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The Biggest Myths That Get Passed Off As Health Tips

Updated on July 1, 2015

It seems that some very common health rules are passed around like Chinese Whispers. Even things our parents' parents told our parents who then told us - it's been happening for decades.

So let's set them straight. Here are the myths and the truth in them!

No Pain, No Gain

The Myth: If you don't workout enough then you won't see results.

The Truth: You don't have to push yourself to the very limit. It is completely unnecessary to do this to achieve the results you want, and it also increases the risk of injury. I'm not saying to not bother, but you don't need to put all you've got into a workout and exhaust yourself. Aim for 80% rather than 110%.

Take OTC Medicine For A Hangover

The Myth: Taking over-the-counter medication will help you cure a hangover.

The Truth: Please do not do this. Combining alcohol and acetaminophen, or Tylenol, causes liver damage.

A safer way to deal with a hangover is to drink slowly and on a full stomach the night before, drink plenty of water either between each drink or before bed, and then the next day have bouillon soup and sports drinks. These will up your potassium and salt levels.

Fat Makes You Fat

The Myth: If you eat fats, you will become fat.

The Truth: The only fats you should cut out of your diet are fats from processed foods, such as trans fat and saturated fat. Fat helps to speed digestion, keep you feeling fuller for longer, gives you energy and regulates your blood sugar and hormones. Good fats include coconut, eggs, avocado, nuts.

"You'll Catch A Cold Dressed Like That!"

The Myth: If you go outside in Winter not wearing a hat, scarf, gloves and coat then you will wake up with the flu.

The Truth: The flu is more common in Winter so people believe that we catch it from the cold. Actually, it's spending more time indoors and around other people that causes the virus. If you want to avoid catching a cold, wash your hands more frequently and stay healthy.

Don't Eat After 7pm

The Myth: Don't eat after 7pm or else you'll gain weight.

The Truth: It's more what you're eating rather than when you're eating. If you eat unhealthy food day or night time, your body is going to store it as fat anyway, so you're better off just going for a light, healthy option. If you're hungry at night, eat something.

Cut Out Carbohydrates

The Myth: Carbs are really bad for you and you should avoid them at all costs.

The Truth: You can cut out the unhealthy carbs if you want - that's great. However, we need carbs because they are the body's main energy source. If you stop eating carbs altogether and the body can't get any, your energy will come from fat and you will be dizzy and nauseous. You can get healthy carbs from sweet potatoes and bananas.

Drink 8 Glasses of Water A Day

The Myth: You must drink 8 glasses of water every day.

The Truth: There's actually no evidence to back this one up. Everybody has different hydration needs. But, the important thing to remember is that you should make sure you are always hydrated. Ideally, check your urine is a pale yellow colour.

Snacking Makes You Fat

The Myth: You will gain weight by snacking.

The Truth: You will gain weight by mindlessly snacking on junk food. Snacking between meals is really good for keeping your blood sugar up. If you know that you won't be able to eat for a few hours, snack on some protein.


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    • rickyleo profile image

      Ricky 2 years ago from South Australia, Australia

      Brilliant. Love seeing people cut through the (sometimes all-too-common) bull that we hear day-to-day. :)

      Another interesting point though: Recent research is pointing to saturated fats not being bad for you either (moderation in all things though, of course). But yes, processed fats such as trans-fats are still not great.

      Thanks for sharing these tips. :)