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The Baby Blues

Updated on March 4, 2015

The Mystery Of The Baby Blues

“Baby Blues” is a term given to most every new mother who feels overwhelmed, over tired, and miss understood.

The Baby Blues are usually chocked up to "harmones."

Third Baby - Baby Blues

With the birth of her 3rd child, Barbara Lockwood’s depression didn't go away. Sleep deprivation played a major part in it, but it was not the root cause. Before the baby Barbara had been plagued with PMS since puperty.

Having her third baby exsenuated the issues, and hence, postpartum depression or " The Baby Blues " was the prognosis. She was given Valium and the baby got phenergan. Sleep deprivation and other causes were never even considered.

The Lockwoods lived in Sunshine, Melbourne . Barbara said her suburb was nothing but healthy, as there was no sunshine or fresh air, only pollution thick enough to cut with a knife. Her husband smoked and they heated their home with a coal fired combustion heater.

Looking back Barbara emphatically states she did not simply have The Baby Blues:

“It was NOT a case of postpartum depression or a need for Valium for me and phenergan for my poor baby. The only excuse back then was that most of what is KNOWN NOW was not KNOWN THEN."

Barbara is convinced sleep deprivation and a heavy metal overload was at the root of her so called " baby blues problem ".

The Blues Didn't Get Better

The ‘blues’ didn’t get better. Barbara’s health problems continued to get worse and to multiply. Soon she found herself looking at an unpleasant future of life in a wheelchair.

At age 63, still looking for something to combat the battle she was having mentally, spiritually and physically, a friend called and suggested she treat herself for heavy metals.

Although there are no blood tests to help diagnosis heavy metal poisoning, you can get an indication through a hair and fingernail analysis. Unlike soft tissue cells, hair and finger nails are composed from Keratin, fibrous structural proteins, which are tough and insoluble and form strong unmineralized tissues.

The body uses what is available in the body to grow hair and nails. If toxic heavy metals are present, they are deposited in the them, and therefore, represent what is in the body.

There is an interesting fact about hair and nails, …When a person dies, their nails and hair continue to grow for a long time after his or her death.

After Her Recovery

After her recovery, Barbara deducted that the brain is just as susceptible to the damaged done by chemicals, food additives and the rest of the chemical cocktail that is in our food, drink and air.

Depression and/or The Baby Blues do not go to away by themselves. We have to take steps to correct the underlying problem. Often adding drugs only complicate it. It makes sense that unless we remove the metals from our bodies, we cannot expect the body to correct the is problems.

After going through her own long, health-seeking experience, Barbara said if she had the power to help someone else going through the baby blues, she would follow with these steps:

  • Remove heavy metals by doing a Heavy Metal Detox with Liquid Zeolite from mother and baby.
  • Drink ionized water and cut out all tea, coffee and soft drinks and of course alcohol.
  • Put the mother onto a super vitamin and mineral supplement.
  • Put the mother onto a natural food derived hormonal precursor so that her hormonal system can regenerate.
  • Find a physical therapist to deal with the baby’s and mothers physical imbalances.
  • Get some home help so that the mother can sleep for as long as it takes to recover her health.
  • Remove all toxic products from the house, especially the bathroom, the baby’s nursery and the garage.
  • Remove all electromagnetic disturbances from the house as much as possible especially in the baby’s and parent’s room
  • Use a personal pendant to guard against electromagnetic pollution and to enhance energy.

These are just a few steps that pay dividends and put the mother onto the path of good health. I wish someone had offered me those choices back 39 years ago!

It Only Makes Sense

It only makes sense that if the brain is part of the body ,then it is just as much at risk of developing “symptoms” (depression, mania, dementia, melancholy, bi polar etc etc etc) as the rest of the body does.

Because of her long struggle to find health has lead Barbara, to become a Bowen Therapies Practitioner and Holistic and Nutritional Supplements Advocate.

Is it time we take another look at the baby blues and do something healthy about it rather than start the mothers on a round of drugs.


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    • Internetwriter62 profile image

      Internetwriter62 6 years ago from Marco Island, Florida

      Excellent research Healthyhanna, there a lot of about post par tum depression that I didn't know about, I thought it just happened to people that were genetically predisposed to depression. It is important to be aware of metals and their impact on our health, it is a shame that the medical community has still a lot to learn about environmental contributors to mental health. Although there is hope, the medical community does seem more enlightened and are considering more and more the value of natural medicine, maybe in the near future medical training will include courses on how the environment effects us all. Great work, rated it up.