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The Amazing Aquarius Man

Updated on June 17, 2008

John Travolta ~ February 18, 1954

Paul Newman~ January 26, 1925

Matt Dillon ~ February 18, 1964

Bob Marley ~ February 6, 1945


The Aquarius Man

January 20 ~ February 18

An extraordinary fellow who plays by his own set of rules. If you always expect the unexpected from this very sexy man, then you're already ahead of the pack. Remember the little boy who used to pull your pigtail in second grade? Most likely it was an Aquarius who just wanted to show his admiration. The Aquarius Man usually follows this suite, it will be a slight cold shoulder that will be your first intimation that he's probably smitten with you, with more hide and seek type clues to follow.

The Aquarius Man is a friend to all, from the happy-go-lucky janitor in his building, to the prominent president of his bank. Be assured, that no better friend you will find, then in an Aquarius Man. For you see his approach is non-judgmental, he is so inclined to like you flaws and all, that you will have no choice but to find him forever endearing. No matter what mess you get yourself into, the Aquarius Man will stand by you come what may. He may also find it uncontrollably necessary to offer you his most sincerest and thoughtful advice. He truly cares and fancies himself a champion of the less fortunate. A great humanitarian, if you will. Even someone who may have wronged him at one time, will be remembered with great affection and humor.

Thinking about playing poker with an Aquarius Man? Dare, if you will, but be forewarned, that his eyes will give nothing away. Who will blink first? Safely bet, it won't be him. He is the master of the phrase "never let them see you sweat". He will strategize and dissect you until he is confident of his feelings, then "splat", he'll show you his winning hand with only the slightest expression of victory. After all, he plays to win, never to hurt anyone's pride.

The Aquarius Man lives by his own personal code of ethics. He values fairness and roots for the little guy every time. His calm demeanor is not to be taken literally. You will always, underneath it all, find a valiant hero. One who will gallantly stand in front of you, no matter how much danger will lurk. A true prince among men. Hopefully, though, you will be able to read between the lines. In the life of an Aquarius Man, his friends take precedence. It's not that the love of his life isn't important, for she very much is. It's just that in his mind, his friends may matter just as much, if not sometimes more. A hard pill to swallow, this is true, but the sooner you can come to terms with this, the happier and the stronger the love between the two of you will flourish.

Winning the heart of an Aquarius Man is a bit of a strategy. It's the mystique of a woman that can entice him beyond repair. The less he thinks he knows, and the more mysterious she becomes will always inevitably lead to the sweetest of passion. This will ultimately equal a captivating combination, in gaining the key to his heart. The less time spent explaining your emotions, the less time it will take to seal your position as his number one enigma. He will relish the moments it will take for him to try to figure you out. The more difficult that becomes, the more intoxicating becomes your appeal.

The Aquarius Man is almost always sure to be successful. Although, he may not always shower you with roses and jewels, be assured of his adoration. He is more of a realist, and would like to see just how little it takes to impress you. Squealing with delight over handpicked daisies, will be sure to capture his attention. The fact that you value his gesture more than the size of his wallet, will melt his heart in more ways than you will ever know. Extravagance will soon follow, no need to worry. For he is most generous when the timing feels right. Possibly, beneath a most gorgeous backdrop of evening stars. It is also true that the rare appearance of his most romantic ways will be few and far between, but when it happens, be prepared. Never a night will be more soul-shattering or breathtakingly sensual.

To love an Aquarius Man is to begin with the most adoring and satisfying friendship then soon followed with an ultimate revelation of an even more glorious and dream-like fantasy. Here you will find a most powerful spiritual union sure to eclipse every desire you thought you'd ever had.

Chris Rock ~ February 7, 1965

Burt Reynolds ~ February 11, 1936

James Dean ~ February 8, 1931

Justin Timberlake ~ January 31, 1981

Oscar De la hoya ~ February 4, 1973

Michael Jordan ~ February 17, 1963


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    • profile image

      B Ski 6 years ago

      almost loving my life fully, is just an expression for me that happens to be true, but an aquarian is almost always misunderstood, and this makes us very depressed people in this world of less focused people.

    • profile image

      Nomfundo 6 years ago

      Im an aquarius woman dating an aquarius man,the blog is such a precise description of my boyfriend its amazing how much of yourself is clarified when you are into reading horoscopes.big up aquarians!

    • profile image

      Christian 7 years ago

      probably the best aquarian man description ive read so far!!

      Definitely not just a zodiac sign but a way of life!

    • profile image

      linai 7 years ago

      is is defiantly all true being that my partner and I are Aquarians . The same thing that they mention for men is the same for woman because I totally match up with the traits that have been mention above . When understand the qualities of each sign it defiantly easier to sense who is what sign. Very interesting

    • profile image

      Person 7 years ago

      Woot woot! This is when being an Aquarius comes in VERY HANDY. hahaxD February 16th^.^

    • hetulips profile image

      hetulips 8 years ago from Ahmedabad, India

      Excellent blog very well laid out indeed. I wish mine were as good as yours. Keep up the good work. Take a look a t mine and tell me what you think. However I believe true aquarians are those born between Feb 15th to March 15th. I was born on 20th feb and my dad on 27th and still we both have this characteristic mentioned above. Our horoscope has sun in aquarius sign as well.

      Take care and have a happy life.


    • profile image

      lee faulkner 88 8 years ago

      im an aquarius an i feel good

    • profile image

      lee faulkner 88 8 years ago

      im an aquarius an i feel good

    • trish1048 profile image

      trish1048 9 years ago

      You're welcome Summer. What I find interesting is, after meeting someone and talking with them, I've asked, are you a Libra? It is easier for me, since I am one, to pick out a Libra just by talking. I am always surprised, with men, that I tend to engage with someone who turns out to be Aquarian. The appeal is illusive to me, but there is definitely something about that personality that I'm attracted to.

    • summer10 profile image

      summer10 9 years ago from my happy place :)

      Thank you Trish. I'm always comparing people I meet with the signs they share. It's always uncanny how many shared personality traits scream out at me. For whatever it's worth, Astrology can lead you to an "inner" window that not many people are ever aware of. It's an amazing tool when used wisely. :)

    • trish1048 profile image

      trish1048 9 years ago

      I've had the pleasure of having two Aquarian men in my life. I realize a lot of people don't put any stock in the signs of the Zodiac, but I have found the descriptions of these people to be spot on.