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How To Reduce Chronic Pain, While Reducing Your Pill Intake At The Same Time.

Updated on May 8, 2013

A Handful Of Different Colored Pills To Keep The Doc Away. Is This The Alternative Solution, And The Smarter Solution??

As a society we are for the most part rely on prescription medicines to make us feel well again. However there are alternate solutions to the economic burden and often serious side-effects that some of these branded medications can cause us.
As a society we are for the most part rely on prescription medicines to make us feel well again. However there are alternate solutions to the economic burden and often serious side-effects that some of these branded medications can cause us.

Herpes Virus Leading To The Painful Condition Of Shingles

Shingles is an almost always painful condition caused by the Herpes Virus, which is seen more and more in older individuals. There are alternatives to prescription pills that help get down to the route of the associated pain, in the way of pain cream
Shingles is an almost always painful condition caused by the Herpes Virus, which is seen more and more in older individuals. There are alternatives to prescription pills that help get down to the route of the associated pain, in the way of pain cream | Source

Over The Counter Pain Creams

There are many different pain creams on the market today, that claim to cure pain for a variety of disease states and conditions. However a lot of what they claim and can do for painful conditions is yet to be seen.
There are many different pain creams on the market today, that claim to cure pain for a variety of disease states and conditions. However a lot of what they claim and can do for painful conditions is yet to be seen.

The word pain is not only a word that you may hear mentioned multiple times during any given day, or week for that matter. But the word pain in itself can literally make you cringe, when it is spoken of. If you are one of the more than 120 million individuals who suffer from some sort of acute, or chronic pain affecting many given areas of the body, than pain may be no stranger to you. In fact more people throughout the globe suffer with pain alone, than from heart disease, cancer and diabetes combined.

In our given society today, there seems to be more and more individuals who tend to rely on prescription medicines to get them through the day. And this is more apparent today in fact, than it was forty, or even fifty years ago. Don't misunderstand the point I am trying to make about prescription pills, because a large number of individuals certainly do need these medicines to treat life threatening illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease which can not be treated singularly by any specific cream combination, or even injection for example..

And there are even a larger group of individuals who also take prescription pain killers and ingest them on a daily basis; for the constant pain that they face day in and day out. A life of pain definitely is not a pleasant experience for anyone, whether you're the person who experiences the chronic pain, or have a family member, or friend you know who deals with such pain everyday. It may certainly feel, or appear to feel, that you are living through that pain along with them. And this can be a very stressful ordeal in itself.

Without these medications the afflicted one for the most part would literally be a basket case, so to speak, or in essence not able to function properly and achieve a better quality of life for themselves So it does seem inevitable that we are without doubt, a society that is succumbed by many different illnesses and disease processes. But also a society that has become addicted by pain killers as well, popular painkillers such as Percocet and Oxycoton to name a few..

These particular medications however, do much to help us cope with our pain, and there is not argument over that. But these types and classes of medications can also at the same time; be very addictive to say the least and erode away the lining of our stomach and in addition harm our livers. On a separate note, they can also cause a variety of many other serious side-effects; which can leave anyone of us, at any given time, in a less desirable position than before we started our medication regimen from the very start..

In addition to the aforementioned, the economic burden that medications of this class can cost to those who have to take them month after month and year after year; can in itself be overwhelming to the pocket book. I am sure that many are aware of the financial burden and sometimes debilitating side-effects most medications, including pain medications can cause but sometimes need a constant reminder, to help refresh their memory.

Most likely there are even that greater number of individuals in the audience, who may not even realize that there are alternate solutions in the way of other types and other classes of medications that can get down to the real root of our pain problem, that many suffer with today And address our pain and inflammation less the serious side-effects that are often caused by many other prescription drugs, including pain killers which are taken by mouth..

Yes it does seem that there is some hope on the horizon when it comes to dealing with chronic pain and even the inflammation that often causes it. But if you're not willing to question you're healthcare provider about it, or even do some research of your own, then you will never really know if these other alternative medications, will help you with the pain that you may be dealing with, at this very moment.. And at the same time not only save you the problem of trying to swallow pills that are often larger than the so called horse pills, but also at the same time - save you a great in the way of expenses..

