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The Best Swimming Jammers

Updated on July 2, 2010

What Is A Swim Jammer?

If you are looking for a swimsuit with less drag than ordinary trunks, but with a tad more modesty than your typical "Speedo" (aka swimming briefs if you want to get technical), then a swim jammer might be the right suit for you.

Jammers are typically made of lycra, nylon, polyester. Nice stretchable fabrics that fit tightly and eliminate drag. So if it sounds like you'll be wanting to get a decent swimming jammer (no professional race level stuff here) that will be good to practice in, then read on!

Speedo Endurance Fabric Jammer

This Speedo jammer is a polyester/PBT blend which helps the fabric withstand the rigors of the modern swimming environment.  It is built to withstand high concentrations of chlorine and should give you many practices worth of use.

Speedo Quantum Splice Jammer

The Speedo Quantum Splices are made of a lycra and nylon blend.  They aren't as durable as the Endurance branded fabric, but they will still give you a lot of enjoyment.  Plus, these splice jammers have a cool stripe!

TYR Maniac Splice Jammer

This pair from TYR is 80% nylon and 20% lycra.  It will hold up during your workouts and is an excellent alternative to some of Speedo's offerings.  The main thing to consider is feel.  Nylon, lycra, and polyester all have slightly different feels to them, so you may want to try some on.  Luckily, has a pretty generous returns policy, so there won't be much hassle if you order from them.

Speedo Race Endurance And Digital Evolution Spliced Jammer

This slightly more advanced jammer from Speedo is another 50% polyester/50% PBT blend, so it has the same endurance in chlorine that the pair I mentioned above has.  What makes these different is that they have reinforced seams so they should last you even longer!

TYR Freeze Frame Jammer

This pair is essentially the same as the TYR Maniac Splice that I mentioned above.  It's the same 80% nylon with 20% lycra blend and performs similarly.  All that's changed basically is the pattern.  So if you're a fan of longer side stripes, choose the Freeze Flames.

It all comes down to aesthetics.


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