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The Art of Bulking

Updated on November 29, 2012

What is Bulking

Bulking is the name given to the process of increasing muscle through surplus calorific intake and possibly with the combination of Heavy Lifting. Bulking is a process that is very often used by female and male Bodybuilders (as well as anyone wanting to increase muscle).

Basal Metabolic Index ("BMR")

You will need to know your Basal Metabolic Index ("BMR") in order to find out your Total Daily Energy Expenditure. Your BMR is calculated based on how many calories you need just to lie in your bed doing absolutely nothing. Yes, that's right nothing at all. However, you have to consume the basic amount of calories to just do nothing. Your age and height is all you need to work out your BMR.

Total Daily Energy Expendiure "TDEE"

Once you work out your BMR you will need to factor in any energy you spend. This does NOT include, the basic day-to-day movements like, brushing your teeth, climbing the staircase or hanging out your laundry. TDEE is calculated as physical activity, such as workouts at the gym, walking or roller-skating etc. You will need extra calories to sustain your workouts. On-line calculators (which you can find at the bottom of this article) will allow you to correctly identify which category of exercise activity you fall into. Your TDEE can then be calculated to give you those additional calories to maintain your nutritional needs.

Bulking to Build Muscle

If your desire is to build muscle and gain definition, then Bulking is what you need to do. By consuming at a calorific surplus; normally an extra 300-500 extra calories abov your maintenance, you can actually achieve build new muscle mass. Your muscles will only grow bigger by lifting heavy weights in the gym. Check out to become familar with the programs available geared towards building muscle.

You can maintain any muscle you have by eating at maintenance. Maintenance is based on the current weight you are now (again, the online-calculator will give you your calorie maintenance level).

Protein, Fat & Complex Carbs

Protein is a big factor in the possible gain of new muscle. The consumption of 1g of Protein per body weight is advisable. Protein in the form of lean meats, eggs (egg whites preferable), cottage cheese, whey protein to name but a few. Meat eaters and Vegans can also consume lentils, tofu, pulses and Greek yogurt.

Good fats, such as Avocados, nut butters (almonds, cashews, walnuts & pecans), flaxseeds, coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, fish oils etc

Complex Carbs such as sweet potatoes, wholegrain brown rice, wholemeal breads. A large selection of leafy green vegetables and fruits are good to maintain a healthy and growing body.


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      matthew francis 5 years ago from UK

      No problem.

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      TThomasson 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thank you Matthew..done :)

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      matthew francis 5 years ago from UK

      thanks for the tips. A couple of your links show some #codes which you probably want to remove. thanks.


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