What I am referring to here, when I speak about alternative prescription medications and/or other solutions, in helping those who suffer with acute and chronic pain and inflammation save money, while at the same time, experience fewer side-effects with their conventional branded medications. Is really one of a simple solution and one that has been with us for at least the past two-thousand years.

And believe it or not, it all started with the original compounding of pharmaceutical grade generic medications that were, and still are tailored to meet each individuals needs, as far as each persons specific degree of illness and related pain go..

Hence let me reintroduce you to the world of topical trans dermal pain creams. Basically a long and fancy name short for non-addictive pain, or (analgesic) medications in the form of an easy to apply topical cream, that can be applied to an area on your body without worrying about taking pills, or worrying about the side-effects that orally ingested medicines may cause.Sure you may have heard of over the counter or (OTC) products like Flexin and other similar creams, that can be purchased over the internet or at the local pharmacy.

However the majority of these brands that you hear of, say one thing. For example swear that they will cure your pain, or you will get your money back. Basically they are all money making gimmicks and many people fall prey to their clever marketing schemes. Not to say that they may work, or at least appear to work for a handful of people out there who purchase them for whatever reason. So instead of investing thirty of forty dollars for an over the counter product purchased via the internet or at your local pharmacy.

Why bother when a compounding pharmacy through the specific orders of your physician can compound generic based medications, that have a synergistic effect and pass through the skins layer, with minimal side-effects, aside from possible local skin irritation and address the pain you are suffering with in less than fifteen minutes. And a real grade prescription medication in the way of a cream for that matter, which costs a copay that is at least ten dollars cheaper than it cost you to purchase a product of this nature online.

Remember a great deal of individuals are led to believe that most of our medications have to be taken orally to be effective and to work by resolving the issue that is causing our pain, or particular illness that our pain stems from. However this is far from correct and is basically an age old myth, or if you will - old wives tale.In other words - don't believe everything you hear!

So if you are an individual who would like to learn more about transdermal drug therapy, then I invite you to read on further, to understand the beauty behind using topical transdermal creams, over that of a conventional daily pill regimen, which in turn may include at least six or more pills for some individuals to swallow orally, at least once a day. Pills just to reiterate that may be very difficult for someone to swallow, especially an individual who is very elderly and may have a problem with (dysphagia) - difficulty in swallowing.

Trans dermal medications utilizing a combination of generic compounds, that have been around for years and approved by the food and drug administration (FDA) can be formulated together into one topical ingredient, designed specifically for each individual person and their particular illness. Whether it be the pain associated with Osteoarthritis, or pain related to Diabetic Neuropathy , or even shingles and TMJ.

What ever your pain,or typical illness may be. There is a transdermal compound that can be formulated and address your pain, or other problem,and with tremendous efficacy.. If you suffer from Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, or some other type of musculoskeletal pain for example. Then a combination trans dermal cream can be compounded to address that pain and the inflammation that may also accompany it.

I truly believe that traditional compounded transdermal creams and compounds will become the wave of the future, replacing orally administered pills that cause more side-effects sometimes, than the persons illness itself.

One real important fact to note about a majority of transdermal creams, or gels on the market, is that they are very efficacious and safe. I cannot stress that point enough, and a pharmacist or physician will also tend to agree with this fact Any physician who practices pain management, or who may be in an orthopedic practice for example, will tell you this.

Orthopedists and Rheumatologists for example are a few groups of physicians who have experience dealing with compounding pharmacies who specifically tailor, or make up various medications used for a transdermal delivery system. Which is delivered through way of the skin. The skin is the body"s largest organ, and thus is an excellent area for medications such as trans dermals to pass through the skin barrier and be delivered safely with minimal side-effects to the site of pain.

Many medications, including narcotic based ones like Oxycotin have to pass through your gastrointestinal tract, and make a first pass through your liver and blood brain barrier to be fully metabolized. And because of this there is the increased risk, or chances of side-effects from occurring. While with trandermal medications, they bypass the liver, gastrointestinal tract and blood brain barrier, to be delivered to the site where they are needed the most, minimal chances of adverse events.

If anything a person applying a transdermal cream three to four times per day, may if at all experience some mild itching or burning at the site of application, as previously mentioned earlier in the article. Whether its on your lower lumbar area, or higher up on the cervical portion around the neck area for example.

