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You Are Not an Anti-Vaccine Conspiracy Theorist Just Because You Support Vaxxed the Movie and the Vaxxed Movement

Updated on May 12, 2017
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Vaxxed Team Dublin 05 May 2017.
Vaxxed Team Dublin 05 May 2017.
Vaxxed Team Dublin 05 May 2017.

I told my story about my son Adam son on the Richie Allen Show last November and I am just fine. BE BRAVE IRELAND

In the beginning I never spoke to anyone in public about my sons vaccine injuries. I felt too afraid and intimidated.

Yesterday I came across an article in an Irish newspaper that said there was a small group of anti-vaccine, conspiracy theorists who were seeking to bring ‘Vaxxed the Movie,’ to Irish shores. There was nothing unusual about this article as it is typical of how the Irish Media (and global media), demonise, vilify and wrongly portray parents such as myself. It happens every day in Ireland and throughout the world.

Long ago the rhetoric used in such one sided articles used to intimidate me and shame me into silence. I believed that I must be a bad person if I spoke about my son’s vaccine injuries. So for a long while I struggled on in silence trying to cajole doctors into helping my vaccine injured son, Adam. So I tip toed around them and countless others to try and gently persuade and beg them to diagnose and treat my sick little boy.

I went to meetings, wrote letters and kept my silence, thinking that in time this would help Adam because surely eventually with persistence and me being a good, silent citizen they would realize that not treating my son was a human rights violation and in the end all would be well. However I continued to meet brick wall, after indifferent brick wall to hostile electrified, barbed wire fences, that seemed more impenetrable than the proposed President Trump Wall.

My son, Adam Godley, now aged 9.
My son, Adam Godley, now aged 9.
The Irish Media silence parents like me and act as if my son's pain and suffering doesn't even exist.
The Irish Media silence parents like me and act as if my son's pain and suffering doesn't even exist.
Dr Suzanne Humphries, Sasha Godley, Mary Godley and Polly Tommey. Vaxxed Dublin, 05 May, 2017.
Dr Suzanne Humphries, Sasha Godley, Mary Godley and Polly Tommey. Vaxxed Dublin, 05 May, 2017.

Robert De Niro says Vaxxed is a Movie everyone should see.

A mom from Tennesse tells their vaccine injury story

I was in pain and found dealing with my son's vaccine injuries very difficult but yet I suffered in silence.

Then the lies in the media started getting very personal more details here: At this point it dawned on me that not only were the people that could help my son in Ireland, not going to do so but they were actually also cruel enough to make a complete farce and a joke out of my child’s pain and suffering. The truth had become completely irrelevant and nobody was interested in my sons plight at all whatsoever. A friend who worked for a Government Department then explained to me then, what I now know to be true now. The only way to make any progress in Ireland is to get publicity for your child's issues and thus shame them into action and/or take them to court and force them to change things.

Up to this point I had been struggling hugely to keep my own head above water. As I myself have Asperger’s Syndrome and have struggled with issues all my life because of this. So now the stress of all I had done and still my child could not get what he needed had taken its toll on me.

I spoke with a psychotherapist and she said all the pain, the anger and the grief that I felt over what happened to my son Adam was building up inside of me. She said I was pushing it all inwards and it was making me sick. It seemed that I was not so much depressed but more completely overwhelmed by everything I had had to contend with. So the psychotherapist said that the only way forward for me was to stop being a doormat and to get it all out of my system. Basically in a nutshell, that speaking the truth would set me free and help heal me of my grief and trauma. The only way forward was to face my fears and talk openly about what happened. So began my rebirth i.e. my mission to tell our story no matter what the consequences.

So I did just that by doing a Radio Interview and by using Social Media and my platform here on Hubpages to tell our story. Since then there has been no going back. Yes it has caused me grief and there has been retaliation but honestly compared to what I had been through before that it was a breath of fresh air. The day after I did my first Radio Interview I told my mom that I felt strangely light and unburdened. Talking about Adam's vaccine injuries was painful and not something I did lightly, but for me it was the beginning of my road to self recovery.

An aunt tells of her grief about her nephew and her brother to Polly Tommey on Vaxxed Periscope.

A student wants to write a paper on what she believes the anti-vaccination movement to be?

Anyway then this morning I was checking my Facebook and I see that a US (I think), student is now planning to do a paper on the Anti-Vaccination movement. His/her introduction includes the following

A student wishes to write a paper on what he/she believes the anti-vaccination movement to be?
A student wishes to write a paper on what he/she believes the anti-vaccination movement to be?

