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The Beauty of my Early Morning Walks in Upstate NY

Updated on August 5, 2014

Walking Outdoors

As soon as the weather permits I love walking along the road I live on. The early spring shows the promise of leaves and flowering plants just beyond the blacktop of the road.

I wish I could transfer the smells during an outdoor walk - the sweet smell of the flowers; even the greenery. As I walk close to the river, I can smell that too.

Each day I try to walk for 1 hour ~ half hour away from my house, then half hour returning to home.

There is no treadmill on earth that can duplicate the fresh air of the outside.

Exercising with nature.

During the winter I am relegated to walking on my treadmill in my basement with my Kindle to take away the boredom of being in a basement. But, during the warm months I choose to get my exercise by walking for at least an hour each day on the road that goes by my house. No music player is necessary because the sounds of the outside are abundant...the buzzing of the bees, birds tweeting, frogs croaking, and the occasional moo off in the distance.

Walking along a road requires a certain awareness of traffic coming and going. The edge of the road has some gravel but is mostly grown over with green plants, some flowers. It is as if the greenery is trying to take back some of the real estate the road uses. Because of the traffic, I have to listen for a vehicle coming and take steps to be seen and get off the road.

Enjoy the photos

I hope you enjoy the photos I take with my cell phone. Originally I started carrying it with me for safety, just in case I need to call for help but as I walked I kept seeing beautiful flowers so I started to take photos.

The cars that rush by, on their way to work or wherever, miss the tiny treasure I see daily. The beautiful flowers that cling alongside the road, deep in the shaded greenery there are always bright splashes of color. The buzzing bees busy with the nectar they find and an occasional butterfly. Always present is the sound of birds talking to each other. It is by far one of the most pleasant parts of my day....and I'm getting exercise.

Starting my Walk

This is me starting out on my walk, a daunting hill behind me
This is me starting out on my walk, a daunting hill behind me

I live in a valley

Because I live in a valley I have to walk up a hill no matter which direction I decide to walk. No warm up on a nice flat road, straight up the hills I go.

White Tree Blossoms

The scent of this tree is appealing
The scent of this tree is appealing

Oh, the smells

Some of the blossoming trees send out wonderful fragrances to enjoy.

Hidden Treasures

A hidden treasure
A hidden treasure

The Hidden Treasures

As I walk I see tiny blooming plants hugging the side of the road.

Purple in the Green

Every year these stunning wild flowers grow along the road.
Every year these stunning wild flowers grow along the road.

Gorgeous Purple Wildflowers

I walk this road every year and am always amazed to see the wildflowers that grow along the road.

One Rose

One single rose near an empty house.
One single rose near an empty house.

Single Rose

One of the house I walk by is deserted but a single rose bravely blooms near the house. No fertilizer or rose food for this brave flower.

The hills

View of the Hills
View of the Hills

My View of the Hills

Here and there I am able to see through the lush tree growth and see the rolling hills the surround my valley.

Tiny Purple Glory

Purple Gems
Purple Gems

Surviving the Gravel

Very close the road I often see these tiny purple gems growing in the gravel. They are perfect little purple gems.

Butterfly Work

Busy at work
Busy at work

The Beautiful Butterfly

Because of the lush growth of flowering plants, the butterflies are busy at work. These two came right up close to me. Maybe they were working on plants or just socializing.

Rain Swollen Stream

Rain swollen stream near my home
Rain swollen stream near my home

The River

I cross over a bridge during my walk. The bridge goes over a small stream and waterfall that flows down into the main river, The Mettowee. Most of the time this river flows slowly, giving the cows in the field plenty to drink but on this day it had rained and the water flowed fast.


Colors of Blue
Colors of Blue

Blues and White

The blue and white flowers blend beautifully with the green plants. More buzzing can be heard.

Heading back down the Hill

I've walked up to the top of the hill
I've walked up to the top of the hill

Down down down



Down ....

the hill I go. It is almost harder to keep a slow pace while walking down this steep hill.

The View

Beautiful View
Beautiful View

A View worth seeing

After walking up one of the hills I enjoy a great view of the peaceful valley with some farms.

More Purple Beauty


Drink in the Colors

Everyday I see these flowers in the late summer.

Don't Eat the Berries

Splashes of Red
Splashes of Red

Tiny Red Berries

Tiny Red, probably dangerous to eat, berries cling to the trees they grow from. Among the blues, yellows, purples, whites..these berries look very pretty.

Season of Hay

Huge Round Bails of Hay waiting...
Huge Round Bails of Hay waiting...

Hay Time

As the summer nears the end I see in the fields giant rolls of Hay. They will be moved to the edge of the field for easy access during the snowy months.

Fall is almost here

A reminder of fall around the corner
A reminder of fall around the corner


On my way back home I pass this sign and it always reminds me of the looming cooler weather, school buses on the road, and the seemingly carefree summer coming to a close.

Where would you walk?

Given the Opportunity, would you walk outside or use a treadmill?

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    • peachpurple profile image


      4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      nice walk with beautiful sceneries


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