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The Benefits And Imports Of Citrus Fruit Juice

Updated on February 9, 2015


A citrus fruit drink like a lime or lemon juice ensures that your body is at peak state during a cold or other virus condition. This is its imports. It benefits you to drink its juice daily or eat the fruits whole.

Few days ago, I chanced to read label on a lemon-lime flavored drink given to me. What arrested my attention was the emphasis to drink some water to break a thirst in order to prevent de-hydration of the body.

But the water comes with the flavored drink. Water is good and refreshing. You and I need to enhance this freshness with an external item. This is what the makers of the drink had in mind or marketing strategy.

Reading further, I noted the drink contain sugar or sweeteners, acids and chemical preservatives. Now, I will not tell you not to drink such carbonated drinks. Majority of us do so on party or odd occasions. The producers knows you like the lime or lemon flavor and now enhanced it in advertising to make a drink for you.

Citrus fruits are held in high state. Because of its many and varied medicinal properties, they are consider a must in many food menu or breakfast. Of the five citrus fruits oranges, lime, lemons, grape fruit and tangerines, which provide the best nutritional value? Scientific opinion may vary but one thing is clear. Your tolerance of the fruits in your body is an important factor because certain individuals are allergic to one or two of the fruits

Statistics on the production and the consumption of citrus fruits and its juices is in the order: oranges, than grape fruits, lemons and tangerines. Limes which takes the last place are very sour and tend to attack the enamel of the gum and teeth. But many use is put into it at home and in industry due to its high content of pectin and citric acid

I am not a doctor or certification in nutrition. But from practical experience, I know how I have benefit from its juice and eating the fruit whole in retarding my baldness and staying the cloudy formation on my eyes cornea.

In this article, I will take on the following topics one after the other

  • The citrus fruit.
  • Nutritional content.
  • Medicinal Uses.
  • Why you should Eat A Citrus Fruit Or Drink Its Juice Every Day, etc

Happy reading!

Citrus Fruits

The citrus fruit is one of the most significant fruit the earth has ever produced. Other fruits seem to be second to it. They include limes (my favorite), lemons, oranges, tangerines, grape fruits and pomelos. Being delicious (oranges and pomelos) and refreshing, limes, lemons and grape fruits, they are an all star food rich in mineral, vitamin, flavinoids or antioxidants. The above six lists is the most commonly known citrus fruits. Others are: clementine, leach lime, sweety, mandarin and kumquat; mineola. Tangelo, ugli, rough lemon and Satsuma.

All citrus fruits are mostly acid forming. But become alkaline in the blood stream after digestion.

The fruit of the plant is a berry, with a leathery peel called a flavedo or zest.

All citrus fruits are commonly noted for their rich flavonoids content. Their juice contained the highest quality of citric acids, which account for the many use in fruit juices and jams in the fruit industry. The citric acid gives the fruits its soar and sharp taste. Sad to note is that the citric acid in these fruit juice and jams are synthesis chemical and not the real fruit acid!

They are very good source of vitamin C and various flavonoids, including flavanones and flavones.

The whole fruit including the zest, seeds and juice filled spongy pith is social and economic important, because of their many uses at home and the industries.

In culinary, its other uses include dressing vegetables and salads. Spread it over fish and meat to bring out the food flavor.

You can use lime or lemon to garnish your drinking water or any soft drink or mineral water.

They are too many culinary uses to put the citrus fruit into.

Drawback: The only draw-back in citrus fruits especially, lime and lemon is their unfriendliness with the human teeth in attacking the enamel. For this reason, always squeeze both lime and lemon into a glass of water to drink.

“Citrus fruits have the highest antioxidant activities of all fruits, helping to boost the immune system and protect against cancer and heart diseases.”

  1. Limes: Limes are small, round and green with a sour acidic taste; and having excellent vitamin C potency. Varieties of this fruit from several spice differs in acid and sugar content. One common feature of the fruit is that they are more soar than lemons. Key limes are the most important of this group. Being smaller in size and grows on thorny tress and is yellow in color and sourer. It is used to bring out the flavor in certain foods. From Asia, they spread with health to all over the world by both the Arab traders and crusaders. Specific use is made use of lime juice, for example limeade or sour mix for cocktail. Lime pickle is another use of which the lime juice is put into. For example gin and tonic. Its extracts and essential oils are use in perfumes. You can soak and squeeze the zest in your bathing water to fresh the water with its aroma. This explain that any soap residue on the skin is completely cleanse off from your body; leaving your skin very clean, and free from dead cells, dandruff, bruises and rashes.