A Doctor shares his vaccine injury story on Vaxxed Periscope

Vaccine Injury story Lilli and Noah

Vaxxed Periscope - Vaccine Injury Story

Nicole tells her Vaccine Injury story

Vaxxed Screening in Idaho USA.

Vaccine Injury Story Erik

Laura in Michigan, USA

Joseph Sikora, in Michigan.

Vaccine Injury Story from Vaxxed Periscope

Griffin in Georgia, USA

Mary in California

Vaxxed Periscope Story - Michelle in Reading

This students view is important as it has been shaped by what has been said by the media to purposefully vilify parents like me.

So you can study the screen shot of this paper here in your own time but in the interim I thought I will have to explore and elaborate on what this student is trying to say here. As her beliefs about parents like me, is quite concerning. I do hope that she gets the feedback he/she needs to allow a much a much clearer picture of parents like myself to emerge.

The first thing that struck my attention in the introduction to this paper was as follows:

'How often are parents participating in Anti-vaccination? Anti-Vaccination is when parents opt out of vaccinating their child/children due to things they have typically heard about or even those who are a part of the Anti-Vaccination movement, which is parents who believe some vaccinations contribute to autism.'

Where to even start with this statement is difficult. As it is assuming stereotypical ideas that on scrutiny are completely false. Opinions that are very incorrect and so very at odds with my own situation. It is however, it must be said a very good example of a young person who obviously is being guided and simply unquestionably believes in the lies and misinformation that is being put out there in the media everyday about parents like me. So as I have limited time to write this article I will summarize the misconceptions as best as I can now.

I am considered to be one of those ‘anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists,’ and quite frankly that title does not sit well with me. As it is mostly inaccurate in its description of my situation and that of so many other parents. As I have two children who were both fully vaccinated on time and to the recommended schedule. My daughter received all her infant vaccines and all her booster vaccines before she started school. Then my son got all his vaccines also until he was 15 months old. After this point in time my son developed a number of psychological and medical conditions. I did not fully link my son’s conditions to his vaccines until I took out the scientific literature and began to read it. Something I would urge this student to do, before completing this paper.

Therefore, I did not opt out of vaccinating my children for no valid reason. So it is very upsetting and quite frankly an insult to the parents of a vaccine injured child to label them as being 'anti vaccine conspiracy theorists.' As on the contrary and I have told my son’s doctors this that if they want me to consider anymore vaccines for either of my children, then before vaccinating them anymore they first need to prove to me that my children are not at a higher than average risk, of having further severe adverse reactions to any future vaccines. Therefore, I have never refused to vaccinate my children and at the present time all I wish for is that any genetic abnormalities that may exist in my family and/or my husband’s family, be fully investigated and ruled out as potential triggers for adverse reactions to vaccination for my family. To date no doctor, Consultant or specialist can confirm or deny what the situation is for my family in this regard. Therefore, they have received no further vaccinations. So somehow now that then equates to me being an anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist. Is that fair do you think? Also there are many parents just like us all the world. Who all did what they were told to do too. I am sharing some of their stories here, but there are countless more stories out there too. Also every day there are new ones emerging.

I think it is important for this student to know too that the title of ‘Anti Vaccine Conspiracy theorist,’ is not just given to people who have decided for their own valid and individual reasons, not to vaccinate their children. Instead it is also a label continuously used to describe parents like me, who once believed, as this student quite clearly does now, that ‘vaccines do not cause autism.’ Also that anyone who does not vaccinate their children is an advocator of pseudoscience and likes to spend their time consorting with quacks in tin foil hats, who they are taken in by, because they are not thinking straight, or they are vulnerable or they are just easily misled. So inferring that I am just another poor deluded mother, who is easily taken in, by those that endorse the return of deadly diseases and those who are charlatans endorsing debunked theories, is pretty insulting to me really.

So in order for this student to study his/her belief that these demonized and vilified parents do not vaccinate their children because they have heard that vaccines may cause autism, then of course this student needs to be educated herself/himself on where these parents could possibly be getting these notions from. The place to start of course is to read some of the science that is apparently settled according to many in the Medical Profession, the Media and the Pharmaceutical Industry. The science in this area is of course much too vast to go into here. Here though is a good place for anyone to start There are a vast number of the scientific studies here, that apparently the media would say, don’t exist, except the newsflash is, they do in fact exist in very large numbers. However most of the media would very much like the general public to continue to believe that these parents get their anti-vaccine notions from Facebook and Twitter as well as from fake news sources and of course from discredited doctors. So that most people and students are not even aware that these scientific studies exist and this student certainly doesn’t seem to be aware of any of them either. Hopefully when this student starts getting responses to the survey the penny may then start to drop that the science isn’t settled and there is a real and valid debate to be had here.

