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The Amazing Health Benefits Of Honey

Updated on June 14, 2012

Be Like Pooh Bear... Enjoy Your Honey!

Beyond it's great natural taste, honey is jam-packed with many health benefits ranging from home remedies to fighting disease! I've always enjoyed the taste of honey for as long as I can remember, especially when I was a child. Whenever I felt a little under the weather, my Mom would always make me a cup of hot tea with honey and lemon. It worked wonders for a sore throat and tasted way better than the yucky cough syrup and cough drops! Hahaha :) I think you get the point. Anyway, here are some reasons why honey is so amazing for us all! If you know of any other reasons why honey is amazing... please share! Would love to hear from you!!

A natural source of carbohdrates that provides the body with strength and energy.

Antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties help improve the digestive system to stay healthy and fight disease.

Honey doesn't cure cancer, but does have carcinogen-preventing and anti-tumor properties.

Soothes arthritis, athletes foot, and yeast infections.

Keeps wounds clean and infection free with its antiseptic properties which inhibit bacteria growth.

Absorbs moisture from the air which helps heal cuts and burns.

Soothes sore throats and is able to kill certain bacteria that cause infection.


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    • angoliver profile image

      angoliver 6 years ago

      Hi Anaya! Yes, honey does help with certain allergies. As a matter of fact, my daughter has had a sore throat these past couple of days and I've been giving her plenty of tea with honey and lemon. It's very soothing, and less complaints. LOL :)

    • Anaya M. Baker profile image

      Anaya M. Baker 6 years ago from North Carolina

      I've heard eating local honey can help with certain allergies. Not sure if that's true, but I do give my nephew a spoonful of the sweet stuff when his throat hurts, and it usually does the trick!

    • angoliver profile image

      angoliver 6 years ago

      Thanks! :)

    • Highvoltagewriter profile image

      William Benner 6 years ago from Savannah GA.

      How sweet! :)

    • angoliver profile image

      angoliver 6 years ago

      That's some really great information, I never knew that honey kills infuenza germs and wards off the flu. Thanks for sharing!:)

    • Sam9999 profile image

      Sam9999 6 years ago

      A scientist is Spain has shown evidence that honey contains a natural ingredient that kills influenza germs and prevents the flu. Thought you might like to know!