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How to Control your Anxiety, by the Art of Mindfulness?

Updated on April 14, 2017

In order to receive, first you have to give.

The art of Mindfulness! Let the light shine through you!

Mindfulness is the next word that will be the dictionary 'trend' of 2017. It is otherwise described as the art of being in peace with yourself and recognizing not only your potential but also the blessings of everyday life.

Mindfulness is practiced best through Meditation by breathing in the light and out the darkness and all its shades. Even though meditation is usually done in a quiet environment, eyes closed and breathing slowly, you can always do it with your eyes wide open. The trick is to focus your intention not on your surroundings, but within yourself.

The last one is what I practice daily, mostly when I feel fed up by the world and the people. Most of the times you will find me alone in a cafeteria, with a cup of coffee in my hands and my eyes lost somewhere. I won't be checking my phone or reading anything. I will be loving my solitude and cherishing my thoughts. You see, meditation can be practiced anywhere, however you please.

You must know though, meditation does not consist on simply an empty-mind moment. Instead, you should let your thoughts dance in your mind and let them slip by, without dwelling on them, and that's how you reach that state on when you thank the universe and you realize life is good and life is wonderful, which is named "mindfulness".

Outgrow your Fears!

Fear is not the enemy. It's just a compass pointing you at the areas you need to grow on.

I confess I have a couple of phobias, but I have had much more a few years before. I worked to overpass them as I did not want to be defined by a phobia, or feel / be limited by it. Overcoming a phobia is not an easy thing, because your mind is always working against you and this makes it harder for you to just think straight. It is definitely not a thing that happens overnight as well. I, myself, have a phobia of heights and darkness, other than what I have had in the past like being alone and get scared as hell when I heard any noises. What I try to do is to just hold my breath for a while and just try not to think of what I risk, or what are the possibilities that the worst things, that my mind thinks of, can actually really happen.

Once your mind starts giving in to the phobia, you can't stop it anymore. It is like trying to stop Usain Bolt once he starts running. What you would like to do in that case is to stop him at the starting line, or else you won't stand a chance. Coming up with this example was fun for me, but at the same time it is the best explanation of the process of how the human mind works when it comes to phobias, or at least mine works this way, maybe even because I have an issue with General Anxiety and other forms of it, like all of anxiety types in fact, but at different levels (I will try to cover anxiety in another post, as it is a real problem nowadays, so I would like to share how I cope with it.)

Now lets return to the point we already were: the phobia you have, whatever it is, it is not real. Well, I know that things happen all the time, like bad coincidences, bad luck. However, the thing is that living your life in the safe place, limited, with the fear of being hurt, it is not the best way to live your life, because anyway, in the end, none of us is able to save ourselves, but we can save for ourselves a happy life.

Reach your goals!

How to get yourself into accomplishing the stuff you must do but you do not really feel like doing? Take a page from the strong willed people who are already pretty focused and working with a to-do-list on their minds.

I, myself, every night before, write a list of stuff I have to do the other day, from cleaning and cooking to the projects and posts I have to write for this blog. Then I set the reminder on for the next day at 9 am. From that I go on crossing things off of the list once I have accomplished them. I must say that there are days when I am able to cross only 1-2 things off, but either way I am still doing something rather than wasting time in vain all day long and not being able to finish one project. Why do I do a list, when I can simply remember things or take the day as it comes? Well, the main tip to get things done is to take them one by one. Do one thing at a time. Sure, me and you, feel like we can do many things and at the same time, but this usually lowers the quality of the work done because you are constantly trying to focus and accomplish different things at once, while you would work better and get things done faster if you focus your energy in just one thing at a time.

The second tip, which I find very important, but most people miss on it, is to find the best time of the day for you. I can't work on the mornings, or study, or do anything else, no matter how small or big, except for watching TV and having coffee. My best time of the day and when I am most productive, effective self, is at Night! I am a night owl basically. It is easier for me to stay up all night long, then sacrifice my mornings sanity to do stuff. So, observe your own productivity on the mornings and evenings, and find the best time of the day that works for you. Schedule the things that will want you to focus and work harder at those hours.

I bet you have heard a lot about meditation and the benefits of it. Well, this third tip, does not really consists of meditating for minutes or hours, but simply taking 2 minutes of relaxed, deep breathing before you dive into your work. This will help your brain take more oxygen and therefore start focusing on the work on your hands. Try this little breathing meditation trick and let me know how it goes.

Keep an eye on your intentions aka goals.

Why are you doing what you're doing for? What are you trying to accomplish by crossing that task off of the list? Why is that important for you and what is the result that you are looking for? These simple questions will also help you evaluate time better.

I have been working this way, writing lists on my Evernote app, and setting a reminder for the next day, for a few months now, and I may say it has worked wonders for me and my sloppy memory. Most of the times it feels like a dare from me to myself, because I have to cross all of the tasks off and delete the list from my to-do folder.
If you are new to this, or if you are only familiar with shopping lists, then I suggest you start by writing 3 goals for the next day and accomplish them. Start little and grow big. In the end of the day, the race is only with yourself, and you are the only one who has to do what you have to do.

© 2017 Enchel


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