However, it is not this students fault that they have the same beliefs that I once had. I too was naïve to the extreme and I listened to my doctor, to what the media told me. As well as to people like hapless comedians, who are being paid to vilify people like me and convince the world that anyone that dared to question the safety and efficacy of vaccines was doing it because they must be unstable, deluded, quack loving and/or simply just naïve, vulnerable and simply not very bright. Nobody ever hears things like the countless files I have verifying what happened to my son Adam. Nor does anyone ever hear that I am not allowed to speak on Irish Radio or TV or nor will anyone let me talk about my son’s diagnosis of Bowel Disease or the reactions he had to his vaccines. Nor does anyone want to know about the medical files I have about these matters. Nor am I allowed to speak about the reams and reams of letters I have written to many full of medical questions and scientific facts that to date, no one has ever answered. Nor am I allowed a voice to speak about the lies that have already been told about me and my family in the Irish Media. All this is swept under the perverbial carpet here in Ireland and the efforts to silence me have been momentous and much more epic and time consuming than maybe doing something much easier like just helping and medically treating my son Adam. But no, you see everyone likes to talk about what nonsense 'Catholic guilt,' used to be but no-one seems to realize it has now been replaced in Ireland by 'Vaccine Injury guilt.'

Trailer for the Movie Vaxxed: From Cover Up to CAtasrophe

Dr Moss speaks to the Vaxxed Team about his experiences.

Dr Suzanne Humphries will be coming to Ireland soon.

Excerpts from the Questions & Answers session after the screening of Vaxxed in Brussels last February.

Dr Ramos speaks to the Vaxxed Team about his experiences with vaccines.

Dr Ryan speaks to the Vaxxed Team about vaccines.

Dr Meehan gives his opinion on Vaxxed the Movie

The hardest part of parenting a vaccine injured child is the guilt, pain and remorse I feel at having participated in the creation of my son's shattered life.

The hardest part of being the parent of a child with multiple medical, psychological and behavioural issues is the price we must now pay for the rest of our lives, for doing what I believed was right for my son. I trusted my doctors, I listened to the Media and I believed vaccinating my child was the best thing I could do for him. Unfortunately, I was wrong in that belief. Now I have to live with the guilt, the pain and the regret of me my son’s mother who was charged with nurturing and caring for my son. I let him down so badly by taking my healthy baby boy and allowing him to be injected with multiple toxins and other substances that my little boy’s body was simply unable to cope with. I have composed a new saying for this and it is: 'Vaccinate in haste, repent at leisure.'

As I must now everyday live with the pain I feel that as my son’s mother I didn’t do any proper research into what I was allowing to be injected into my beautiful baby. Instead I thought my doctor knew what was best for my son and I trusted him. Carrying this weight around with me now though always, is very difficult and I would not wish for anybody to have to live with the remorse I feel everyday for my uninformed choices, which have now had catastrophic effects on my sons life and that of my whole family. As it is often quite difficult to live with myself over my careless, uninformed,but yet life altering actions.

But now that I realize my mistakes and I know that I must live with the very harsh consequences the only thing that gives me comfort and strength is to speak about our pain, the injustice that has been done to Adam and how this all needs to change now for the sake of others.As, as the saying goes, 'my child is already vaccine injured so now I am fighting for yours.'

Therefore I think it is now vitally important that this student be aware that the title I now have of ‘anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist,’ is for the following reasons:

(a). I gave my son every vaccine which was recommended by the Irish Immunization schedule. Even though Adam became sick after every round of his vaccines. Always he had rashes, fevers, he was always very agitated, usually he had diarrhea as well as respiratory problems. Then Adam seemed to develop a severe headache and became lethargic, which led to hospitalization on one occasion and he should have been hospitalized on another. Yet there is no doubt that Adam developed autistic like symptoms after his MMR. The list of horrors really goes on and on and this is a mere summary.

(b). Like all parents here in Ireland I too was always told that all these medical issues after my son’s vaccines were all normal and of course not related to his vaccines. My son then is a sacrificial lamb to protect the integrity of the National Immunization Schedule, here in Ireland. As there is no doctor in Ireland or not even a Professor to be found who will say that all vaccines are safe for every child. Instead, it is conceded by all that severe adverse reactions can and do sometimes occur. The only debate really is how often these reactions occur and how severe are they really.

