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A Chill in My Bones, And That White Glove.

Updated on October 2, 2012

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This morning I woke up after a deep sleep to discover a cold chill in our home. My hand ached with my white glove covering it.

This would have been a good morning to get dressed so that I could go to our hospital lab for blood work, but it seems my old body has created another ache in my chest, and back. It appeared that our micro wave oven decided to stop functioning so I walked next door mumbling gripes , and complaints as usual like the old fart that I am.

I struggled to find the key to my mother, and dad's ghost house where only their spirits await my visits now , and then. If only I could greet mom, and dad , and invite them over to our house to enjoy some fresh coffee with me, and perhaps some of my hard earned biscuits that kill my hand when I mix the ingredients. I miss them. If Joann, and Becky could just do without me a little while , then maybe I could just die for a short time to see how my mom , and dad live spiritually in the arms of God. I cry for everyone I miss like some silly adolescent person that would relish a moment in self pity.

A small wasp nest formed at the eve of their front door. I raised my fist to the Heavens and screamed in my yard like some crazy man, and I yelled " For Christ's sake Lord give me a break from the clutches of that bastard son of a B demon from hell , and rid me of these flying whelp serpent sluts that want to sting my tortured aching soul that is killing me from my miserable nagging hand." Like Egor with a hump of misery on my back I yelled like a disgusted fool so that neighbors as far away as the Adirondack mountains could appreciate my tonsils.

The only creatures that frighten me on this planet are wasps. If you want me to cringe in a corner because of certain fear then place me in a room with a large wasp, and I will go nuts trying to figure out how to kill it, or shield myself. When I was a child, and naked in a bath tub a wasp was flying around me while I was vulnerable in bath tub water. I remember being scared to death , and calling out for my mama. It makes me cry in my miserable self pity when I think of that moment. I could hold a poisonous rattlesnake in my hands, but I am afraid of wasps. Joann has to kill them for me with wasp spray while I run and hide like a sniveling coward. I have to look out of a window, and partially open a door to ask Joann if she killed them all. What a terrible way to protect my wife.

Joann opened our trailer door, and told me to stop screaming before the cops come to put me in the crazy house. I love her sweet advice. She tells it like it is. I asked her if she had a moment to bring me the wasp spray so that I could crawl on my belly in mom, and dad's house. Joann responded by telling me to stop acting like a fool , and she would spray the bees for me. With the length of a twelve mile blast of spray, the bee nest was drenched, and soaked with instant death, and so it was that they quickly fell to the base of the front door dead.

Joann, and Becky are my heart. Their words never bother me. Becky will not hesitate to yell like a pissed off sailor, or to scream , and cry for her grandmother to visit. The only way I could get her to eat some sandwiches with us was to tell her that if she would eat, I would take out our paints, and water colors, and acrylics, and her table top easel to help her create some art. Becky said " O.K. daddy, I will eat something for you."

Joann was pleased so she immediately whipped out some slices of bread on the kitchen table like a card shark, and grabbed a butter knife to spread mayonnaise, and covered the bread with lettuce, sliced salami, baloney, and Turkey. Then she cut the sandwiches in convenient bite sized servings for Becky, herself , and I. Becky wanted some can Dr. Pepper. It was a great yesterday because I caught a Labor Day sale on drinks , and sliced sandwich meats. Like a game show contestant racing to beat the clock , quickly I gathered up twenty packs of sliced sandwich meats at a great savings, and tossed them in my riding cart. Becky chewed away on her sandwiches like a happy baby cow anticipating her art supplies , and me helping her to paint.

When I managed to walk into the old house, I unplugged mom, and dad's old micro wave oven. It had some rust forming on it. Their ghosts had not kept up with the appliances.

I lifted the heavy oven anticipating future pain for doing it, and sure enough I fell to sleep last night with pain in my chest, and back.

I told Joann that there might be a chance in hell that it just might work. Joann said, "Our luck is bad, and we keep going down." I told Joann that a micro wave oven is cheap , honey, and I will find a way to get one from somewhere.

Joann walked on our porch, and brought out our little green wagon I purchased a while back from a garden center. I placed the oven in it, and brought it home. And I have been thinking we need to move into mom, and dad's ghost house when we are able.

It took a good hour of using dish soap , and water, but we cleaned up their old oven, and it worked nicely which was and answered prayer by God.

Gray Fox cried for his fresh cooked micro waved chicken. He placed his two front paws on the surface edge of our kitchen table . Joann said, " Be patient little soldier, it's comming." I cooked, and removed the meat from four chicken parts, and put some of the meat in Gray Fox's plastic plate.

And so it was from the graves of my mom , and dad , to help us, and for them to take care of us yesterday. Becky said, " That is old maw maw's oven ." Joann said, " It is baby, it is your maw maw's from Heaven's micro wave oven."

I think we will take the best of care of their oven. I covered the rust spots inside the oven with a little white paint from our art paints. I used and art brush. I tested the oven, and it works fine.

Joann, and Becky are sleeping comfortably this morning. I think I will carefully knead up a bowl of dough with my other hand slowly, and cook them some biscuits. I found some turkey gravy packs, three for a dollar. I will mix a cup of water in the powder mix of one of the packets, and make them some gravy.

When I fix up some coffee, and food, I might ask them if they want to get up because they like their breakfast.

God Bless Everyone


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    • stars439 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear Phoenix : Thank you for writing precious heart. I went to the hospital,and antibiotics, and something for a cold were prescribed. Thank you somuch for caring.

      I can not begin to express the things I wish I could do for you. The list would be long. God Bless You Precious heart.

    • Poohgranma profile image


      7 years ago from On the edge

      I'm with you Lee when it comes to wasps. I almost wrecked the car once because there was one dive bombing me while I was driving in heavy traffic and I couldn't get pulled over to kill it or shoo it out of the car. It flew down the air duct where the defroster is but I worried about it coming back out to sting me for the rest of the day and sprayed wasp spray down the vent when I finally got home. I have never even been stung by a wasp but did step on a bee when I was barefooted once and howled like a coyote trapped in a snare! Everyone has their own fears, nothing to be ashamed of.

      I keep searching for a new hub from you as your last one has been three days ago and you were feeling poorly then. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I hope that not only is your health better but that things quit breaking down all around you. I understand how discouraging that can be, especially when the whole house needs major repairs ... ours does too so I can relate. I'm just praying it stays standing and keeps us sheltered from the cold in the Winter and heat in the Summer. Hey, maybe one of us will win a lottery and we can buy two brand new homes ... closer together this time so Gary and I can visit with you, Joann and Becky. Bless you Lee and your family!


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