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How To Lose Weight Permanently For The Year 2012

Updated on February 20, 2012

Lose Weight Permanently

So did you over indulge during the Christmas holiday and put on a few extra pounds? Well don't worry because you are not alone. The average person puts on a whopping 8lbs in weight during the Christmas festivities through consuming high calorie foods, you know the type; turkey and all the trimmings, stuffing, buttered mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, rich gravy and cranberry sauce followed by a dessert of Christmas Pudding and brandy sauce, not forgetting all the snacking in between on sweets, cakes, chips, treats and alcoholic drinks? Phew, I've put on a few pounds just thinking about all that food!

Unfortunately whilst this extra weight was easy to put on in just a few days it is not so easy to take it off. In fact it can take up to three months to lose!

Then comes the downside and not so happy times after the partying and celebrations are over, a time when we get a hefty dose of guilt from our over indulgence. The next step is to make the most common New Year's resolution; to lose weight. But, in our attempt to shed the extra pounds we choose the quickest method and go on a fad diet.

Now, I'm not knocking fad diets as I believe they have their place if it they are only used to get you started and not followed as a long term answer to weight loss. Fad diets can give you the impetus to continue losing weight but remember they will not help you to lose weight permanently.

Right let's get started.

  • 1st. Follow a short, sharp weight loss plan (7 or 14 days only).

  • 2nd. If you still need to lose weight after the short, sharp weight loss plan go on to a proper, sensible diet that will keep the weight loss off permanently and

  • 3rd. Whilst dieting take up some form of exercise

1. Start With A Short Sharp Weight Loss Program

To get your weight loss challenge off to a fast start it is worth considering one of the many quick weight loss diets. These plans have the ability to motivate you to lose weight especially when you see several pounds drop off in one week! (remember do not follow any of these plans for more than 14 days)

Choose a quick weight loss diet from any of the 3 listed below:

The Dukan Diet

This weight loss program is based on consuming a high protein, non-fat, low-calorie eating plan that aims to naturally reduce your appetite. Because protein is much harder for the body to break down you will burn more calories and consequently lose more weight.

This is an easy to follow 4 stage eating plan but you will only have to follow the kick start phase for 2-7 days consuming only lean meat, fish, eggs, non-fat dairy foods and drinking plenty of water.

The MetaBooster Carbo-Wipeout Plan

Is also a high protein, low-fat eating plan, but with a few more carbs than the Dukan Diet, which you follow for 7 days. The aim of the diet is to retrain your body to consume less processed carbodyrates which enables weight gain. The short, sharp Carbo-Wipeout encourages rapid weight loss and has reported dieters losing 1lb-2lbs a day.

On completing the Carbo-Wipeout you will then proceed to the MetaBooster Fat Burning Diet which is a high protein, low fat, diet with complex carbohydrates on which you can lose up to 4lbs a week.

You can download the Carbo-Wipeout Free below´╗┐

The South Beach Diet

This dies was devised by the american cardiologist Arthur Agatston. It has three stages which aims to move your food intake of bad carbohydrates to good carbs.

The whole purpose of the diet is to break the cycle of sugar/insulin highs and lows which result from eating 'bad' carbs that are quickly absorbed and encourage us to snack.

By following the two week induction phase you can lose a significant amount of weight making it another good choice for fast weight loss. And as an added bonus it will help to get rid of excess weight around the stomach.

2. Follow A Proper Diet

I bet that after the fun and joy of eating anything you wanted during the Christmas festivities, the last thing you want to think about is dieting. But by following a sensible and proper diet you can continue to lose weight (after the short, sharp start) and achieve your weight loss target.

There are many popular weight loss programs available, Weight Watchers, Slimmers World, Jenny Craig etc, but when you choose a plan ensure that it is one that is lifestyle changing and that you can maintain long-term, basically for the rest of your life.

You should choose a diet that includes all the food groups, carbohydrates, protein, dairy, fats, fruit and vegetables. However, these food groups should be consumed in the correct portions, not be processed, refined or saturated.

Therefore choose complex carbohydrates that do not raise blood glucose levels too rapidly. Cut down on anything white, such as white flour, salt and sugar and their by products such as bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, sweets, chips and cookies. Replace them with wholesome alternatives like, rye or multi-grain bread, orange sweet potatoes, wholewheat pasta and wholegrain rice.

Utilise the right fats and avoid saturated and trans-fats found in butter, margerine and lard. Instead use healthy fats found in olive, canola, safflower, corn and oils.

Protein is an essential element in the building blocks of nutrition but you must be careful in your choices of protein. Although Red meat is a good source of protein it also contains high levels of saturated fat which can lead to high cholesterol and heart disease. Thus the best sources of animal protein are chicken and fish. But if you prefer red meat ensure that you choose the leanest cuts and only have them occasionally.

5-8 servings of fruit and vegetables per day is the optimum. Choose color and variety, orange, yellow and red and dark green vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are good to lower blood pressure, reduce heart disease and some cancers.

The Glycemic Index Diet encorporates all of the above elements and may be a good diet to follow forever. It is a factor that ranks food based on its immediate effect on blood sugar levels. The foods are recognised as being 'high' or 'medium to low' on the GI index, the latter being preferred, as they release glucose slowly into the bloodstream. It is this slow release of energy from low GI foods that prevents hunger and gives you sustained energy energy throughout the day. In addition this diet reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

The GI Diet is a healthy long term option on which you will experience steady weight loss that stays off permanently.

3. Try Some Exercise!

If there is one thing that has been proven to help people lose weight, it is exercise.

Now, I'm not advocating that you go and take out an expensive gym membership or lift weights. You can exercise through dancing,( Zumba is an effecting dancercise workout), or you can take a brisk walk in the park 3 to 4 times a week, go jogging or for a swim.

Exercise aids weight loss through its ability to increase your metabolism, which means that you burn more calories, even when sleeping, and shed more weight. Exercise continues to use up calories whilst repairing tired muscles, it also gives you more energy, reduces stress, blood pressure, and aids a sound sleep.

If you have not exercised for a long time it is best to take it slowly and build up from 10 minutes to daily one week, followed by 20 minutes the following week until you have enough energy to maintain a 45-60 minutes workout 3 to 4 times a week. The optimum exercise pattern is 45 minutes of aerobic excerice 3 to times per week.

Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD Set
Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD Set

An excellent 20 minute,cardio dance workout that provides great results in a short period of time.


Need A Little Extra Help?

Not everyone has the will power to exercise and diet without a little help. Many appetite suppressants are available online but there is a caution that comes with these pills as they produce some nasty side effects, such as dry mouth, heart palpitations, anxiety and insomina.

If you do need assistance in your quest to lose weight it is not recommended that you take amphetamine based slimming pills. Even some herbal suppressants have unwarranted side effects so be careful when choosing.

Listed below are some natural appetite suppresants that do not produce horrible side effects and can be taken knowing that they will control your hunger so that you eat less and thereby lose weight without feeling deprived.

In conclusion permanent weight loss is achieved through a calorie deficit, effectively burning more calories than you take in. Therefore, by combining a sensible diet and exercise program you can burn a large amount of calories and create a slim, healthy and fit body


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