Dr Suzanne Humphries talks about the Whooping Cough

Vaxxed the Movie and Vaxxed the Team

Please BE BRAVE IRELAND, tell your story on Vaxxed Periscope.
Please BE BRAVE IRELAND, tell your story on Vaxxed Periscope.
Vaxxed the Movie is showing in Dublin, Ireland on 05/05/2017.BE THERE
Vaxxed the Movie is showing in Dublin, Ireland on 05/05/2017.BE THERE
My older Vaxxed Flyers
My older Vaxxed Flyers
Director of Vaxxed Dr Andy Wakefield
Director of Vaxxed Dr Andy Wakefield
Vaxxed the Movie is just the truth, why not check it out for yourself?
Vaxxed the Movie is just the truth, why not check it out for yourself?
This Doctor featured in the Doctor's Series on U.S. TV, was appalled by the cover up revealed in the Movie Vaxxed.
This Doctor featured in the Doctor's Series on U.S. TV, was appalled by the cover up revealed in the Movie Vaxxed.
Polly Tommey with her son Billy. Billy reacted very badly to the MMR Vaccine when he was a toddler.
Polly Tommey with her son Billy. Billy reacted very badly to the MMR Vaccine when he was a toddler.

The Vaxxed Team

My son Adam Godley's name is in the Vaxxed Bus, vaccine injury no. 4820. So many injured and  deceased children.
My son Adam Godley's name is in the Vaxxed Bus, vaccine injury no. 4820. So many injured and deceased children.
Del Bigtree, Producer of Vaxxed. He gave up a career on popular US TV Show The Doctors, to produce and spread awareness about Vaxxed.
Del Bigtree, Producer of Vaxxed. He gave up a career on popular US TV Show The Doctors, to produce and spread awareness about Vaxxed.
There is merchandise for sale at
There is merchandise for sale at
Polly Tommey willbe touring Ireland and the UK at the end of April and start of May, to record all stories of vaccine injury for Vaxxed Periscope.
Polly Tommey willbe touring Ireland and the UK at the end of April and start of May, to record all stories of vaccine injury for Vaxxed Periscope.
Del Bigtree, Polly Tommey, Dr Andy Wakefield and Dr Brian Hooker.
Del Bigtree, Polly Tommey, Dr Andy Wakefield and Dr Brian Hooker.
Dr Suzanne Humphries will be coming to Ireland with the Vaxxed Team late April/earl May.
Dr Suzanne Humphries will be coming to Ireland with the Vaxxed Team late April/earl May.

Vaxxed: Into the Light

Vaxxed: From Cover Up To Catasrophe is coming to Dublin, Ireland this May the 5th.

So that leads me onto my quest since I wrote my last article about this at the link above. Subsequent to this I started to follow and get to know other people all over the world, (the media undoubtedly would say I fell in with a bad group of Anti-Vaccine Conspiracy Theorists), who are part of a movement to bring the truth of the Movie Vaxxed: From Cover Up to Catasrophe, to large audiences in every country possible.

If you would like more information about the Movie then it is available here: You can now watch the movie on line and there is a digital streaming option also.

Below is an excerpt from the official website for the Movie: Vaxxed: From Cover Up to Catasrophe, describing what the Movie is actually about. Contrary to what you have probably read and heard in the Irish and/or global media.

‘In 2013, biologist Dr. Brian Hooker received a call from a Senior Scientist at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who led the agency’s 2004 study on the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine and its link to autism.

The scientist, Dr. William Thompson, confessed that the CDC had omitted crucial data in their final report that revealed a causal relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism. Over several months, Dr. Hooker records the phone calls made to him by Dr. Thompson who provides the confidential data destroyed by his colleagues at the CDC.

Dr. Hooker enlists the help of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the British gastroenterologist falsely accused of starting the anti-vax movement when he first reported in 1998 that the MMR vaccine may cause autism. In his ongoinas g effort to advocate for children’s health, Wakefield directs this documentary examining the evidence behind an appalling cover-up committed by the government agency charged with protecting the health of American citizens.

Interviews with pharmaceutical insiders, doctors, politicians, and parents of vaccine-injured children reveal an alarming deception that has contributed to the skyrocketing increase of autism and potentially the most catastrophic epidemic of our lifetime.’

Since the Movie Vaxxed was cancelled from the line up for the Tribeca Film Festival in March 2016, it has trail blazed its way across America and has awakened an entire movement in the process. The success of Vaxxed is largely due to the Vaxxed Team. They follow the screenings of the Movie and tour around America on the Vaxxed bus. Usually they are also available for Questions and Answers Sessions after every screening. Polly Tommey, one of the Producers of Vaxxed and herself the mother of a Vaccine injured child, also interviews the parents or adults themselves, who have been vaccine injured. All these stories are also available for viewing on Vaxxed Periscope. The best place to get details about this is the official Vaxxed Facebook Page here:

The success of the Movie Vaxxed is also due to the fact that for the first time in history the vaccine injured and their families have been given a voice to speak in huge numbers about the catastrophic harm that has been done to an entire generation.

