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Try The Best Weight Loss Diet to Lose Holiday Weight Gain Permanently

Updated on December 26, 2011

It's a New Year, a time for a New Start, and a New Body. But how can you lose weight and attain the new body you deserve? By following a sensible, healthy diet that gives you good dietary behavioral advice upon which you can lose weight and maintain weight loss long term. One weight loss diet that provides exactly that is The MetaBooster Fat Burning Diet.

About The MetaBooster Fat Burning

The MetaBooster Fat Burning Diet is a unique plan based on a food combination of low GI carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fats. The theory behind the plan is simple – to lose weight you need to take in fewer calories than you use up. The MetaBooster Fat Burning Diet food combination achieves this reduction in calories by encouraging dieters to freely eat foods that are lower in calories but high in nutrients such as complex carbohydrates, lean meats, fish, fruit and veg, whilst limiting calorie laden foods that are nutrient-poor such as refined, processed foods and alcohol.

The MetaBooster Fat Burning Diet claims that its Food Combining diet lets you eat as much as you like of the protein element, without having to count calories or constantly weigh or measure food. All the information about The MetaBooster Fat Burning Diet is provided in an ebook .

How The MetaBooster Fat Burning Diet Works?

The diet has four steps:

Step 1 - The Carb Wipe Out

The MetaBooster Fat Burning Diet's Carb Wipe Out is the first stage in the weight loss process. It is aimed at reducing emotional eating and cravings for carbohydrates. The Carb Wipe Out lasts 7 days and eliminates refined and processed carbohydrates, as well as alcohol.

During the 7days you will increase the protein content of your diet and eat three healthy and well balanced meals per day. This is the best way to correct constant carbohydrate cravings.

On completion of the 7 days Carb Wipe Out you start the MetaBooster Fat Burning Diet and follow steaps 2,3 & 4.


Step 2 - Choose Free Foods

The MetaBooster Fat Burning Diet provides a list of foods that can be eaten in unlimited quantities everyday. The list includes particular types of fresh fruit and most vegetables which are so low in calories that they are classed as free foods. Also included in the list unlimited foods is lean meat, chicken, fish, eggs, fat free dairy products,quorn and tofu.


Step 3 - Choose Carbs & Dairy Products

On top of the free foods you choose one healthy carb and dairy product. Healthy carbs include wholegrain cereals, crispbreads and rye or multigrain breads, dried, cooked and canned fruit. Dairy products are mainly calcium rich products that include skimmed milk. fat free yogurt, fromage frais, hard cheese and cottage cheese. An example of a healthy carb and dairy product is one wholemeal pitta, two slices of rye or wholemeal bread from a small loaf, 28g wholegrain cereal or 71g blueberries, 350ml skimmed milk, 28g Cheddar or 42g mozzarella.


Step 4 - Combine Step 2 and 3

The final step in the MetaBooster weight loss plan is to combine steps 2 and 3, and consume 3 healthy meals and two snacks daily.

You will stay on this part of the program until you have lost the desired weight, thereafter you will go on the maintenance plan for the rest of your life.


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