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The Best Must-Have Night Light For New Moms To Improve Baby's Sleep

Updated on June 6, 2017

A baby's cry in the middle of the night prompts mom to console, feed and rock the child back to sleep. For most new moms, turning on the light in the baby's nursery is a disruptive habit. A bright light will only wake the baby up even further. To improve your baby's rest, consider a night light with a modern twist. You'll wonder how you got along without it in the past.


Nearly Hands-Free Operation

The latest, desk lamp to hit the market actually looks like a doughnut. Its smooth exterior reveals no buttons or switches. In fact, it's essentially a hands-free device. Pass your hand above it, and the night light activates as necessary. Rock your baby, hold a bottle and forget about fumbling for a light switch. If you're sitting close to the light during a feeding, your baby may even reach out to touch it without harm. The LED technology keeps the product cool to the touch.

No Brightness Issues

A common complaint surrounding any lamp in the nursery is brightness. This modern gadget, however, fixes the brightness issue. Hold your hand above the wireless sensor night light, and the brightness quickly changes. You don't have to perform this adjustment each time with the light either. It will remember your previous setting so that your baby always encounters a soft glow. The white housing diffuses the light in such a manner that frustrating glares aren't possible.


Portability Included

There are no wires to worry about because this modern light is battery operated. Run the light until you notice a marked difference in brightness. Attach the USB connector to a power source. The charging time only takes a maximum of three hours. Take this light to any location, especially if your baby is sleeping over at grandma's house. The light is a familiar sight so your baby will feel comfortable in the temporary room.

Attractive and Durable Exterior

Food-grade silicone and strong plastic create the exterior's unique appearance. It's strong enough to withstand some abuse in the baby's nursery while retaining its attractive appearance. The blue base has a curved shape that's reminiscent of ocean waves. Your baby might end up staring at the light because of its shape during the day as you rock him before a nap.

This particular light also comes with a hanging option. Dangle it from the ceiling so that it's out of your way, especially in small nurseries. Everyone in the household will benefit from this bedside lamp as baby grows into a toddler and beyond.



The HAMSWAN Q5 night light is a great option for new moms breast feed little babies without harsh light. It is offered at a price of $42.99, currently on sale with 15% OFF discount code: 770001OF through the Amazon marketplace.


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