Everywhere Aurora goes (better known as the Vaxxed bus), parents of and the vaccine injured themselves queue for hours to tell their stories to the Vaxxed Team and to be recorded for prosperity. The pain revealed by the horrific stories of vaccine injuries being told is often hard to bear. The parents are often inconsolable and Polly Tommey who interviews them sometimes finds it hard to deal with the huge outpouring of grief, loss and abandonment that all those affected by vaccine injury, undoubtedly feel. Also the vaccine injured and their families usually write the names of the injured onto the bus itself. There are thousands of signatures on the bus now. My son Adam's name has been added and he is number 4,820. Many more have been added since then.

As 2016 progressed Vaxxed the Movies' message was now spreading beyond the United States and had moved into Europe. The European Vaxxed Tour started with Italy last year. Now though it has also been shown in France, Belgium, England, Australia and it is shortly to Premiere in Jamaica on the 4th of April. This will come soon after the New Zealand on the 2nd of April next. Then the premiere I am so looking forward to will be here in Ireland. Vaxxed is due to screen in our capital Dublin, on the 5th of May next. Other screenings in the US and other countries are also in the pipeline and new screenings are being an announced on a regular basis.

In late April/early May close to the time of the Irish premiere of Vaxxed the Movie, Polly Tommey Producer of Vaxxed and Medical Doctor Suzanne Humphries are traveling to Ireland and the United Kingdom to record vaccine injury stories for Vaxxed Periscope. They are urging and asking that people BE BRAVE and tell your story. I am asking too that you please consider doing this. Yes, it is daunting to tell your story, but so worthwhile as it will help so many others to also come forward. Ireland really needs to be awoken on the issue of vaccine injury. For the sake of our children. I first told my story last August on Irish Internet Radio and guess what, I am still here. Link here.

My interview is followed by Sheila Ealey (who stars in Vaxxed telling her story about her son Temple), and Sarah Jayne Cox, who is another amazing mom who is working tirelessly to bring Vaxxed to Australia and New Zealand. Threats were made to me initially, but they soon dissipated off into the night and we were all fine. So then when I did a second Radio Interview about our story on the Richie Allen Show last November. I hardly received more than a few comments from anyone. But there were many people who congratulated me for speaking oout and wished us well. People in Ireland are starting to wonder about vaccines now. When I have been out and about with my Vaxxed Flyers I am heartened that people I speak with seem very supportive and genuinely very sympathetic about my son Adam's story. So now many do know the truth but as we do in Ireland, everyone is waiting for someone else to speak up about it.

This has to change folks, or else we will never improve things for our children. To do this we need people power which can only happen when enough people come forward and tell their stories. Honestly there really is safety in numbers. So please if you have any story of vaccine injury there are two emails to contact to book an appointment to tell your story.

If you live in the UK it is and the email contact for Ireland is

If you would like to book a ticket for the screening of Vaxxed in Dublin in Ireland then this is the website link:

If you would like a ticket for the screening of Vaxxed in East Auckland, New Zealand, then this is the website link:

BE BRAVE IRELAND it is time to relinquish the Catholic guilt that has been ingrained into us for decades and stand up for our children.

Del Bigtree BE BRAVE Speech.


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    • profile image

      patricia mc mahon guy 

      19 months ago

      fantastic article Mary, thank you for your bravery in speaking up for not only your own child but also for all children. the time has come for the world to know the truth.

    • thewritingowl profile imageAUTHOR

      Mary Kelly Godley 

      20 months ago from Ireland

      Unfortunately very true Dont Taze Me Bro. Its particularly bad here in Ireland where we have practically no alternative media. So people are not used to hearing the truth spoken to them and so they are very afraid to share their vaccine injury stories. We also have a very corrupt and intimidating Government trying to silence us on a huger variety of different issues. We need to stand up to them and be heard.

    • Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

      Banned cause of PISSANTS Promisem and Dean Traylor 

      20 months ago from https:// usercontent2. / 13861447_f1024.jpg

      Excellent hub page, you've said it all.

      "Then the lies in the media started getting very personal..." Sad isn't it? When THE mouthpiece to the world is deeply corrupted by the power they are supposed to be speaking truth to it's the beginning of the end of civilized society! The catch phrase of the media "Speak Truth to Power" has become for them "Speak Untruths for Power".


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