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The Best Way To Lose Weight Period!!! How I lost 45lbs in 60 days!!!

Updated on November 19, 2009

Lose 20-30lbs of fat in 30 days...without exercise.

Don't think it's possible?

I've done it. 30+lbs in 30 days.

Will it work for everyone?

Yes, if you're not already lean. You have to have 20-30lbs of fat to lose...Lance Armstrong can't drop 30lbs without removing organs, but if you have excess fat then, yes, this will work.

Will it be easy?

Nope, it wasn't easy for me. But I love carbs! But physically easy? Yes, you don't have to exsercise.

The Intro...

Let me start by saying that I have a horrible metabolism.  My mom had a gastric bypass surgery 8 years ago...and I inherited her genes.  She was 400lbs.

This diet will work though.  All it takes is simply following the rules which I will lay out step by step. 

You have to have will power.  The most difficult part of this diet is not caving in to temptation.  If you have 30lbs of fat to lose, you’re fat for a reason, I had lots of reasons.  The hardest part for me was walking by my favorite vending machine at work and not getting some skittles, or drinks with my friends.  This diet must be followed to the T, no slip ups.  I get emails all the time about people who this didn’t work for, but then admit they messed up.   It’s only 30 days, don’t mess up!

Now you do get a cheat day.  12-24 hours, depending on your will power, of each week is dieter’s gone wild day, eat any/everything you can.  This makes the diet even easier to follow and it actually helps you lose weight.  6 days a week, no screw ups, one day eat like you used to.

The Diet...

The body needs carbohydrates, so instead of a low carb diet, this is a slow carb diet.  Slow carbs are carbohydrates that do not spike your blood sugar and cause the body to store fat.  Beans, lentils, and long chain carbs located in broccoli and other dark green vegetables. 

Your meals will consist of a large portion of good meat, some king of legume, and vegetables.

That’s it.  There’s really not much else to it.  **See the fine print will follow :)

Eat good meat.  Don’t buy Tyson pre-cooked frozen chicken parts which are loaded with salt solutions and chemicals and expect to loose weight.  Precooked frozen meats are ok in a pinch, but the bulk of your meat needs to be organic, preferably grass fed beef and range raised poultry.  Go to Sprouts, Wild Oats or anther local store or farmer’s market for fresh good meats.

Obvious to most, but still worth mentioning, don’t drink your calories.  Beer in liquid carbs, so is soda and fruit juice.  Milk has carbs, Frappucinos, Kool-Aid, Crystal Light etc. These are off limits except on cheat days, you can however drink as much water or diet soda you want, also coffee with sugar free sweetener and no cream.

Buy good beans too.  Chili beans, lentils, black beans, kidney beans…any legume.  But buy the no salt added if possible and mix and match.

Almost any vegetable is ok, except those high in sugar/carb.  Avoid: carrots, tomatoes, beets, bell peppers, corn, and of course, no fruit at all.  Fresh is always best, but canned and frozen veggies are ok.  If going canned, again, try to get the so salt added variety.

Additional procedures...


You can eat as much of the above foods as you want.  Part of this diet’s effectiveness is that you won’t want to eat that much :)  Not that the food is bad, it just gets boring. 

You will lose weight on this diet.

If you workout in addition to following this diet properly you can expand your food opitions slightly.  Whole wheat pizza, and fried chicken are ok on a limited basis as a post workout meal.


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    • profile image

      Beverly 2 years ago

      stick to only eating 3 times a day correct?

    • profile image

      Jane 4 years ago

      I think this diet is a little tough. 60 days is a lot of time so I don't think you have to give up stuff like tomatoes, peppers and fruits! Maybe if it's one of those week long diets but this is almost 2 months!

    • profile image

      hi 4 years ago


    • dwelburn profile image

      David 5 years ago from Birmingham, UK

      Good article. Limiting carbs in this way, and a cheat day to give the metabolism a boost will definitely work to burn off fat. You could have a fast day one day per week too for even better results.