of inflammation in joints that causes arthritis.

Aloe vera can help you lose weight.

While aloe vera is not a weight loss supplement and should not be taken as such, the combined detoxifying and digestive aids can help you rid your body of extra weight and can give your metabolism and energy the needed boost to kick off a diet and exercise regimen.

Aloe Vera Juice with Juicer Drew


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    • Sam Shepards profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Europe


      Thanks we tried to cover most.

    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 

      3 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      Excellent article. I was not aware of all these health benefits. Posted on Pinterest.


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