Okay, let’s consider specific functions that lime play in the human body.

  • Digestion: It helps digest the foods we eat, by stimulating and secreting saliva.
  • Diabetes: The acid in lime fruits control blood sugar and reduce blood sugar pikes.
  • High Blood Pressure: It regulates high blood pressure due to its soluble fibre content.
  • Relief From Constipation: It provides relief from constipation because its high acid level cleans the excretory system by scrubbing and washing the bowel. This is why cucumber fruits should be eaten along with limes and lemon fruits as a breakfast or snack at noon time. The effects will be enhanced.
  • It stimulate the healing of peptic and oral ulcers.
  1. Lemons: Lemons are less sourer than limes and has less citric acid. Many varieties exists the most common being the “Ereka” or “four seasons” as it produces food all year round. Variegate species has a green and yellow outer skin. It has many uses in food and cooking; in medicine (aromatherapy); in basic technology as an electrode or battery to power digital watches. Its many health benefits are versatile Like limes, lemon too has many uses as a health benefit like dental care and the treatment of fever, high blood pressure, hair and skin care, purifying the blood and promoting the immune system. Others are treat throat infection, constipation and indigestion. Instead of resorting to drugs, take adiluute mixture of lemon and water plus a tablespoonful of honey. This mixture also benefit obese patients.
  2. Oranges: Oranges are sweet when ripe, but bitter if unripe. Range has more than 50 varieties. These can be group under common, navel, blood and acidless oranges. They are eaten mainly for their sweetness. The most significant thing about this particular fruit is its high vitamin C content more than in all citrus fruits 64%. An orange or two a day is good for you. More than this, you will get into trouble with your health, for example gaining weight, heart burn and diabetes mellitus. The orange has social import because of its many content. Its zest, apart from its seeds, flesh and pith has vitamin C, dietary fibre and blood purifying dietary minerals like magnesium and potassium. Soak the zest in a cup or glass of warm not hot water for ten minutes to extract all this ingredients and you have a good water for a refreshing drink.
  3. Grape Fruits: They are slightly sweet and come in white and red colors. They interact with drugs and hinder drug metabolism, mostly the red varieties, resulting in gastric bleeding or gastrointestinal bleeding. They have the same health benefit as oranges. Do not eat grape fruits or drink their juice if you are on medical prescription.

It seems grapefruits are the best of the citrus fruits. Or why is it called citrus paradise? Some says it is because its flavor surpasses the oranges, limes, lemons and tangerines. Still others affirmed that it is actually the biblical forbidden fruit or the pomelo or the sweet orange. Whatever the case the grape fruit, is a fruit in its own right. That is what citrus paradise portrait. The fleshy meat varies in color: white, pink and red. The pulp varies with sweetness.

The red varieties are much sweeter.

In1920 the US Ruby Red received the first grape fruit patient. However, it is to be realized that the red varieties although occurring naturally, are to be prefer to the technological mutation products. The white and pink fruits seem inferior to the reds, but have a place in the diet of every person.

Grape fruit seems unique from the other citrus fruits because it contained the grapefruit mercaptan, a photonutrient that fights oxygen free radicals in the blood stream.

The significance of lycopene (also found in papayas, guavas, sweet melons, and tomatoes) in red or pink grapefruit is this: taken with green tea, it prevents prostate cancer.

Tip: Always get into the regular habit of eating lycopene rich fruit and vegetables daily or weekly with a cup of green tea. Studies have shown that if you mix various juices of the citrus, lime, lemon, orange and tangerine along with grapefruits, you will get all of the antioxidants and other compounds for the phenolic activities. But you will miss all this if you subsist on only one fruit at a time. All citrus fruits are cheap to get.

Highest In Antioxidant Properties: All fruit and vegetable juices have not the same antioxidant and lycopene properties. Each differs from one another. Grapefruit tops the list and excel.

  1. “Tangerines: are smaller than common oranges, and are usually easier to peel and to split into segments. The taste is consider less soar, as well as sweeter and stronger, than that of an orange”- Wikipedia. It has a special health benefit in that it offer protection against type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart attack and cardiovascular diseases

Scientifically called citrus tangerine, which is yet to be confirm. The best is honey tangerine which is grown for commercial purpose.

Like limes and lemons, it contain significant amounts of vitamin C, folate and beta-carotene. Its blood purifying minerals, like potassium and magnesium; plus B1, B2 and B3 that helps digestion of foods.

The oil in its skin is important because of its major component, limonene plus more than ten essential mineral oils including alpha-pinene and thymol. The oils from the skin is used for skin and hair care.

