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The Four Best Bad Breath Remedies

Updated on November 21, 2010

Having to deal with bad breath could potentially cause plenty of challenges for just about any man or woman. If you experience terrible bad breath, there are plenty of matters in daily life that you have not been able to experience, such as being in close proximity with someone you care about and in many cases tasting the flavour of the foods you eat. However, it is good to know that bad breath remedies happen to be obtainable for people who would like to treat their long-term problems with foul breath, so if you're among those individuals who possibly do not want to go to a health care provider or perhaps your physician regarding your halitosis bad breath, below are a few bad breath remedies that can be used in your own home that may help you treat your smelly breath.


Remedies For Bad Breath

1. Cleaning and Flossing - certainly, the most important among the bad breath remedies would be to choose to take excellent care of one's teeth. In the event that you actually will not take proper care of your teeth, then the question would be do you genuinely wish to get rid of your smelly breath since this is the primary reason for halitosis for most people. In order to experiment with certain bad breath remedies make certain you first start on the glaring matter which is taking excellent care of your pearly whites.

2. Avocados - yes you read that right. Avocados are not really known for being a bad breath remedy. However, having an avocado may enable plenty of individuals to be able to relieve the persistent terrible breath which plagues these people as well as anybody close to them, however be sure not to overeat avocados, they can be a little fattening. So avocados my be a good easy remedy for you to eliminate your terrible bad breath plus avocados can be conveniently located within the fruit and vegetable section in virtually any food market within your neighborhood.

More Remedies For Bad Breath

3. Decrease meat and protein consumption- you may be surprised to hear that proteins can be a big problem when it comes to dreadful bad breath. So be sure to consume a smaller amount of beef as well as poultry and also eat more fresh fruits and be sure to eat all your veggies - most people will surely see an improvement with their bad breath and people will be less inclined to stand back from you. This particular remedy is actually one of the most favorite bad breath home remedies around, so when an individual tries to eat the right way consequently they begin to experience better smelling breath.

4. Consume adequate amounts of liquids (especially water) - When an individual take in sufficient drinking water, they may effortlessly treat their bad breath that is if it is not caused by a certain health-related issue. Having to deal with a dried out mouth can often cause bad smelly breath so drinking lots of liquids and water is one of the more popular bad breath remedies. You may drink water as well as fruit or vegetable juices or you can choose to consume whole fruits and fresh vegetables, since they will tend to be loaded with water.

Just choose from one of these four bad breath remedies, to experience better smelling breath.


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    • zimsabre profile image


      8 years ago

      I never would of thought that Avo's would improve the smell of my breath. shame about the discolouration.


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