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The Best Rowing Machine for Your Workout

Updated on August 17, 2014

Exercise is an extremely important part of everyone's life and though it may be tiresome and stressful, it should never be ignored. Are you tired of lifting those weights and racing on that treadmill? Then there is no need to worry since here is the machine you've been searching for all your life for an effective full-body workout. Standing 15 Inches tall, 68 Inches wide and 55 Inches long, this exercise machine is a great deal for its price tag given the numerous features it offers to the user. Reading this review will help you a great deal in making the rightful choice of whether to invest in this machine or not.

Workout is fundamental to good health
Workout is fundamental to good health | Source
HCI Fitness Outrigger Scull Rowing Machine
HCI Fitness Outrigger Scull Rowing Machine

1. Dimensions- 55 by 68 by 15 Inches
2. Weight- 55 Pounds
3. Features 2 hydraulic cylinders with adjustable force resistance on scale 1 to 12
4. Maximum user weight limit- 275 Pounds
5. Ergonomically designed seat, rollers and footplates for comfort and total efficiency
6. Electronic display of time, calories, stroke count and total strokes
7. Comes with built-in workout programs based on strokes and calories
8. Strong body made of steel

HCI Fitness Outrigger Scull Front View
HCI Fitness Outrigger Scull Front View

1. Though this machine measures 55 by 68 by 15 Inches while in use, it can be easily folded into a more compact unit for easier storage under a bed or inside a closet. Its foldable oars make this possible.
2. This Machine offers adjustable force resistance on a scale of 1 to 12 thus making it easier for use by both novices in the exercise niche and the professional trainers. The force resistance is easily adjusted by rotating a resistant collar on its pistons.
3. It features an easy to read electronic display with large fonts that can be easily read from a distance while using the machine. It displays the time taken, calories, stroke count and the total strokes, which can be viewed as alternating scans. These help you in setting up goals and tracking your fitness progress.

Easy to Read Digital Display
Easy to Read Digital Display

4. Set-up of this exercise appliance is unbelievably easy as it comes with a well illustrated manual on the assembly of parts. Most users find this easy and have taken less than 30 minutes setting it up, even for the first time.
5. Its seat, rollers and foot plates are ergonomically designed for a smoother and more natural experience during workout sessions. Its seat is well padded hence allowing for even the most intense rowing without causing pain or discomfort. It has large footplates which pivot slightly thus allowing for comfort and natural movement thus you won't be forced to stretch your legs time after time. It rollers also run smoothly thus making the whole process easier and more enjoyable.
6. It also comes with a built-in workout program that lets the user perform varied workouts without having to stop and adjust the settings.
7. This machine is greatly respected for its ability to give a full-body workout composed of 65% to 75% legwork and 25% to 35% upper body work depending on various factors including age and weight among others.
8. Its steel body makes this machine strong thus durable. It should be noted that the bolts and nuts should be tightened during its set-up to avoid it falling apart when exercising. Its moving parts should also be lubricated for smoother and better performance.
9. Its pistons are independently controlled. Each piston can be set at different resistances and moved independently thus making it easier to achieve different results for each side of the body as per your desire.
10. It also features a seat track incline system, a property not found in most rowing machines. This allows you to choose the intensity with which to exercise your lower body. A steeper incline engages the lower body more by exerting more pressure on the feet while a less steeper incline does the opposite. This makes it easier for users to target specific problem areas when working out.

Foldable for Easier Storage
Foldable for Easier Storage

1. The 2 hydraulic cylinders do not provide the same resistance for the 2 oars thus requiring frequent adjustments while exercising. Though this is a limitation in all rowing machines, an improvement would have been better. Only very keen users complain about this.
2. The seat is quite small for plus sized users and it also has a maximum user weight limit of 275 Pounds. This machine tends to target the average users only.
3. Its velcro foot straps and the padded seat may be susceptible to wear and tear in cases of extreme workouts thus needing frequent replacement.

Selling at approximately $350, this machine is way worth this price tag. Looking at the above review, this machine has so many properties to offer for its price tag. Any person interested in exercise and body fitness should consider investing in the HCI Fitness Sprint Outrigger Scull as you not only benefit from exercising one part of the body but you have a full body workout. It is also a superb investment for your dollars.

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What do you think about the HCI Fitness Sprint Outrigger Scull Rowing Machine? Have you ever used it? What other rowing machines would you prefer over the HCI F

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