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The Best Whey Protein

Updated on October 23, 2014

The Best Whey Protein

There is a huge selection of whey protein supplements available but the marketing done by the whey supplement manufacturing companies has just added more confusion to the mix. At the end of the day there is not much difference, apart from additives and flavoring. The way to choose your supplement ought to be based on the quality of the product (manufacturer’s reputation) and the price you are prepared to pay. To simplify things, there are essentially two groups of whey protein supplements to choose from, isolates and concentrates.

Whey isolates are the purest form of whey protein supplements and because they have Biological Values of up to 150, the body absorbs isolates more efficiently than concentrates. Isolates ought to be taken in the morning after waking up and after workouts. Whey isolates tend to be more expensive than whey concentrates. Concentrates are made up of isolates as well as hydrolyzed and ion-exchange proteins. Most people buy concentrates as the more reasonable cost of these whey supplements also buys a product that meets the body’s protein needs. Serious body builders tend to use a whey blend as they offer larger amounts of usable protein on a per serving basis.

Good quality whey protein concentrates have a low fat and lactose content, and most importantly should have a protein yield of about 80 % and a Biological Value of at least 100. There are three types of good quality whey proteins: Cross Flow Whey Protein Isolate (CF WPI), Ion Exchange Whey Protein Isolate (IE WPI) and Whey Protein Concentrate 80 percent (WPC80).

Two of the best whey protein supplements available are described below ...

Best Whey Protein

Designer Whey Protein

The Next Nutrition Designer Whey Protein is another popular whey protein supplement taken by athletes and body builders. It is called Designer for a reason – this product contains Active Peptide Transport Whey Peptides which are a combination of long and short chain amino acids ideal for absorption by the human body. In addition, Designer Whey Protein contains glutamine, naturally occurring immunoglobins and glycomacropeptides. There are no added salt or fructose and is 98% lactose-free. One scoop contains a very low 93 calories.

There are a number of serving suggestions for the Designer Whey Protein. I like to add one scoop to about a third cup of juice, but you can substitute the juice with either water, milk or even yogurt. This is probably the best tasting product available at the moment. Just add or reduce the quantity of liquid depending on your personal taste. This whey supplement can be taken between meals, before going to bed or first thing in the morning.

EAS 100% Whey Protein

This whey protein supplement is designed to help athletes maintain a lean mass as well as providing high quality protein to feed hard-working muscles. This EAS supplement has the highest naturally occurring levels of branched amino acids and the highest levels of bioactive microfactions that support and enhance the immune system. Muscle tissue and repair are very well supported by taking this whey protein product. The calorie count of 120 per scoop is slightly higher than some other comparable whey protein supplements

The new upgraded formula has an amazing new taste. Mix one serving with about 8 fluid ounces of cold water or milk. Professional athletes should be looking at consuming one gram of protein per pound of body weight, ideally spread over about half a dozen small meals each day.

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