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The Best Anti Aging Herb The Western World Has Yet To Discover

Updated on February 15, 2013

Ancient Ayurvedic Herb

Fighting the signs of aging has become an obsession for many in the modern world. Time certainly has its impacts on the hair, skin and the body overall. The good news is that there is an anti aging herb that outperforms all costly creams, powders and potions that are readily available at the drug or department store. This powerful herb for longevity is commonly known as Bhringaraj or Eclipta Alba. Used for many centuries as part of Ayurvedic medicine, its most common uses are not only cosmetic but can also be applied to the enhancement of overall human health. Following are a few ways that this potent and all-natural substance can impact the way you look and feel.

Fighting the Signs of Aging on the Head

If you want to look your very best, you must start with your pate. A healthy, lustrous head of hair is certainly a strong sign of youth. Bhringaraj is not only the basis of very effective hair oil for baldness, but it can also be used to cover the grey or white strands that begin to develop as the years pass by. It is a common ingredient in many hair growth oils for women and is quickly becoming the most popular natural therapy for hair growth for people of all ages and sexes in many parts of the world.

Finding Products That Really Work

Bhringraj is a widely respected hair fall treatment in Ayurvedic care for hair given its ability to address many of the most common causes of baldness directly. Any hair loss treatment in Ayurveda is certain to be far different from many of those that are implemented in the western world, in which supplements or applications simply target the site of the issue. Rather than merely correcting the symptoms of hair loss, a hair fall treatment in Ayurveda actually helps to improve blood flow to the scalp, eliminate toxins that are circulating through the blood and improve the efficacy of the kidneys, heart, and liver. For those who are coping with fine lines and newly developed wrinkles on the face, these health benefits can also increase the appearance of the skin by making it appear more youthful, fresh and vibrant.

Rather than merely wondering is Bhringraj oil good for hair, take the time to read some of the feedback that people are eagerly posting on the Internet. There is no doubt that Bhringraj powder benefits abound, whether this miracle herb is used in an Ayurvedic herbal hair oil to cover grey hairs or as a baldness treatment in Ayurveda. People across the globe are experiencing the amazing results that can be gained and praising them out loud and online.

How Hair Oils for Hair Loss are Used

You can actually make bhringraj-based Ayurvedic products for hair growth in your own home. Many popular manufacturers of hair care products are now including very nominal amounts of this herb in their products and the result has been very limited ranges of improvement. Rather than wasting your money on a watered-down version of a proven herbal hair treatment for hair loss, it may be best to try creating your own herbal product for hair growth at home.

Bhringraj is commonly found in a powder. This powder can be used by itself both orally and topically, however, it can also be mixed with the proper oils to create a paste that is applied directly to the head for addressing hair loss. The best herbal hair oil for hair growth can actually be made right in your own home.

To create an herbal cure for baldness, simply fuse three tablespoons of Bhringraj with four, full ounces of sesame oil. The results can be applied directly to the hair and scalp for several minutes as an effective Ayurvedic treatment of hair loss. If you are looking to darken unwanted grey strands, this same hair growth hair oil can be heated for several minutes to produce this effect. The heated version of the herbal hair fall treatment is applied to the hair in the very same manner. In both instances, the treatments should be washed away with an all-natural shampoo.

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