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The Best of Obagi

Updated on February 9, 2015
Obagi Skin Care Products
Obagi Skin Care Products

Top skin care stores like FACE, etc. proudly offer advanced skin care products designed to fulfill deep convictions about providing the highest-quality individualized skin care products on the market. The Obagi product line is no exception, with offerings for everyone and every skin type. At the core of its goal set, this line focuses on anti-aging, including reversing and minimizing the effects of sun damage, but its products also assist men and women who are geared toward moisturizing sensitive skin and eliminating acne and Rosacea.

Here are 5 of the most popular and best Obagi products:

  1. Obagi Nu-Derm Gentle Cleanser
    This cleanser is recommended as a daily maintenance product for normal to dry skin, as well as for sensitive skin. Effectively used both morning and night, this product helps users eliminate dirt, impurities, excess oil, cosmetics, and debris, including dead skin cells. Especially useful for those with sensitive skin, this cleanser works delicately, giving sensitive faces the specialized care necessary to be left feeling comfortable and clean.
  2. Obagi Nu-Derm Foaming Gel
    This foaming gel transforms the appearance of aging skin and is most often recommended for men and women with normal to oily skin. It should be used both morning and at bedtime. A formulation composed of aloe vera, herbs, and natural cleansers, this product leaves skin feeling luxuriously clean. The product deeply cleanses skin, eradicating excess oil without robbing skin of its own natural moisture. The foaming gel is not recommended for men or women with dry or sensitive skin.
  3. Obagi Elastiderm Eye Complete Complex (Eye Treatment Cream)
    This revolutionary eye treatment cream goes to work on the delicate skin beneath the eyes to revitalize the lifting properties, renewing the skin's resilience and youthful look. In as few as two weeks, fine lines and wrinkles can disappear, leaving only healthy, rejuvenated skin. Clinically proven and formulated to support and build collagen in this fragile area, this treatment also replenishes elasticity. It should be applied twice daily for best results.
  4. Obagi Rosaclear Gentle Cleanser
    For men and women who suffer from Rosacea, highly sensitive skin, or frequent sunburn, this gentle cleanser is the perfect daily maintenance face wash. This topical skin care cleanser is a powerful yet gentle weapon to super-cleanse skin, wiping out pollutants, impurities, makeup, excess oil, dirt, and debris. Treating areas of pustules and papules, this cleanser improves the texture and tone of the affected skin, leaving skin clean and clear with the help of the anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties of its ingredients.
  5. Obagi Clenziderm MD Pore Therapy
    This daily recommended liquid serum targets and unclogs pores, stopping acne right at its source. This treatment eliminates dead skin cells, prepping the skin for this deeply absorbed therapy. This product removes makeup, dirt, pollutants, debris, and residue from the skin, exfoliating and wiping out dead skin cells to ensure softer, healthier, blemish-free skin. It also acts as a precursor to further acne treatments.


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