If you experience pain or inflammation in that particular region, or even suffer from gout, once again there is a transdermal cream, that can be compounded for you and delivered safely and effectively to drastically reduce your pain level. In fact transdermal analgesic or pain creams have an effective rate of 88 to 95% pain reduction. Not a bad statistic for a medication that is not taken orally..

As they age, may individuals are often susceptible to Post herpetic neuralgia, or Shingles for example. Shingles can be very painful and if you know someone who has ever had shingles, then you have a good idea of what that particular person may have gone through in the past.

There is currently a shingles vaccination, but even if you have a good insurance plan, or are on medicare for example, that particular vaccine will cost you approximately $200.00 out of pocket. Yes you read it correctly - $200.00. There are also antiviral medicines...Acyclovir and Valtrex to name a few, that can be taken orally. but then again they can often cause an individual side-effects and also can be rather expensive to purchase.

On the other hand there is a transdermal cream that can be commercially compounded per the direction of your physician. And this transdermal cream, applied three to four times per day, can alleviate the pain and other uncomfortable symptoms associated with shingles. And these creams are not only covered by major insurance companies, private and commercial alike, but also by government plans such as Tri-care.

In fact the most you will pay for your medication out of pocket will be about $25.00. And a majority of compounding pharmacies will also waive this copay across the board. And in addition as an added service, a compounding pharmacy used by your doctor, will Fed-Ex your transdermal prescription to your front door the next day. This is a great service especially for elderly patients and those who are handicapped, saving them from worrying how they are going to get to a pharmacy to pick up their much needed medications.

If your particular compounded transdermal prescription cream, as ordered by your physician contains a narcotic,like Ketamine for example. Then you will usually will be limited to five refills, which will all be delivered to your front door as was the first script that was filled for you. If you doctor chooses to write,or leave out a narcotic ingredient, on the script pad, then you will be able to receive eleven refills to your door. Again a time saver and worry eliminator for the handicapped, as well as the elderly.

Keep in mind that there are many many different reason for pain that many people endure in a entire life time. Epidural injections, Oxycodon, Percocet and various back procedures and surgeries are not guaranteed to correct, or eliminate your problem, especially if it cause you a great deal of pain. And besides there is often a $300.00 fee or more that a patient is responsible for paying out of pocket for an epidural injection for example, even if you do have insurance.

So the next time your pain begins to flare up, to the point that is overbearing. Do yourself a favor and don't reach for the pills which may contain percocet or oxycoton. Instead ask your doctor if he has heard of pharmaceutical grade compounds that get right to the route of your pain, without causing half the side-effects and at the same time save you a bundle out of pocket! You will never know if you don't give it a try. Remember there is always an alternate solution to consider, especially when it comes down to eliminating pain from your life.


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    • Jlbowden profile imageAUTHOR

      James Bowden 

      5 years ago from Long Island, New York

      Hi Glenn:

      Thank you for chiming in and providing your feedback on my article about transdermals. I definitely believe they are the new wave of the future as far as addressing the problems with pain that many people suffer with today. In fact I also thought of you when I wrote this article and know that this may be a future solution in helping you with issues that we spoke of during past meetings. In fact it will really behoove you to take a few of the script pads that I have and personally introduce them to your physician. I am sure he/she will be very open, as well as receptive to the idea of pain reducing creams applied topically, while eliminating pills and their associated cost. We will definitely have to get together one day and I will show you what I am speaking of here. Again thanks for stopping by and good to hear from you!


    • Glenn Stok profile image

      Glenn Stok 

      5 years ago from Long Island, NY

      I see the ads for these cures all the time. Just like you said, many give big claims and offer to give you your money back. They even say you can return an empty bottle for a full refund. What they get away with is the fact that most people forget about that and through the bottle away when they discover it doesn’t work.

      Your alternative of getting a specific order from your physician and having a compounding pharmacy fill the order is an interesting method. As you said, it can actually cost less since insurance may cover it as a prescription topical scream. Whereas buying over-the-counter creams are expensive and not covered.

      Our skin is our biggest organ and it absorbs anything placed on it. So topical medicated creams can work very well when the proper ingredients are used.


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