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The Antioxidants of Black Seed Oil

Updated on March 6, 2013

The Blessed Seed

The Black Seed
The Black Seed | Source


One of the major discoveries of modern herbology is the rich antioxidant property of the oil extracted from black seed, otherwise known as Nigella Sativa, black cumin or in the eastern countries, the Blessed Seed. But on a closer and more detailed analysis, it turns out that it is not much of a wonder after all. The chemical composition of black seed oil is marvelously enriched with antioxidant compounds. Let us just look at the numerous types of organic acids it contains.


So far as today, black seed oil has been known to aid in numerous medical conditions of human health. For examples -


Minor pain and ache caused by superficial injuries, even petty headaches and pain from bruises can be easily tackled with black seed oil. It's analgesic actions help to keep the pain at bay for a significant time.


Worms, both intestinal and other types, are washed away by this oil. It is very powerful against all sorts of worms.


Bacteria is the root of all sorts of decomposition and rotting, be that food or any other kind of organic material. The only items that are not perishable are the ones that bacteria can't grow upon. Black seed oil has a very strong anti-bacterial action that impedes the growth of bacteria in our body.


This is the major beneficial action of this oil, the reason why the seed it comes from is often referred to as the Blessed Seed. Our body cells are being continuously oxidized due to our natural process of metabolism. But an antioxidant is what helps delay this process of oxidation, and black seed oil is a very effective antioxidant.


Black seed oil is a magnificent body cooling agent. It naturally brings the temperature of the body down to a more comfortable level. This is particularly useful in times of high fever.


Indigestion is a very irritating and painful problem, and often caused without any lack of caution or care on the part of the person. This oil is a very strong aid in fighting indigestion, as it helps to instigate and accelerate, whichever necessary, the digestive process and also relieve the stomach of unwanted gases.

With its wide and therefore much convenient range of benefits, black seed oil is one of the most valuable herbal elements of modern medicinal science.


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    • profile image

      Sazzad Hosen 5 years ago

      Something new to learn, appreciated.

    • profile image

      Judd Humpherys 5 years ago

      loved the article, it helped me know how to take care of my self and get better nutrition. thanks.