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The Angel Juicer VS the Greenstar Green Power juicer - which one wins?

Updated on February 21, 2011

If you are serious about buying a really top quality fruit and vegetable juicer, there is a good chance you have heard of both Angel and Greenstar Greenpower machines.

If build quality and performance are what you are after, then these two will become the finalists in the health food arena. Both are very powerful, use a similar masticating twin gear system for juice extraction, and both are very versatile.

So lets compare them in a few areas and see how they shape up!

  1. Performance. As mentioned, performance is pretty similar – as you would expect. Motor power is almost equal, and a similarly sized juicing mechanism using the same twin gear system means that actual juice production will be neck and neck. The advantage of the Angel juicer is that it uses stainless steel gears and mechanism, which will over time remain more or less smooth, whereas the Greenstar uses hardened plastic. This is ok, but over the course of several years this surface becomes pitted, and you will probably find it does not shed pulp quite as well.
  2. Ease of use. Don’t expect any huge differences here – both makers have been in the game for a long time, and both machines have evolved quite steadily. It is probably the Greenstar that is quicker to disassemble and reassemble, but the Angel has a better juice catcher function. Either way, there are no great issues with using these juicers that anyone need s to be concerned over.
  3. Appearance. Yes, it’s only a kitchen gadget but looks do count! And unfortunately, the Greenstar wins the ugly contest hands down. Not that it’s a really bad looking machine – but with a full stainless steel exterior (and that means real steel, not plastic coated sheet) the Angel juicer simply looks fantastic. Stainless keeps looking newer for longer too, and is a lot tougher of course.
  4. Build quality – as mentioned above, the Angel is clad in stainless steel. This extends to inside also, making it really really solid. The Greenstar is mainly hardened plastic, however, don’t be fooled. It feels equally solid when you pick it up, and there is no flexing or creaking. The shiny metal Angel Juicer is without a doubt more heavy duty, but this doesn’t make the Greenstar a dud by any means.
  5. Cost. Yes, probably the deciding factor. The Angel costs about $1000 US on a good day, the Greenstar around $500 – half the price. No prizes for guessing which one sells more based on cost alone!

In conclusion, the Greenstar is definitely the better value choice. The Angel juicer is simply a fantastic machine, but is out of reach to most consumers. However, if you have the money – this is the ultimate health food machine to invest in.

Wheat grass - just one of the many things to make juice from


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    • profile image

      dk 5 years ago

      I have both, 1st i had the greenstar after 2 years i got the angel... Angel is sooooo much better.. far better juice yield, better tasting juice and easier to clean.. well worth the extra as it will last a lifetime