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The Bionic Hearing Aid

Updated on December 13, 2011

A functional rechargeable hearing aid.

Gradual hearing loss is a common condition as we age. Over time, exposure to loud noises wears down the delicate workings of the inner ear and hearing loss is the result. Voices become more difficult to understand, the television and radio need to be louder and people constantly need to repeat themselves.

The obvious solution to this problem is a hearing aid; an unobtrusive one which doesn’t need new batteries every few hours and is not too expensive. One popular choice which claims to fit this description is the Bionic Hearing Aid. A rechargeable hearing aid which fits snugly inside the outer ear, the price is the equivalent of a springtime electric bill and the makers offer a 30 day free trial period (for the cost of shipping.)


To use the Bionic, the included silicon caps are place on the aid before insertion. A variety of caps are provided for a comfortable fit. The rechargeable Bionic Hearing Aid battery is advertised to last for 6-10 hours depending on how high the volume is set, and is good for 500-1000 charges.

The user will know when the unit is charged when the green indication light comes on. The battery needs charging when emits a low beep, and it takes eight hours to get a full charge. The user will get the most life from their hearing aid when following the proper maintenance instructions provided. A one year warranty comes standard.

Who is it for?

The Bionic aid is for mild hearing problems. It is only recommended for adults 18 and older and should not be used by those with deformed ears, ear infections, sudden hearing loss or hearing problems from excessive wax buildup, pain or swelling.  

What do Users Say?

A compilation of hearing aids reviews from Bionic Hearing Aid users reflect a large number of satisfied customers. Common concerns include complaints about short battery life and discomfort for new hearing aid wearers. The company addresses battery life by recommending a second aid at half the cost as a back-up, and there are tips on acclimating to wearing an aid on their website.

Why Bionic?

The bionic hearing aid offers an escape from the expense and hassle of changing tiny batteries every day or so and at a reasonable cost. The 30 day free trial ensures the customer is satisfied before they pay the full price.

In addition to being battery-free, the bionic uses digital hearing technology. Sound waves are converted with greater accuracy than analog aids, and the wearer should have a better hearing experience. Always consult with a physician to rule out alternative causes of hearing loss, and to choose an appropriate product for individual needs.

Remember, an aid amplifies all sounds and does not differentiate environmental noise from a conversation with a friend. Test the aid in different situations at different volume levels to achieve optimum comfort.


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    • profile image

      Marcus Drake 6 years ago

      That was a very concise explanation. Hearing Impairment is sometimes a scary experience as so many of our fellow humans experience some level of hearing loss every year. Thanks for the great info.