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The Art of Aging

Updated on November 7, 2012

The moment we are born, our bodies begin to deteriorate. We are such magnificent humans that it does not stop us from discovering new things and achieving new heights. Life throws a lot at us, but look at our power, we will step forward even if we are crippled.

Behold! the power of MAN.

Our life is divided into 3 stages of life.

First is the CHILDHOOD, then comes YOUTH, which is followed by OLD AGE.


When we are children, we learn everything such as talking, walking, writing, communicating with others etc. That phase of our life is all about learning. It is a bed of roses, where the thorns are taken out by our parents, and they make sure we get the best. Our brains are like sponges and whatever is thrown at us (good or bad) is absorbed well. We keep learning until we reach adolescence.


This phase of life is a time when all our learning comes into practice. Whatever we absorbed as children is brought out in the open and how we perceive to problems and react towards them; portrays the kind of education given to us in our childhood.

This is the stage of maturity and the loss of innocence. This is the stage when we are left out in the open under no protection, and life throws oranges at us. It is up to the youth to either squeeze the oranges and gulp down the juice and get the taste of this fruit OR get smashed by the oranges and fall dejected sulking that LIFE is not fair!

This stage of life teaches us that there is a lot more about LIFE than just oranges and apples.

Old Age

Our bodies are aging the moment we are born, but old age comes when we have aged in a multiple way such as cellular, hormonal, and metabolically. The wrinkles on our face and the gray hair have stories to narrate. These stories should have taught a lot to the respective person.

Depending in what stride the incidents must have been taken, it could make the individual age gracefully or ungracefully.

What is Aging Gracefully?

Grace is defined as a charming style or form of an individual.

How that individual perceives to problems and solves them in his youth and can relate to them when he has gray hair is defined as aging gracefully.

His AWARENESS of going through various stages of life while growing and remaining focused on the goal of SELF-REALIZATION is defined as the above.

Such an individual who is in complete peace with himself and his circumstances will lead to ultimate peace and happiness.

What is Aging Ungracefully?

This happens with individuals who have passed through the 2 phases of life namely-childhood and youth and are still lost. They are not aware of what they want or desire and always have a finger pointed at someone when things don't work their way.

Hubpages Community

I have been on Hubpages for over 2 years and got the opportunity to check out many hubbers and their exclusive writing. I found profound wisdom in many writings and amongst the BIG pool of talent found here; I would like to point a few who have shown via their writing that AGE is just a number and it's the wisdom that counts.

  • SunShine625-I met her via her hub on kick ass Cancer. This hub has won many accolades by ALL who have been touched by this disease directly OR indirectly.
  • AlwaysExploring-She is a kind soul whose writing has touched many 'cause she has touched all heart rendering topics. My favorite in her profile is where she talks vividly about God's creation.
  • MovieMaster- She is a great photographer who can capture nature at it's best. Her walks along Mother Nature are captivating and exhilarating to all who follow her along the beautiful English countryside.
  • Billybuc - He is an individual who has turned all his incidents of life into a positive affirmation that what ever happens...happens for GOOD. One of my favorite is where he talks about priorities.
  • Rajan Jolly - He is a wise individual and all his hubs give immense information about all the natural products that are available bountiful on this planet. One of my favorite is where he talks about water and it's importance.

What is the Art of Aging?

Aging does not mean that the person has given up on life and is retired. Aging is the start of a life, where all the knowledge has been bestowed (childhood phase) and life has thrown apples and oranges at that individual (youth phase). This person is rich with the experiences of life and has LEARNT from them.

Consciousness of our actions; is the key to Liberation and understanding the Power within us. This is the Art of Aging!


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