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The Big Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

Updated on June 7, 2014

The Benefits of Marijuana.

It is estimated that if marijuana were to become legal in the United States of America it could bring in anywhere from 40 to 100 billion dollars annually. (Easton) The money brought in from marijuana is currently paying for different things like education and law enforcement. (John, 2013) The possibility for what the tax benefits could be used for is infinite. In the great state of Washington, it is predicted to bring in $300 million from the marijuana industry by itself in 2014. That is one state estimated to bring in over a quarter of $1 billion in one year. (Duprey, 2013) It is estimated that 700,000 people annually are incarcerated due to marijuana. The legalization of marijuana would also help free up our prison and jail populations. This would reduce inmate costs and free up much-needed police and court resources. (Stevens) After the United States of America climbs its way out of the deficit, the money that can be brought in from taxes could be used for; public buildings repair and building, road work, lowering the gas tax, replenish the Social Security fund and help stimulate the economy by giving everybody that is a US citizen that has a job a stimulus check.
The positive possibility of legalizing marijuana does not stop with taxes. As with any new billion-dollar industry there are plenty of jobs out there that somehow relate to marijuana or helping a marijuana company. If marijuana were legalized in the United States of America, there would be mass production everything from farms to distribution to the consumer. This would open up a lot of jobs for people and help stimulate the economy. With the first initial tax act on marijuana in Colorado from taxes alone on marijuana we contribute to 372 new jobs for construction work on schools. (Raabe, 2012) The Green Rush as it's known in Colorado is expected to produce tens of thousands of new jobs in that state alone. (Rheins, 2014) Even the Drug Enforcement Agency (D.E.A) officials are finding work elsewhere in the growing marijuana industry. (Miller, 2014) A study showed that people from Colorado that uses marijuana is predicted to be around 665,000. The same study estimated that Colorado will consume around 143750 pounds of marijuana in 2014. Now that’s a lot of marijuana to grow, distribute to businesses, sell to the consumer, and recording the purchases. (Nitti) Marijuana has helped stimulate real estate in Colorado. The real estate agents in that area are catering to people that are planning on growing marijuana legally. (Kamin, Warner)
Alternative Medicine
Marijuana will not only help create jobs and increase taxes but it will also provide citizens of the United States of America with a safer alternative to traditional medication. There is a pill epidemic going on right now in the United States of America. When people get hurt, they are prescribed pain medication, and if it’s opiate they become addicted to it. When people become addicted to pain medication and start taking it the withdrawals could kill an individual. Marijuana is not as addictive as opiate pain medication and has very few negative effects when stopped being used. (Lasich MD. 2011) Opiate painkillers can actually in the long run cause you more pain than you had originally. When you take an opiate painkiller it sets off a reaction called tolerance which can build up over time. As your tolerance goes up you need a bigger dose of the opiate painkiller to help you deal with your pain. Over time, this can cause your body to become very sensitive to pain and actually make your pain worse. (Pope, 2013) A Canadian team of researchers did a study that showed three puffs of marijuana a day helped people with chronic nerve pain. The study showed that it helped lessen their pain and allow them to sleep better. (Doheny, 2010) Many people have turned to marijuana as an alternative to traditional medicine and have seen better results with marijuana. There are people both young and old that can now enjoy a high quality of life because of the medicinal effects of marijuana. Charlotte Figi a six-year-old girl that suffered for five years because of a rare disorder called Dravet Syndrome. She would have severe seizures often lasting for hours. When she turned six her parents found two doctors to sign off on medicinal marijuana for her. After her first time using medicinal marijuana she had no seizures for seven days. She is now off all her prescription medication and only has 2 to 3 milder seizures per month. (GeoBeats news, 2013)
It is said that marijuana legalization would be bad. It can ruin everything from your future to your kids. (Grady, 2014) This is a funny statement the opposition can say against legalizing marijuana when there are people including kids that cannot function and have a high quality of life without marijuana. There is a myth going around that you can overdose on marijuana. This is simply not true. Not one person has ever overdosed on marijuana. It would take between 20 to 40,000 joints of marijuana to overdose which is not humanly possible. (Wing, 2013) The United States of America has been desperately searching for a solution to the current economic status. Marijuana is the answer to some of the major problems with the economy. The tax revenue from marijuana alone could help the construction of public buildings like schools, libraries, and youth centers just to name a few. The tax revenue could also help pay for much-needed repairs to roads and existing public buildings. With more money going to the government and the increase in jobs in the marijuana industry is also boosting the local real estate market. With these three key factors, the United States of America can finally begin to heal from the recent economic depression that has left numerous Americans homeless and jobless.


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    • twisterdude1009 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from WV

      I think it's hilarious that the first comment is a stereotype. I support medicinal marijuana and because of that I live in a beat up old trailer?

      I'm not a stoner, I have a family, I have a home (just renting), and I am six months away from my Associates degree in information technology with a concentration in networking. Let me put a thought in your head patriot. Would you rather people be running around stealing and robbing because they are hooked on opiate pain medications because they broke a leg? I was in a pretty serious car crash when I was 18 years old. It still affects me to this day. They had me on so many different pain medications from OxyContin's to morphine. I was so messed up I could not even think straight, and when I decided enough was enough and quit cold turkey all of the opiate pain medications, and went to smoking high-grade marijuana it took my pain away with out all the nasty side effects that come with opiate pain medication.

      Patriot you need to take your one-sided biased view somewhere else, as you're not adding anything productive on this hub except for trash. Good day sir.

    • Patriot Quest profile image

      Wayne Joel Bushong 

      4 years ago from America

      twister, I see you as a poor stoner dying someday in a beat up old trailer home................I bet you know little of what is actually going on in this country, care little about others, etc............your pushing a gateway drug, My kids NEVER used drugs and they are grown and have great jobs and homes...........I did smoke pot years life has improved a million times since I stopped. Anything detrimental to society is just that........detrimental!


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