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The Best Strength Training Program for Men - Vanity Muscles

Updated on December 28, 2017
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Important Muscles You Need to Focus on Right Now

Ok guys summer is coming and you need to get your vanity muscles jump started so you look muscular and ready to go when it is t-shirt time. Let me help you achieve your goals.

So what are your vanity muscles and why are they so important to make sure you get them jacked up in time for summer? When you first walk up to a male what is the first thing you might notice if they have a t-shirt on?

Well you might notice if they have tooth picks for arms and you would definitely notice if they had a big set of guns (arms) and were locked and loaded (pumped).

You would probably notice if they had a muscular chest and shoulders also versus a skinny set of shoulders and no meat on their chest.

So How Do You Get Your Vanity Muscles Pumped Up in a hurry?

There is no time to waste because when you put that t-shirt on you want your arms to be busting out of your sleeve and your chest sticking out like someone attached slabs of meat to your ribs.

I am going to suggest that your workout is scheduled around these specific muscles, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, Traps and calves.

You want to include your traps and calves in your vanity workout because your traps will respond quickly and they will help to show the musculature and depth in your shoulder muscles.

You want to train your calves because everyone looks great when they have a pair of shorts on and they are sporting a toned muscular set of calves. Now you will want to work your other muscles also but your main focus right now is to get your vanity muscles a bit more toned and muscular.

So Here is What You Should Do

Training all of these muscles in one workout will be way too much so you need to break them into two workouts. Then you will want to have your third workout include all of the other muscle groups we aren’t as concerned about right now.

Those muscles you will just want to exercise hard enough just to keep them toned and active. You are not concerned about them growing right now. It is all about the vanity muscles right now. I am going to suggest you workout your chest triceps and calves in one workout and then your traps shoulders and biceps on the other.

What you need to do is focus on moderate to heavy weight and for whatever your time frame is for working your vanity muscles try your best to increase your work out weight on every exercise.

Something else I suggest you do is make sure you consume a gram and a half of protein per pound of your lean body weight every day during your vanity muscle training marathon.

You might want to invest in some creatine also to help wih energy levels and giving you a bigger better pump in your muscles.

Barbell curls for shirt busting arms

The Exercises You Should be Performing and the Frequency

For workout frequency I recommend you do three days on and one day off. So on day one you work your chest triceps and calves. On day two you work your traps, shoulders and biceps.

On day three you work your back thighs and core. On day four you rest. The exercises, repetitions and sets you should be doing are three sets of each exercise and two exercises per muscle.

Increasing the weight with each set. Your repetition range should be 8 to 12. If you can do more than 12 reps then you need to increase the weight. If you cannot do 8 reps with correct form then the weight is too heavy.

Exercises I recommend to choose from for each muscle are chest – push ups, dips, dumbbell flyes, dumbbell bench press, barbell bench press. Shoulders – Barbell pull-up, military press, dumbbell press, dumbbell laterals.

Traps – barbell shrug, dumbbell shrug with palms facing each other. Biceps – barbell curls, alternating dumbbell curls, hammer curls, reverse curls. Triceps – skull crushers, bench dips, over head extension, close grip bench. Calves – standing calve raise, seated calve raise, jumping on the spot. One leg calve raise.

You Now Have the Workout Information You Need

Well you now have the tools to get yourself all buffed up in no time at all. Consistency is key with whatever you do when it comes to having great success when working out so make sure you hit the gym and stick with it and in no time at all you will be busting out of those sleeves in your t-shirt.

The ladies will notice you and the men will be jealous of your big guns and puffy chest. Although they won’t admit it they will be wondering how you got to be so buff so quick.

Well you can tell them if they ask or you can stick your chest out flex your arms and just be glad you put the time in to work your vanity muscles.


A great shoulder exercise

You can look awesome in a t-shirt too. Just takes some dedication.
You can look awesome in a t-shirt too. Just takes some dedication.

© 2010 Grant Handford


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  • Grant's World profile imageAUTHOR

    Grant Handford 

    5 years ago from Canada

    Dwelburn thanks for your comment. I would not consider the Lats to be vanity muscles but to each his own.


  • dwelburn profile image


    5 years ago from Birmingham, UK

    I would have thought you would have included lats in your vanity muscles as they will give you that all important v shape. But then I noticed you included pull-ups in your shoulder routine, which will develop your lats as well as anything. Good article.

  • Grant's World profile imageAUTHOR

    Grant Handford 

    7 years ago from Canada

    kjrzeek1 glad you enjoyed it and thank you for commenting.

  • kjrzeek1 profile image


    7 years ago from New Jersey, USA

    Nice hub. Thanks for the information.

  • Grant's World profile imageAUTHOR

    Grant Handford 

    9 years ago from Canada

    stars439 you are welcome. Thank you for commenting.

  • stars439 profile image


    9 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

    Interesting hub. Thank you for sharing.


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