I here recalled that I was once sick with fever and I report to a medical center. The good doctor made some prescription to me. I recovered but sad to say with serious side effects on my health. The hair on my head was falling off faster and cloudy spot appear on my eye cornea. I report back to the doctor and he said it will go after some time, but it never has to be.

I went through some few books to learn all that I can to safe my hair. I begin to use lime mostly in my baths and teas and I recover my hairs. My eye gets better. Citrus fruits are now my primary source of fruits. Other opinions are secondary. Some have used it along with green tea to reduce weight. Still many found in the citrus fruit an avenue to control weight gain.

5 Citrus Fruits: Limes, Lemons, Oranges, Grape Fruits And Tangerines.

Citrus Fruits
Citrus Fruits | Source

Nutritional Content

All citrus fruits contain flavonoids, potassium and follates as in all green plants. Others are minerals, vitamin, fibres, calcium and thiamin; B1,B2, B3, B5,B6, phosphorus, magnesium and copper. Riboflavin, pantotheinic acid, carbohydrates e.g simple sugars, glucose and fructose are other content of this elixir nutrient.


Citrus fruits contain potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.

See results

Lime Fruits Tastes Sour But Has High Vitamin C And Citric Acid Potency

Lime Fruits
Lime Fruits | Source

Drinking Citrus FruitsJuice Daily

You may wonder how someone ate a citrus fruit daily. Or rather drink a glass of the juice daily. Have you ever thought of how a person can drink a warm cup of black tea daily? Many of us are green tea or coffee addicts. On the average, I drank three cups of tea daily, and this earned me Mr. Tea in my nuclear family. No wonder, this tea bug infect one of my children so much that during a church service, the boy had to ask for a cup of tea!

If a person can drink black or red tea daily, it is equally easier to drink a glass of citrus juice.

This is how. Most of the time, many of us really take a glass of cold water on rising up from sleep in the morning. Think about cutting and squeezing half a slice of lime or lemon or both into the water. Like as you cut a slice into that glass of wine or whisky. This dilute mixture of water and lime, as we have realize elsewhere, flush your digestive system and has a restorative effect on both the respiratory and immune system. Tea and coffee has no vitamin C the power house that fights and destroy free radicals in the body.

Old School Sense Or science?: Yes, you can daily eat citrus fruits up to five servings in the day. I do so with my family. I purchase the fruits at affordable prices, at the cost of at most three dollars per week. Let me analysis this. I get limes and tangerines at 50 cent per purchase. Oranges costs me 50 cents too. More than ten pieces of these fruits at 50 cents is fair enough. Lemons and grape fruits will cost me a dollar each. So I had enough for the week with my family.

What I did was to wash, cut and squeeze out the juices of the one lime, lemon and grape fruit into a bowl. This I dilute with some water. Two pinched or ¼ of a teaspoon of salt added to the mixture and it is ready for sharing. The oranges and tangerines will be eaten as normally. An orange can be slice into six pieces and the juice sucked. This is for the day and right in the morning before breakfast.

Or how about peeling and cutting five of the fruits into a blender, add a little water and blend them together? You will get a thick creaming mixture which you can eat with ripe avocado.

You can enjoy a lime with cucumber as a snack. Wash the lime and cucumber as usually. Cut the lime into two half and squeeze one half into a glass of water. The remaining half is sliced thinly into this mixture. Enjoy it with the cucumber. The unpeel skin of the lime and the tiny seeds should be chew along with the cucumber for its medicinal effects of expelling worms in the stomach.

You can prepare your papaya into a plate. Slice three or more pieces of line over the papayas and enjoy. Do the same with avocado.

Squeeze Few Limes Over Papayas And Enjoy As Snack

A Plate Of Slice Papaya Fruit.
A Plate Of Slice Papaya Fruit. | Source

You Can Enjoy A Cucumber With Lime Or Lemon Juice


Watch Video:

Watch video "The Shocking Truth About Your Health" by Lisa Rankin. Just type the title into your browser and you are done. Enjoy!

