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The Art of Goal Setting

Updated on November 22, 2011

The Art of Goal Setting is my hub on how i set goals in my life. Is goal setting a Art.

Question...Well what is Art.

Answer...Using creative ideas based on imagination and foresight.

Likewise setting goals is the same principle, using your imagination to decide what you want in the future, stimulating your creative mind with photographs, articles or other means of information.


Goal settings is really essential if you want to have a truely fulfilied life.

Now you may say to yourself ive done that, iv'e read the self help books where it tells you to list your goals but it never works.

Well i aint no Guru on the subject, but ive read the books, made the goals and brought them into my life, 6 bed house, 4 bed house, flat abroad and a nice car, but you know what i lost the lot.....reason i never capitilised on my goals, never amended them as things came into my life.

So what im going to explain to you is how the real Art of Setting Goals is Done.

The Art of Setting Goals

The Art of Setting Goals is really amazing, to get the full picture i would suggest the following books to read (this is where iv'e pulled all the info from although it is my wording)

1. Think and Grow Rich....Napoleon Hill

2. Turbo Success...Ron Holland

3. St James Bible

4. Eureka Enigma...Ron Holland

5. The Secret...Rhona Byrne

6. The Law of Attraction...Abraham Hicks

7. Creative Visualisation...Shakti Gawain

There are other books that are just as good, so you may want to investigate these as well.

When you start Setting Goals it is best to take the time to sit quietly and work out exactly what you want in your life.

Have a pen and paper at hand and start to write bullet heading or if your into mind mapping write down your thoughts.

Once you have your list or simple mind map on your proposed goals the real fun starts.

Lets say you want a new automobile what is required, is that you start by

seeing the automobile in your mind,

seeing yourself sitting in it,

seeing yourself polishing it,

seeing yourself driving in it,

seeing the neighbours admire you as you pass by them driving it..

seeing yourself paying the deposit for your new automobile.

seeing yourself having the funds to pay off the remaining fees on your new automobile

feel the feeling of having the automobile already.

once you have a clear and cut definitive description of the automobile write it down.

Could be as brief as this "i am the proud owner of a class 5 BMW , I have payed £2000 deposit for the car and have the funds to make the final payments" or longer to suit yourself.

Now that you have written all your Goals, whats next

The Goals have to be read aloud twice daily, once in the morning and again in the evening, by doing this you are sending auto suggestions into your sub concious mind, once the words have been recited a few times and are memorised in your mind, close your eyes and visualize your goals as you did above when choosing your goals.

by doing this you will find the means to deliver your goal to you.

Final Description

Above is How to achieve your chosen Goals, but how does this work, well no one has ever proven exactly how it works but below i will explain how i think it works.

No one knows why we as humans only use a small fraction of the brains potential power made up of billions of neurons.

No one really knows how the mind of man can produce miracles out of no where.

No one can say if there is or is not a Combined Conscious Mind that we all tap into from time to time.

No one cay say how much quantum physics plays within Mind, Body and Soul.

No one can say we stay in only one dimension or that by making choices we float between dimensions choosing which is best for us.

Ok enough food for though.

Getting to the issue in mind the following have to occur in order that goals may become a manifestation in your life.

1. Desire- Having a desire or wanting for a object, not allowing anyone, thing put your mind off the object in mind.

2. Faith- Having Faith that the object is already yours.

3. Time- Allow time for the manifestation of your object to appear.

By the desire to accumulate someting and the blind faith that it is already yours is a key to achieving your goal.

The Mind does not destinguish from a person actually having or doing something even if it is only in the Mind. So by Visualising and reciting your goals daily you will see things being fulfilled.



Amending Your Goals

Be careful whilst doing your goals that you see the final outcome of your goals.

the house you requested you may recieve like i did many years ago, but what i failed to do was amend the goal to see me having the house for a long period of time.

all i did was ask for the house, i saw myself in it but i never saw myself living a life in it, with my wife and family so heads up...

Like the song by the Pussycat dolls...BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR......

Your GOALS can be amended if you have the feeling that its not quite right (you may get a 6th sense that its wrong or the object in question no longer suits you). You may just want to add things to your goal.

A final comment, you can combine any Affirmations you may use with your Goal Setting.

After Effect Video


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    • mike1242 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from London

      lucy...many artists know the outcome of there works prior to it being put on paper or canvas...same with photographers they see the image prior to the shot...your minds eye is the focal point where your creations are sometimes seen prior to the actual doing the actual go shopping on a saturday, you know in your mind how what where when and why you are going shopping its similar to that...

    • profile image

      Lucy Renarde 

      6 years ago

      but how do u get organised for your artistic skills? i really need to know!

    • mike1242 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from London

      thanks derek...

    • derek_ayre profile image


      6 years ago

      Well thought out hub containing lots of information. I like your ideas, particularly the mind-mapping video.. :-)


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