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The Circle of Inspiration

Updated on September 9, 2017

Take Action!

Within all that chaos, incapacity, and narrow light of hope lays down lots of shining thoughts, big dreams and maybe a world itself. TIME TO UNLEASH YOUR SPIRIT.
Within all that chaos, incapacity, and narrow light of hope lays down lots of shining thoughts, big dreams and maybe a world itself. TIME TO UNLEASH YOUR SPIRIT. | Source

The Circle of Inspiration & How to count yourself in

It all starts with you reading this article, getting out of your comfort zone, hitting a book, a search engine, or any tool; getting to know things you don’t know, and committing yourself to do something of your own; to be the best at what you’ve chosen to do. Bit by bit things will get harder, and seem to get slower; at some point you will ask yourself WHY AM I DOING THIS? Well, if this question came across your mind at this stage, it means you’re doing it right, and your mind is just giving you side thoughts because you’ve never been into this before; so, you need a great belief in yourself and your plan. If you get pass this, you will absolutely get to the next level; but this is just the beginning…

If you happen to get to the next level, you will see people observing your work, following it by heart, and caring more about it. You will see people paying more attention to you as a person; what you do, when you do it, and how you do it. You will notice more people getting closer to you, asking more questions, and even some of them trying something similar to what you’re doing. Assuming that your plan and your personality worked perfectly fine resulting in success, they will take you as an example to achieve success too, and here you’ll find yourself able to change things in them. It’s only then that you realize that you have influenced some people to do the same as you, which means that you have inspired them as well; and this is half of the circle.

After keeping up your commitment, your sincere hard work and your uniqueness, the people you have inspired will eventually get to the point of: hit a book, a search engine, or a tool… Yes! They will come across the same steps and make commitments, and even become a bit inspirational to others; and surprisingly, you will be greatly inspired! The fact the people you have influenced are influencing others will give you a strange feeling of continuing doing what you do so badly… and this is the second half of the circle where YOU this time, are the one who’s getting inspired.

The Circle of Inspiration is infinite; once you get in it, it’s quite impossible to get out of it, because, and for the first time, you will feel like a valuable human for making the biggest change that could ever be done: changing minds.

As much as all this seems abstract and only words and sentences that are arranged in a thoughtful and insightful way, it is totally the TRUTH itself. In fact, this is what EVERY individual who tasted success in his/her personal career has gone through. It’s not like they were born ready, nor they opened their eyes to a red carpet and a sign saying 'walk this way and you will succeed'. Many of them, if not most, didn’t even know what they would be doing that time; worst, some of them were even caught up in illegal activities. What they all had in common soon after is the sense of following those scattered thoughts inside their heads…WHAT IF I START SOMETHING? WHAT IF I FOLLOW THE PASSION THAT MY SOUL HAS ALWAYS BEEN INTIMATE WITH? WOULD IT BE POSSIBLY HELPFUL! And by breaking that killing mood and routine and making ACTION 1, very little things started to change for them, and they knew it’s REAL. The further they took the following actions; the more and bigger things had changed around and within them. They became totally aware of this magical 'Circle of Inspiration' that generates a lot of energy in people....people that waited for so long to have that desire once again.

No matter how the circle gets big, it’s all YOU, first and last. YOU are the axle. YOU are the one who will be referred to as a hero for the record, by each and every single one whom YOU have influenced in the first place. From my part, I did it, it worked. I’ve been always inspired, but now it’s my time. Think it for yourself too! Nobody will do anything for you to have what you always wanted, YOU do it for yourself. So where are you on the map? Or where are you willing to get…? And are you ready to enter the Circle of Inspiration ?

© 2017 Ala Hafferssas


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    • Ala Hafferssas profile image

      Ala Hafferssas 9 months ago

      Thank you Ms Amel! It is the case in's not a '1+1=2' mechanism, and it goes different for each one who tries to apply it, and what worked for me may not necessarily work for another, but I believe this Circle of Inspiration is involved in our lives in a way or another, in everyday its smallest details. Like the Karma, though it might have seemed like a very abstract notion, but when people put one believe in something, it takes place in their lives for real... I guess for those who believe in Karma, they will understand such circle. And again, it's no doubt that it is all self-centered, and that's the "focal point".

    • profile image

      Amel 9 months ago

      processing your own inner thoughts and observing the inner mechanisms through which the creative machinery works is an attempt towards an approximative definition that should never cease to be questioned for nothing is absolute and what may work today may not work at all tomorrow... what matters is to keep making an effort towards selfanalysis and selfknowledge through an open mind :)) keep the good work up!

    • Ala Hafferssas profile image

      Ala Hafferssas 9 months ago

      Thanks again!! Totally appreciated.

    • profile image

      Jihan Bechiri 9 months ago

      Yes, SURE again, wish you my extreme luck for other articles

    • Ala Hafferssas profile image

      Ala Hafferssas 9 months ago

      Thank you Jihan for putting this in other words! the START button is surely the key...and there is undoubtedly a FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING.

    • profile image

      Jihan Bechiri 9 months ago

      No body's not allowed to get in the Circle of inspiration, doesn't matter how many times he/she fails nor how Much she /he gets upset because the most important thing in

      This circle is how to stay in IT sometimes you get into the centre other times you get to the borders but mainly is knowing how not to get out of it, easy to take since it is like a game and the game doesn't want powerful player ,harder one or anything else it is all about the TACTICS and the RIGHT TIME TO PLAY can make projections on it but here there is no winner or loser because getting inspired or even inspiring is something out of any fail ,mainly you pull all your self together and Start application and don't get scared of the beginning 's first moments because here is the key ,each one of us is created to give something in this life and to send a letter to the humanity so we keep calm and begin the first step :START and Yey we may get the world with our glow...

      Thank you for sharing this article, it is really descriptive

      GOOD LUCK.

    • profile image

      Oussama H.O 9 months ago

      Couldn't agree more, that's exactly what I'm living today ! Nice Article

    • Ala Hafferssas profile image

      Ala Hafferssas 9 months ago

      God bless you Jay!

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 9 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      I suppose this article is about what we are all doing on Hubpages, self-creation.

      First, set a high Ideal, this is your guide.

      Second, set your goals to reach your Ideal.

      Third, write to clarify your thoughts, then defend them with by answering questions.

      I believe in:

      One God,

      One Religion,

      One Humanity,

      Equality of Men and Women spiritually (not physically),

      Harmony of science and religion, and



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