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The Best 4 Sources Online that Can Fix Your Posture

Updated on January 6, 2015

If fixing your posture were as easy as just sitting upright, I would not return back to my hunching over the keyboard ways. What I need is an instituted plan, which I follow religiously over and over again until my shoulders are back, and my back is straight again. It is said, on average it takes at least two months of doing the same thing over and over again to form a habit. This is promising, because within this phenomenon is the promise that change comes from the fruit of your own labor over a certain period of time. You have influence over your actions. Of course, this also means you have to make sure that you are doing the best routine before repeating it to imprint into your behavior. Imagine learning more than halfway through, that you are making mistakes!

That is why the key to learning healthy behavior is prep and research. In the world of countless resources, sifting to see which ones are legitimate and which is a hoax is time not easily available. So for you, I have compiled my personal list of credible sources I use to sit taller everyday.

Why bother with posture?

Yes hunched up shoulders with your forward tilted head makes you look like a relative of Gollum. Yet, posture is not all about aesthetics, in fact aesthetics is actually the least of your worries. Posture is an outward indicator that your body is in alignment with your bones, muscles and joints. With optimal posture, all your organ systems can work as they were meant to. A systematic history of bad posture will bring on problems like digestion issues, breathing and most importantly mobility. You do not want to be the one with stiff muscles tightened in pain, while your senior citizen co-peers are shuffling freely beside you in their walkers. Even today, as a relatively young person just sitting in a bad posture position for a short period of time will strain your muscles in the neck, shoulders and upper back.




This website is a collection of training, bodybuilding, workout and supplement articles written by professional fitness experts who either have a Masters in Kinesiology or have thoroughly established themselves in the fitness world. This is the place to start when you want to get the technical knowledge (you may not understand it all as I definitely do not), alongside guided routines. These articles reduce posture to a science so that you can understand your body better.

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2. Amazon Online Foam Roller Purchase

Foam rollers have moved away from rehabilitation clinics and into the space of your personal gym. These simple foam rollers are my personal haven after a stressful day at the office. Not only are they a fairly inexpensive purchase, but also they appeal to the lazy cat that is my spirit animal. Exercises on the foam roller can range from no effort to minimal effort to slightly more fancy. This single piece of foam is the reason my sore back muscles experience relaxed bliss after a stressful day. They work on the premise of gravity and your own body weight allowing parts of your body to release muscle knots. The simplest way to do this is lie on the floor on your back with the foam roller lined against your spine. To choose which foam roller suits your need you must decide on the frequency of use and your fitness level. A new user should start with a less dense white foam roller and progressively move towards the blue and eventual black foam roller for higher-pressure release. A visit to your local fitness store or department store like Wal-Mart will have foam rollers. I prefer purchases through to specify exactly the type of dimensions I like and amount of density.

3. YouTube

Many websites will describe posture exercises in written form, yet these explanations can be confusing. If you are like me, you require visual learning. YouTube is the perfect forum for great video tutorials to demonstrate the correct form needed to safely improve posture. Of course, YouTube is also the realm of amateurs as anyone with a camera can post online. To decide what is good content, cross reference to make sure multiple users recommend the exercises. Here are two videos that have changed my posture for the better.

Exercises To Correct Hunchback Posture

4. Reddit

This is an unlikely yet very instrumental part of the solution to my posture problems. Reddit is a system of user generated news links that get promoted to front page or lost in oblivion. Fair warning, as a generally uncensored forum you will come across all kinds of people. The Reddit Hive Mind can have a mob mentality when it comes to things they love and hate. Despite the sometimes, questionable morality found on Reddit, I have a special fondness for it. Posture improvement is not a something that will magically fix itself overnight. It is a process of hard work and optimism. Reddit has a network of subreddits, where people can come together on one specific topic and post. Join or just lurk as I occasionally do and share in a community that showcases individual success stories and hardships. Improving your posture in a community setting gives you the support that you need to keep working on it. It gives you access to different methods that real people are trying to sit taller in real time. Make an account and share your own progress.


Youtube Posture Channel


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