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The Live Food Factor: How You Can Achieve Vibrant Health Again

Updated on January 19, 2011

How It Began

If you have never discovered the wonderful nature of raw foods, you may want to look into this as soon as possible. Why? What you discover could very likely change your entire life or at the very least change the way you look at food and the effects it has upon your body.

My first encounter with the power of food was when I explored the macrobiotic diet inspired by Michio Kushi. Not only is this an effective diet to loose weight and regain health, but it is also a new philosophy towards life. Reading the best-selling The UltraMind Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman made me more aware of exactly how food affects our brain, in particular. His Seven Keys to UltraWellness begins with optimizing one's nutrition by selecting the proper foods and avoiding choice others (processed and packaged foods,hydrogenated fats,high-fructose corn syrup,caffiene, alcohol, and refined carbohydrates).

A Most Impressive Find

It was shortly after this that I began reading The Live Food Factor by Susan Schenck with Victoria Bidwell, PhD. I was so profoundly impressed that I just had to write this hub page and share with you some of the awesomeness of raw foods. This 660 page tome on raw foods could be safely referred to as a bible. You will find in-depth discussion of the raw foods movement, the benefits of eating raw foods,how to make the transition to this type of eating, needed support along the way, and inspiring testimonials of how eating raw transformed individuals' lives. There are sections on detoxing, fasting,getting started,how to stay raw in a cooked world, frequently asked questions, common pitfalls to avoid and much, much more.


Chapter 2 is called "Raw Diet Testimonials" of people who have consumed at least 80% of their calories in the form of raw food (food in its natural state). It begins by presenting the case of a lady who suffered from asthma,eczema, adult onset diabetes, cervical cancer and was overweight at age 20. At the time of the writing she was 26 and free of all those maladies. While on the diet she had also lost 85 pounds and carried her pregnancy to full term.

This chapter is filled with one impressive case after another; each person including ample detail of what he or she went through and many others including before and after pictures. The reports of overcoming infertility,chronic infections, joint ailments, obesity,drug problems and numerous other physical obstacles is simply jaw-dropping to read. Moreover, the "clarity of mind,peace, calm, and feelings of joy and lightness of being" reported make one want to get started on the diet yesterday.

The Four White Evils

Just learning to avoid some foods before even getting started on this diet will help signficantly. This reinforces my earlier learning from Dr. Hyman and others. Four foods that can get you into trouble are wheat, dairy, sugar and salt. Wheat may contain nutrients, but it is not easy to digest and like other glutens create endorphic activity which may be why they are considered addictive. A link between high bread consumption and kidney cancer is also cited. Dairy can cause lots of problems as explained here. "...according to The China Study casein, the protein that makes up 87% of cow's milk protein,is one of the most dangerous foods you can eat. The author says that diary is probably the most relevant cancer-causing substance that we eat."

Salt (table sale that is) can contribute to body toxicity. Because of the way its refined and added to, table salt becomes a "protoplasmic poison." Sodium, which the body needs, can be procured from fresh produce (celery),nuts, sprouts, and especially seaweed. Considering that when sugar was rationed during World War II, the rate of diabetes dropped sharply might be reason enough to look at refined sugar in a different manner. In 1973, a Senate committee called it an "antinutrient" in that it was antagonistic to nutrients and interfering with their use. "Refined sugar is implicated in tooth decay,alcoholism,obesity,diabetes,arthritis,asthma,hyperactivity, kidney damage, varicose veins,depression ..." and many other illnesses.

What to Eat

There are six basic kinds of raw plant foods consisting of vegetables,fruits,sprouts,seeds,nuts and fermented foods (such as miso,tempeh,suerkraut). From this grouping you may prepare a large variety of salads, soups,crackers,smoothies,salad dressings,desserts and entrees. Chapter 21 "Raw Pleasures" includes recipes such as Cream of Celery Soup, Spaghetti,Burritos,Raw Pizza, Raw Cake,Frozen Fruit Ice Cream,Carot Almond Cookies or Sandy's Apple Pie in Ten Minutes, so there are a lot of dining delights. A drink to go with a meal might include Nut Milk, Super Smoothie,Stawberry Shake, Mango, Go! Go! or a simple green drink. Of course, there are many more recipes for meals including salads and salad dressings,appetizers and dips and snacks in general. A sample menu included for one week may also be of help. But--if you are looking for someone else to prepare the meal, a list of raw food restaurants by state and also online food services are included.

What's Next

The next step is to simply put your feet in the water and start. You can jump in and go totally raw if you choose, but most people will want to transition and various approaches are included in Chapter 13 "Getting Started." This explains the necessary "kitchen gadgets" one might need including a food processor, heavy-duty liquifier, a dehydrator, juicer or coffe grinder. A chapter (19) addressing frequently asked questions is quite helpful (Isn't a raw food diet boring? If we've been eating cooked food throughout history, what's the big deal? Can't I go just on a diet of 50% raw? Won't I miss my comfort foods? Aren't you hungry all the time? and others). You may also want to drop in online to a raw food chat group ( or or join one of the Yahoo groups on raw foods.

A New World

Eating raw foods (if you so accept the assignment) can really transform your body for the good and let you experience a new world. There are many books on the subject of raw foods, but again, I think, The Live Food Factor has everything that you need including a large appendix of resources in itself. Making the transition from the SAD (standard American diet) to raw has not been easy for me, but through this book I can see how vitally important it is. I'm not giving up.

If you would be interested in more information on this book or how to obtain it, go to http://www.greenworldtree/eatingrawfoods.html


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