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Disproving The Cholesterol Myth - Pauling Therapy

Updated on June 14, 2011

The Cholesterol Myth

Have you been told you need to lower your cholesterol? Are you worried about your cholesterol levels? Do you believe there's good and bad cholesterol? Seeking a cholesterol lowering diet? Then you have been taken in by the cholesterol myth.

This is not the hubpage I was going to write. But as is often the case when I go to sign into hubpages I got distracted by other writers' pages. All very interesting. Many quite fascinating. But sometimes dangerous because they can be quite wrong.

What to do when a writer with a score of 100 perpetuates the cholesterol myth by stating that high cholesterol causes heart disease ? And with no thought of reference to any kind of authority for such a sweeping statement. The writer's assumption is that this statement is so incontrovertible, it's a fact. It's so true, so obvious, everybody know it , so it doesn't even need a reference!

Health Illiteracy. This would include buying into the cholesterol myth, false concerns about high cholesterol, etc.
Health Illiteracy. This would include buying into the cholesterol myth, false concerns about high cholesterol, etc.
From website
From website
From I believed Pauling, quit the drugs, and recovered in about 1 week.
From I believed Pauling, quit the drugs, and recovered in about 1 week.

Myth Worse Than The Disease?

The cholesterol myth continues to be perpetuated. It spreads like a disease. In fact it's far worse than the cardiovascular related diseases themselves. Because the myth blinds people to the facts. Facts such as there's been a simple, cheap cure for CVD since about 1935.

What to do about the cholesterol myth . Ignore it? Hope it will go away by itself? Contact Myth Busters? Expect that most readers of this page are "health literate", can think for themselves and see through such myths? Yeah, right.

I am not going to go into detail about the cholesterol myth . Anyone reading this page should be able to open another browser window and search for cholesterol myth . They will find experts galore explaining exactly what it is and why America and/or the UK continue to lead the world in heart attacks, heart disease, vascular disease, etc.

Also you can visit the World Health Alphabetization links I've provided on this page. For your health's sake, visit and learn! It's a free library and the knowledge is free. Spend one hour there and I guarantee you will know more than your local doctor!

I've already spent many, many hours producing other hubpages which do go into considerable detail. The reason I'm alive and healthy two years after my own nearly fatal heart attack is because I saw through the cholesterol myth .

Cholesterol Myth Disproved

To get the truth, to dispel the cholesterol myth , read Linus Pauling. Read Matthias Rath. Read anyone able to think outside the box. To know the truth you have to be willing to believe "mainstream" doctors can be wrong. Completely wrong.

In a nutshell, Pauling (and many others) proved we humans are all Vitamin C deficient. That is, humans, monkeys and guinea pigs. Other animals make their own Vitamin C.

Our bodies need Vitamin C to make collagen. Please do your own research on these things I am telling you, no need to take my word for it! Without collagen skin loses its suppleness, bones weaken, arteries harden. Think "ageing".

We (as monkeys) left the forests and their abundant source of Vitamin C in the form of fruit. Vitamin C is so powerful that tiny, tiny amounts cure or prevent scurvy. But we need much, much larger amounts of Vitamin C to make enough collagen. The older we get, the more we need. Without Vitamin C bodies cannot manufacture collagen. The evolutionary substitute for collagen was - and still is - cholesterol.

The cardiovascular system gets priority. Weak knees won't kill you. A burst artery will. Therefore it has to be prevented. The body can't make collagen if there's not enough Vitamin C. (Linus Pauling took 20 grams of Vit C daily and died aged 93). Three guesses what the body uses to reinforce its failing system of blood vessels. I hope you guessed "cholesterol".

Once again - for the dummies - high cholesterol is not the cause of cardiovascular disease. That belief - known as the cholesterol myth - is erroneous. Our bodies use cholesterol to try and deal with cardiovascular disease. It's nature's way of combating it. But it can only work for so long. Patching up a worn tyre is a temporary fix. But it keeps garages in business. And then they can sell you a new one.

Dad Stops His Meds

The good news? My dad - now aged 82 - is finally off his heart medication! Is it because I've been preaching Linus Pauling and Vitamin C to him ever since I had my own heart attack two years ago? Is it because he can see how fit and well I am at age 59 on 18 grams of Vitamin C daily? Nope, that's the bad news. My heart attack is Mum and dad's proof that I can be wrong.

The only reason dad quit his heart meds was because he's just read their warning labels. Mum had found an article in Yours Magazine warning of the dangers of statins. This morning he pointed out to me where it says they can cause muscle damage, etc. He'd actually underlined the stuff that was affecting him, such as fatigue, hearing loss, and so on.

"If I sit down on the bus I can't stand up again", he complained, "Because of the muscle in my leg". He'd had a vein removed years ago so he could re-join the army. (They wouldn't allow varicose veins). But he says it got bad, started hurting, when he started on the heart medications then got worse when his doctor increased them recently.

"What about your shortness of breath?" I asked. Because the most noticable thing about dad now is his gasping, wheezing, rapid shallow breathing after the mildest exertion such as leaving his chair and walking across the room, or after eating a meal.

"Nothing wrong with my breathing", says dad. What to say to that? In the army he did boxing, then running, and kept it up well into his sixties. Now he's barely able to walk up and down a short flight of stairs without getting exhausted. That's exactly how I was just after my heart attack, before I began taking megadoses of Vitamin C. Now I run up steps two at a time and do one-arm pushups. Another bonus is Toni and I no longer catch colds.

Info from

Another cure for heart patients - chelation therapy. Or keep believing in the cholesterol myth.
Another cure for heart patients - chelation therapy. Or keep believing in the cholesterol myth.

No Cure For Bill Clinton

Good lord, just came across this gem (Feb 2010), had to add this latest lie to my page:

Bill Clinton has a new lease on life, but there's no cure for the heart disease that has twice forced the former president to get blocked arteries fixed.

The former president had quadruple bypass surgery at the same hospital more than five years ago. He was re-admitted on Thursday after complaining of discomfort in his chest. The stents - wire-mesh tubes that help the flow of blood - were placed in a coronary artery that had become blocked since Mr Clinton had a quadruple-bypass operation in 2004.

Doctors said that the need for the procedure had not been triggered by Mr Clinton's diet or active lifestyle. They said it was "not unexpected" for a follow-up treatment to be needed after a bypass.

That's going to have to wait for another hubpage. Maybe I'll cal it the No Cure For Heart Disease Myth . But of course if you visited the links on this page then at least you now know there is a cure for heart disease, and has been for many, many years, don't you? So the article begins with a lie.

Notice the other lie? Follow-up treatment after a bypass is "not unexpected". This is a lie. The truth is follow-ups are routine . It goes to show that fame and fortune will not protect you from the quacks. Also I saw no mention of the medication, statins, etc. that Bill Clinton would have been on since his 2004 bypass. Obviously those drugs did nothing to prevent the need for Bill Clinton's latest heart surgery.

Anyway, for whatever reasons, my good news is my dad's finally stopped taking the prescription drugs which would have taken him to an earlier grave. However, without Pauling's Vitamin C and Lysine, or chelation therapy, or other cure, it's like peeing into the wind.

Great News - Dad's Taking Vitamin C!

Amazing, I got my dad to agree to start taking Vitamin C! He's now taking 6 grams a day plus some amino acid tablets (for body-builders) plus a multi vitamin tablet. I am ecstatic because at age 84 I don't think he would have survived another year on the drugs - sorry, prescribed medication.

Many months after I first wrote this hubpage "science" is waking up about the cholesterol myth!
Many months after I first wrote this hubpage "science" is waking up about the cholesterol myth!


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