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The Benefit Series - Milk

Updated on February 25, 2013
A Cup of Milk
A Cup of Milk | Source


Milk has been around ever since man himself has made it to the world. It is rightly called a complete food/drink. As we get older, our consumption of milk reduces. When we were young, our mothers forced it down our throats claiming it is 'good for you'. And though we never understood or believed her, she is right. But that is not all. Milk is good not just for growing children but for adults as well. Milk helps growing children by helping them grow well. Milk helps us (adults) by maintaining that healthy growth.

Over-time we just forget to have milk and though we eat and drink a variety of 'healthy' stuff to keep our body fit, we just don't include milk into that list. And people have their own wacky reasons; some say it makes them puke, some dislike its 'smell'. Some just don't want to have it for the sake of not having it and a lot more don't have the time to spare for drinking milk!

No matter what your reasons are, here is a recap of why milk is and will always play an important role in keeping you healthy and why you should include it in your diet!


  • Rich source of Calcium

Yeah, we know this since a long time, isn't it? Calcium helps in building strong bones. Many people think that Calcium is necessary for growing children only, but that is not so. It is equally important for adults as it helps maintain the bone structure and to prevent bone-related diseases such as osteoporosis. It is also essential for maintaining healthy teeth and prevent tooth decay and cavities. But for the absorption of Calcium, there needs to be an intake of Vitamin D as well, so I suggest you look for Vitamin D fortified milk or take a food supplement.

- My personal experience with tooth decay: I had severe toothache a couple of years back and that was due to cavities. It was beyond repair and I had to have a root canal done. But before that, I had researched and came across this tip that drinking pure milk, (not powder milk nor any milk that is boiled or fortified) but the one that comes directly from the farm (fresh) does wonders for the pain. I had the luck to obtain pure milk from a farm and I used to consume it as much as I could and I must say, it actually eased up the pain. So if you are having mild aches or fear cavity buildup in your teeth for which root canal can be avoided, I seriously recommend you increase your intake of milk to ensure maximum positive results. Do try this tip!

  • Contains Protein

Proteins are good for muscles and people wishing to have a strong physique would do a lot better at achieving their desired look by including milk into their diet. Drinking a glass of milk after your workout will replenish the fluids that you lost, help regain vitality and also improve overall health.

People tend to avoid drinking milk thinking that it might increase the fat content of their body. This is entirely a wrong view. The fat content increases not because you are having fatty products, but because you don't do proper exercise or maintain your body structure. Cutting out fat increasing products will not keep you slim. What will keep you slim is doing some activity. Making sure that your body is energetic by indulging in a workout or doing day to day activities that keep you 'flexible and moving' is the key!

  • Source of Lactic acid, antioxidants, amino acids (Best remedy for clear skin)

Milk is a rich source of lactic acid which acts as an exfoliation agent and has enzymes that help clear and smooth our skin. It has antioxidant properties that protect our skin from harsh environment. Amino acids help in keeping it supple. Thus, drinking milk is one sure way of achieving the soft skin that we all crave for without the hassle of buying numerous skin-care products; half of which are not worth their claims.

  • Health Benefits

Milk has certain properties that help in protecting from certain cancers. Regular consumption of milk builds up a good eyesight. It also acts as an antacid. The vitamins present in milk help in weight loss.


There are many, many ways to include milk into your diet. First and easiest is to directly drink milk. People who are sick of its smell or dislike the idea of drinking milk or whatever reason it is that keeps them from having milk plainly can try these various options.

  • Drink flavored milk; Have it with tea/coffee

Consuming flavored milk neutralizes the 'smell' effect and also having some flavor in your milk does help, doesn't it? My personal favorites are strawberry and mango flavored milk.

Trust me when I say yummy-looking milk is consumed faster than a glass of plain 'unattractive' milk. I tend to froth it up with my IKEA Produkt Milk Frother while making a steaming cup of latte or an ice-cold flavored shake. It is such a delight to the eyes that you actually want to have it! So, the next time kids complain when they see a glass of milk approaching, try inventing ways to make it look much more appealing.

  • Go the Smoothie way

I know, I know. When you say 'smoothie', the first thing that comes to mind is 'calories'. No doubt that adding scrumptious ingredients would make a smoothie shoot up its calorie limit, but adding a proper and clever list of items would make the drink more healthy and nutritious.

Add a teaspoon of ground sesame seeds or flax seeds the next time you make one. They are high in protein and vitamins and provide the necessary nutrition. Have more of fruit smoothies rather than adding peanut-butter or chocolate cream (for that, moderation is the key!). Personally, I'd recommend having lots of berries (blue-berries, raspberries), bananas and avocados. And obviously, Milk is THE main ingredient!

Read the in-depth benefits of Flax seeds here.

  • Add in soups, sauces and other dishes; have cereal & milk breakfast

I love making white pasta sauce and usually use full-fat milk. What is a yummy, creamy pasta with just skim milk sauce, right? Also try adding milk wherever you feel it is complementary, in your soups and dishes.

Have a milk-and-cereal breakfast treat in the morning rather than having scrumptious pancakes or waffles. It will keep you full longer and also subside any extra cravings.

Milk is our very own magic food that is ignored by most of us. It helps us in maintaining healthy bone and muscle mass. It corrects our vision and immune system thus serving as a rich source of energy. All in all, milk should not be removed from our diet. You don't have to drink gallons of milk for reaping its benefits but do include a glass of milk a day. And walk towards a healthy life!


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    • profile image

      Shaibaz Mulla 

      5 years ago

      Its really very informative... total respect... plz help me drink it everyday... :P

    • Faiha profile imageAUTHOR

      Faiha A. M. 

      5 years ago from Kuwait

      Thankyou @LeslieByars! I really appreciate your feedback :)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Very informative hub. I really enjoyed it and voted it up and useful.


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