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The Alphamusic of John Levine

Updated on July 24, 2013



By Jennifer Lynch Massage and Reiki Therapist/Author

I have been using John Levine’s music for my therapy clients for several months now. I have regular clients who visit me for both Reiki Healing and Massage, and I am finding that it greatly assists me in my work. Clients have become not only more relaxed, they consistently report that they really enjoy listening to the music. The music is called “Alphamusic” and it aims to induce alpha brain waves. When the mind is in an alpha state the body can function properly. This can significantly improve healing, digestion, the immune system, concentration and emotional well being just for starters.

The albums which I use frequently are Silence of Peace, Silence of Love and Silence of Balance. I have also used Silence of Vision, Silence of Light and Silence of Voice. I tend to choose the music which is most suitable for the client.

For a client who is having trouble settling down to anything and cannot relax at all, I would use Silence of Peace because this relates to hyperactivity, reduces symptoms of stress and anxiety. Most of my clients like this album and I use it the most. I like the fact that it has an oriental sound. I also find it to be very grounding and I often listen to it myself when I am not giving therapy. Silence of Peace fascinates me because there is part of the music which sounds a little like Close Encounters of the Third Kind! This makes me smile as I feel that that the music helps you to connect to your soul. It is as if the universal spark in you is attempting to wake you up, and as such I find Silence of Peace very grounding and integrating, as if it is aligning parts of your soul which may previously have been fragmented.

I decided on the Silence of Voice album mainly for my son who is a trained singer, to help his voice when it became tired, and also to aid communication skills. To be honest, he has not listened to it often because he has been too busy however I use it in my professional practice and noticed that some clients have benefited from it. For instance whilst giving a particular client healing, I discovered that her throat chakra seemed very blocked; this had been an on-going issue. I decided to introduce Silence of the Voice during the treatment whereupon the pathways cleared immediately and enabled a deep healing to take place.

Combinations of John’s Alphamusic albums also are worth considering. For example, I have used both Silence of Peace and Silence of Voice with a client in one therapy session. We were working on strength, balance, relaxation and back pain.

I should add that I have found that the length of the therapy professional version albums work well with the length of the therapy treatments. I always give hourly treatments – so perfect!

Here are some further examples of how I have found John’s Alphamusic to work and how I use it in my practice:

Silence of Balance I have found to be good for confidence and low self esteem – it restores core balance. Whilst the music plays gently in the background, I ask clients to visualise a column of light entering from the crown and coming right through the body to form roots. Generally clients respond by reporting that they feel stronger within, and so more able to confront situations.

Silence of Light I use primarily on myself, to increase my vibration and energy levels. I work as a therapist and healer, and I also work with the angels - I believe that this music resonates well with that frequency. I would also use this on clients who are therapists themselves and are involved in energy work.

Silence of Heart I use the most with clients who are emotionally upset as well as feeling physically drained. I have also played this piece of music for myself whilst I lay on my own therapy couch. It is interesting how quickly it restores your energy. With this album in particular I always give treatments to the entire length of the album so that the clients can receive maximum benefit.

Silence of Love I have used on two very different clients, both female. One of them seemed obviously a little irritated by what she experienced as the repetitive nature of the music, the other did not respond in this way. The first client had never had a treatment with me before and found it a little difficult to relax. The second client said that she felt the music was helping her go into a deeper state of relaxation, as if skins were being shed. I would imagine that if the same music was used continuously with both clients then eventually they would both relax into it. The resistance experienced by the first client is entirely normal, as often we reject the healing we need most. I changed the music with this client to Silence of Heart, and she became much more comfortable with that. This client came for a one off therapy treatment as she won it, and unfortunately I haven’t been able to work with her any further. However, if she came back, I would continue with using Silence of Heart for a few treatments and then return to Silence of Love.

To conclude, I have found that using John’s music with my treatments to be extremely effective and that as a result I have gained more healing clients. In addition to this I have also received healing from The Alphamusic of John Levine personally, as I often listen to it to rest and rejuvenate. It is my belief that this music can raise your own vibrational frequency and thus help with the therapist’s healing journey. Please contact me should you wish to experience the beauty of a Reiki or Massage treatment combined with John’s Alphamusic.

Do you feel that music can bring harmony and balance back to your life?

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    • Jennifer Lynch profile image

      Jennifer Lynch 4 years ago from Stowmarket, Suffolk.

      Hello greencha, yes I agree about the natural therapy healing rooms in hospital. Thank you for your lovely comment. Jennifer

    • greencha profile image

      greencha 4 years ago from UK

      Jennifer thats very interesting . I am a Reflexologist and always play nice music when giving therapy. They should have natural therapy /healing rooms in hospitals. Your very gifted and must be bringing lots of healing to a lot of folk....

    • Jennifer Lynch profile image

      Jennifer Lynch 4 years ago from Stowmarket, Suffolk.

      Great - I am sure he can be quite easily found on the internet. I am having great success with my therapy treatments using his music.

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 4 years ago from United States

      I think music is very therapeutic and I like to listen to a variety of music depending on what I'm doing and my mood. I was not familiar with John Levine, but I like the music very much. Very interesting hub.