The Shooking Truth About Your Health by Lisa Rankin

Benefits Of Citrus Fruits And Their Juices

  1. Excellent vitamin C content: Many fruits and vegetables have more vitamin C than citrus fruits. For example, guava has more vitamin C 86% than most fruits. Yet, the vitamin C potent of guava is poor compared to limes or lemons. Lime have 35% vitamin at most. The best thing about this as we noted earlier is that this vitamin in citrus fruits help iron absorption in meals, especially eggs, meat and fish
  2. Develop And Strengthen The Immune System : In one of my hubs on the ebolavirus scourge, I said what do doctors do to strengthen their immune system, since their easily contact a virus disease too. Doctors and health workers inclusive are an easy prey to most contagious diseases. It is the same with ordinary peoples. Take the cold virus as an example. It can affect any one who came into contact with the sufferer. Lucky to say, those with a strong immune system always escape the flu. One way to develop a strong immune system is to regularly eat the products of the citrus fruits especially limes and lemons in their natural state. These are the only fruits that are excellent in strengthening the immune system against ill-healthy and diseases
  3. Prevents The Formation Of Kidney Stones : Some foods we eat can form kidney stones in the urinary tracts. Take for example, synthesis vitamin C tablets and capsules, and some foods noddle or refined carbohydrates. These form kidney stones over a period of time in the body. Regular eating of limes and lemons will prevent its formation, and dissolved the stone if any
  4. Antioxidant Functions : Free radicals or molecules are usually formed in the body anytime. They build up cholesterol. They are dangerous and are liable to destroy healthy cells and form cancerous cells. The presence of vitamin C helps to check those destructive activities. Vitamin C from citrus fruits is the most potent antioxidant to check this function
  5. Internal Cleansing Agent : Citrus fruits especially lime and lemons are good cleansing agent for the intestinal tract and keeps the respiratory system healthy. On rising up from sleep in the morning, taking a glass of water to flush your belly is good. Adding a lime or lemon juice to the water is better. This helps to cleanse and flush your digestive system and keeps the respiratory system healthy. Further, it strength the immune system and rejuvenate the body
  6. Anticancer Properties: Vitamin C in limes and lemons especially fights cancers in the body.

    The vitamin C in limes and lemons has a very excellent potency in helping the body grow and develop. For this to take place, collagen the sole component of connective tissues in the body, without which tendon, skin, blood vessels, dentin and bones; wound healing and synthesis of strong ligaments becomes impossible.

    This is the number one and primary reason why you need to eat these citrus fruits or drink their juices regularly, on a daily basis. Vitamin C is water soluble, and need to be replenished frequently in our diets. One tablespoonful of the juice is enough for a man. Children need half or less. The juice has to be dilute in fresh and clean water. Otherwise, the undiluted juice will attack the enamel of the gum and teeth, due to its high citric acid content. 10 mg of vitamin C is need by a man per day. This you can get in one tablespoonful. One orange will give you all this plus other body building nutrients. But health authority recommended a minimum of 30 mg and a maximum of 100 mg per day for general body health. More of the vitamin C functions has already discuss in the beginning.


  • All citrus fruits hold imports in their potency to fight and prevent a ill-health.
  • Lime and lemon flavor drinks made under commercial processes are not to be preferred for the real fruit or dilute mixture of the juices.
  • The citrus fruits are evergreen flowing plants and producing fruits all year round.
  • They are acid forming and alkaline in the body after consumption.
  • They can be found in nearly all the countries of the world and in many differing varieties.
  • They antioxidant contents to boost the immune system, the most important defense system of the human body surpass any other plant products of plants, even that of green tea.
  • The most commonly consumed citrus fruits are lime, lemon, oranges, tangerines and grape fruits.
  • The nutrient content of the fruits includes flavonoids, potassium, follate, minerals and vitamins; fibres, calcium, thiamin and B6; magnesium, phosphorous and copper, riboflavin, pantotheinic acid, glucose and fructose.
  • Its most important medicinal use is in combating scurvy and had a military history in this regard.
  • The main reasons to eat the fruits or make and drink the juice includes its excellent vitamin potency, cleanse the intestinal tracts to maintain the respiratory system, strengthening the immune system, prevents and eliminates kidney stones and destroys free radicals.
  • The daily eating of the fruit boost your health.
  • Wash the fruits in clean running water before cutting and peeling.
  • Enjoy limes with papayas, avocado and cucumbers as a snack.

Oranges Tastes Sweet And Are The most Prefer Of All The Citrus Fruits

Oranges | Source

Second Opinion

Most of us have certain favorite fruits or juice. Limeade is my favorite. A second opinion is mango juice. So your preferences are not the same as mine. Needless to say, I have my reason for making lime my first choice because of its excellent function in caring for the digestive, respiratory and immune system together.

To your good health!

Miebakagh57 (Miebakagh Fiberesima Copy right 2015).

Mixed 5 Citrus Fruit Juice

Citrus Fruit Juice
Citrus Fruit Juice | Source


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