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The Choice between Smoking and Weight

Updated on August 6, 2011

Quit Smoking Or Eating

Quit Smoking Or Quit Eating that is the Question


It has been 10 months since my last cigarette, I have jumped over the nine month hurdle of illness Most of the bothersome ailments have gone away, accept for the heartburn. The lungs are breathing more air than they ever had in the 45 years of sucking smoke.

I am relieved that I do not have any shortness of breathe any longer, and I may recover from repeated attacks of chronic bronchitis.

Cold Turkey

Yes I quit smoking, cold turkey. I was overweight before I started and I remember one Doctor telling me that loosing weight was really more important than quitting smoking. Another Doctor told me that he felt that the weight could wait, and I should quit smoking first.

I am Fatter!

I have been feeling for over 10 months now that I have been living in a bubble of illness. I was told by a very nice ER Doctor that some people do get very ill when they quit smoking, and this little tidbit of information is usually not mentioned.

Yes, I was aware that I had taken steroids, maybe too many steroids over this period of time, but I had no idea that I had gained so much weight. I would venture to say another 25 pounds.Okay, there were periods of time that I was hungry and periods when food disgusted me, and I did eat foods I should not have eaten. So now I am smoke free and fatter.

My Solution

After, finishing my discussion with myself, I already realized that I had beaten and kicked a bad habit cold turkey. If I could win that battle I can win the battle against the weight. So now I have started this battle.

I did not substitute food for smoking, I just ate whatever I felt like it because I felt like doing it. A type of rebellion I suppose, What a price to pay to feel so heavy and so uncomfortable.

I know my so called friends never thought that I would win the fight against smoking, they were just waiting in the wings to hear that I did not make it, but that day never came. People that smoke are in denial because we are addicts. I watch people suck in cigarette smoke and can not imagine the satisfaction anyone could get from smoking!

In Closing

The one thing any person of an any addiction wants to hear is a reformed person's preaching. I know this, however I do have to mention one little fact. If any smoker can quit before all their cilia is destroyed and before it destroys the alveoli , which can not regrow, I would seriously think about quitting.

This is the only way you can save yourself from carrying a oxygen tank everyplace you go,and to not experience shortness of breathe and needing breathing treatments.

People need to know that when their mental mind is strong we can accomplish even the impossible. I have done that and I am proud to be a non smoker. I love the feeling of extra money in my pocket! I love not counting how many packs of cigarettes I have left for tomorrow.

Most of all I love the way my oxygen levels increased and how much air is in my lungs. When I begin to falter, I think of how ill smoking made me, and how long I suffered.

It was written that if you do not succeed the first time in anything, try, try and try again. You will succeed and God Bless.


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