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The Brain Mirrors the Possibilities of Connections

Updated on January 3, 2013

Synaptic Connection in the Brain is a mirror for the activity of Connection that we need to embrace for all Living Beings.

Nature reflects the Wisdom we are to SEE
Nature reflects the Wisdom we are to SEE | Source


Neuro-science speaks of the pre-synaptic and post-synaptic sites that contain information they call molecular machinery and it is this that links the two membranes together, this in turn carries the signal further into action or thought.

If we know that this is what occurs in the brain and this is how connections appear, then surely we can duplicate this action and expand the concept into connecting in with all Living Beings.

Synaptic Connections - What Fires Together - Wires Together
Synaptic Connections - What Fires Together - Wires Together | Source

We Hold the Key

We are a product of Nature and our brains are also a product of nature. The evidence for what we need to do to make impressive connections in Humankind is already functioning within each and every one of us.

We Hold The Key
We Hold The Key | Source


We hold the key to our Magnificence and we need the Connection or Reciprocal Connection to fire us into this Higher Awareness of our Being.

In you and in me is the Signal that will spark a memory and we cannot say who might have the spark that is needed to ignite your or my memory of our Genius.

Oh YES ! I get it !

So often we hear of stories where someone has been counseled and advised repeatedly about a human condition and it has fallen on deaf ears. Then, some seemingly unrelated comment from someone suddenly hits home and the person “gets it”.

Why is that?

A good example of this was shared with me by a friend whose father had struggled to stop smoking. The family had lectured, threatened, appealed and nagged him on the subject for years and all the time the words just fell on deaf ears. Then, late one night, the father was watching a TV show and an advertisement came up about caring for one’s health. In that moment a spark was lit in a receptor in his brain and he stopped smoking immediately.

He could barely understand the reaction in his own behavior. But, for some reason, that signal that he heard or saw, resonated in his brain and a change occurred.

Sparks of our Genius - Ready to be Ignited
Sparks of our Genius - Ready to be Ignited | Source


Imagine if we could hear the wisdom that our own Being is yearning to hear.

Imagine if what you need to hear or Know is a message that comes from a place that is not within your home radius.

Imagine if we could tune into some wisdom that is not even of our own culture and yet Hear a resonance that completes an Awareness in your own Being.

I HEAR YOU | Source


Like in the brain, there are endless possibilities for thought to be created – it is just a matter of having the first signal finding a reciprocal signal to ensure the Connection is True.


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