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The Affects of Music in Everyday Life

Updated on May 30, 2017

Music In Our Lives

All facets of life have moments of music. From the time we are born our mothers, grandmothers, guardians, or caregivers have lullabies both worded and wordless that they share with us. As we grow up we are exposed to different types of music from TV, radio, public events, and family members. TV programs aimed at young children feature music in an effort to educate as well as entertain. Radio brought us into contact with music from our parents generation as well as bringing us the latest popular hits. Public events are either supplemented by or revolve around music. And family members introduce us to different genres of music be they our parents or siblings, aunts or uncles, not to mention grandparents.

Our exposure to music through these various sources aids us in the development of our individual tastes. While everyone's interest in music varies one thing is certain, we are all inspired by it. Whether we are musically inclined or not there is always that one tune that has us tapping our toes, singing along, bobbing our heads and in general just getting into the music. We listen to music as we drive, read, study, exercise, eat, socialize etc. What are the affects of music in each of these situations? Depending on our day listening to music as we drive will help us to calm down or get excited. Music can help us focus on what we are reading or studying. Our exercise sessions may be aided by music that energizes us. When we eat, music is often a pleasant accompaniment, enabling us to socialize with those around us.

The far reaching affects of music is seen in the natural world as well. Birds, wolves and coyotes, whales, even insects are just a few samples of animals that use song to communicate. What would this world be like if there was no such thing as music. Some would say it would be soulless, lifeless, boring. Music is such that it brings color to any atmosphere, affecting our emotions and producing within us a response to a given situation or event. Music is in our lives in so many shapes that it is hard to ignore the positive affects that music has on our lives. There are negative aspects to this as well but due to free will we can choose to let this impact us in any given situation. Whatever we do is affected by music, for better or worse it has an affect on our everyday life.


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