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The Best Way to Lose Fat and Reshape Your Body

Updated on November 10, 2011

Losing fat and reshaping your body is not an easy task. I'm not gonna lie and tell you otherwise. If it were easy, you'd see more people walking around with lean, tight bodies.

Having said that, losing fat, losing weight, and improving your body's appearance does not have to be THAT hard. You can make several lifestyle adjustments that can, over time, create big changes in your body's appearance without wreaking havoc on your life.

Of course, exercise is extremely important for losing fat, toning up, and improving how you look. If you are a sedentary couch potato who does little more than sit in a chair all day or walk around the house, you are going to have a tough hill to climb.

Exercise burns calories, conditions muscle, and improves energy, concentration, and mood. It makes you feel better, it makes your body function better, and it makes it easier for you to get and stay in shape!

And in terms of shedding fat, the more you exercise, the better. And, the more intense you make each exercise session, even better yet.

Too many people simply go through the motions when exercising; they "ho-hum" their way through a 30-minute stroll on the treadmill or a leisurely pace on the bicycle. And while even light bursts of exercise are good, to lose fat and radically change the shape of your body, you have to make exercise vigorous!

A vigorous exercise session should leave you sweaty, winded, and feeling drained. It's better to do 30 hard minutes of exercise than to stroll for 60 minutes.

The faster your heart beats during exercise, the better! The more you sweat, the harder you breath, the more calories you burn!

A great way to increase your fat loss during exercise is to do intervals.

Interval training works by dramatically raising and lowering your heart rate in quick succession.

For instance, if you like to jog, you can jog at a moderate pace for several minutes. Then, sprint as fast as you can for 30 seconds. Then walk for a minute to allow your heart rate to drop. Then repeat the whole process.

On the exercise bike or lifecycle, cycle for several minutes at a moderate pace/intensity. Then ramp up the level, perhaps going from level 5 to level 10. Cycle at this level for several minutes. Then drop back down to level 5 for a few minutes. Then repeat.

Interval training is great for burning lots' of calories for stimulating your body to burn extra calories in the hours after your workout ends, a process known as excess post oxygen consumption (EPOC).

Another great way to stimulate your cardio workouts is to throw small burst of cardio activities, such as jumping jacks, lunges, or running in place, between weight-training sets.

After performing a bench press or shoulder press set, walk to the corner and do 50-100 jumping jacks, or 15-30 lunges. Or run in place for a minute or two. Then go back to your weight-training session.

Do this several times between each weight-training set. Your heart rate will increase markedly, and you will burn a lot of calories.

The idea is to get creative and to constantly challenge your body. If you are challenging your body and pushing yourself, you will see progress; you will lose fat, you will tone up, and you will improve your appearance.


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