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The Top Five Vitamins For Hair Growth And Health

Updated on March 24, 2016

Vitamins? Do we really need them?

Before getting onto each vitamin essential for hair, i thought i would inform people about why we need them. These days we all know our vegetables, fruits, and more in our large supermarkets go through mass production. Lots of harsh chemicals are used to preserve the food till they make it into our stores. We don't just pick a fresh Apple of a tree anymore, and lots of the vitamin content is lost.

'Because of soil depletion, crops grown decades ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals than the varieties most of us get today'

So this is why vitamins can help us out, they really are no harm in most situations. It can almost be impossible for us to have the perfect diet. To be clear, most vitamins you buy are full of fillers and unwanted things. So make sure if you do take a vitamin, they are certified. (For example the vitamin c in capsules could just be the GMO wannabe!)

Also check out all the foods which have these 5 key vitamins in them if you do not want to take a supplement!

1- Protein

This one should be quite obvious to some people. It may not be a vitamin i know, but if you want strong hair and nails then you will need the correct amount of protein. Lack of protein can make hair become thin, weak and brittle and even fall out. If you notice this or sluggish growth, then it would be good to try having a higher protein intake in your diet or taking a supplement. There are plenty of sources of protein available, if your Vegan or Vegetarian don't fret either as there is all sorts of options, (even more than meat eaters can i add!)

2-Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant, and is involved with many roles in the normal functioning of the body. One of Vitamin A's roles is to condition and moisturise the sebum in the scalp, therefore when we receive the right amount the scalp is balanced and conditioned leading to better hair growth and strength. Although you can receive this Vitamin through foods like dark leafy greens, sweet potato, carrot, cantaloupe... most likely you are still not getting your recommended daily amount of this Vitamin. This is why it is best to look at a supplement.

3- Vitamin B Complex

All the B vitamins are essential for the hair. Some of the main ones are B12, B6 and Biotin. They all work best when they are all together. For example if one of these B vitamins is very low then they will all not work as well. B vitamins can actually slow down the graying process! They can also increase hair growth and cause a reduction in hair loss from the scalp. Most of all though, B vitamins are great at improving the quality of the hair and they can improve the shine- they really do!

You can buy a B-Complex supplement from your health food store. One supplement should contain all B vitamins which means they all work the best rather than just taking one B vitamin alone. This is often where people go wrong, a lot of people just take Biotin for hair however if you are not receiving the correct level of the other B Vitamins, the supplement will not be working half as well.

4-Vitamin E

Vitamin E is mostly known for the benefits of the skin. I often see on the packet of Almonds i buy, it says 'great for skin'. Most vitamins needed for skin and nails are also needed for hair. Hence why there are plenty of 'skin hair and nail' supplements out there. One way Vitamin E helps with softening the skin is that it increases blood circulation, this also means more nutrients get delivered to the scalp therefore growth is encouraged. If your scalp is healthy, then your hair will be softer and stronger to.

Some examples of foods high in Vitamin E are dark leafy greens, however high levels tend to be mostly held within foods high in healthy fats, like Almonds and Sunflower seeds, and fish.

5- Vitamin D

I know that Vitamin D is proven to help hair growth, honestly when i come of holiday from a sunny place i always get compliments on how long my hair has gotten. I really do think when Vitamin D levels in the body are high, hair growth speeds up. I was curious about this one because i really did notice it, so i did some research. I found that a 2012 study in the journal stem cells transitional medicine suggests that the vitamin can help create new follicles — little pores where new hair can grow. It is also said to wake up follicles that appear to be dormant, according to researchers at Harvard.

The body produces Vitamin D through contact with direct sun, which is how i found my hair grew more when i was on holiday? However you can also get Vitamin D from fortified milk, grains, and fish.

If you want to take a Vitamin D supplement, read about it first because i have heard that this isn't always a good idea as it is fat soluble.

I linked the video below for more information. Hope this helps!

Some more essential Vitamins mentioned here!


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