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The Common Cold: How To Feel Better

Updated on March 1, 2020

We all know those little signs of coming down with the common cold. It starts with that pesky sore throat and that feeling of just not quite being 100%. Before long, we're surrounded by mountains of Kleenex and cold remedies, bundled up in bed and just hoping that it will go away as quickly as it came. Some of us try to be heroes and battle through the whole process, determined to continue with our day-to-day lives. It's "mind over matter!" we tell ourselves, and proceed to go the extra mile, continuing with our daily activities. Off to work we go, and cough and sneeze all over our colleagues (who proceed to stay away from us as far as possible). We think that we can ignore the signs and say things like "I'll bake some cookies! Surely that will make me feel better!"; and then we exert the tiny bit of energy that our bodies need to repair themselves. So, I'm no expert, but aside from the usual over-the-counter remedies, here are some things that I’ve learned you can do to to just feel better.

Tip #1: Give in to it

Now, I'm not always one for taking my own advice. Giving in to any kind of sickness is difficult for me. But when I finally bite the bullet and realize that my body is trying to tell me something, giving in to to common cold seems to be the first step to getting on the mend. Accept that your body is telling you that it needs to slow down and repair itself. The sooner you do this, the better!

Tip #2: Rest

We all have busy lives, and resting is not always a viable option.  But taking some time for yourself to bundle up in warm blankets and rest as much as possible will do your body the world of good.  This might mean having to take a day off work, or arranging for someone to look after the kids or walk the dog, but even if you just get one good day of rest, it's a huge investment to your body.

Tip #3: Drink Plenty

Getting fluids into your body will assist greatly in the recovery process. It helps to keep the body hydrated and will soothe an irritated throat. I highly recommend sipping Jasmine Tea, with a little honey and lemon. It is so soothing and good for you. Avoid caffeine and alcohol if possible, and sip water throughout the day.


Tip #4: Give Your Immune System a Boost

While you are sick, eating healthily is more important than ever. Eat citrus fruits that are rich in Vitamin C, as well as taking a multi-vitamin supplement daily. Choose foods that are high in anti-oxidants such as broccoli, spinach and blueberries. Chicken soup makes an excellent meal because it is soothing and nutritional.

Tip #5: Steam Spa

This is a great old fashioned trick, and it really works! Half-fill a bowl with steaming hot water, add a few drops of menthol if you have any, carefully lower yourself over the bowl and cover your head with a towel. Try to enclose the steam as much as possible and take some long, deep breaths to help clear the nose and sinuses. Repeat as frequently as you feel is necessary. Having a humidifier in the room will have also have a similar therapeutic effect.

Ah, To Breathe Again!

Soon you'll be back to feeling like your good old self, so happy to put aside the Kleenex box and be able to breathe clearly.

Then you will be able to take on the world once again!

Remember to keep yourself healthy by frequently washing your hands to avoid the spread of germs. Eat nutritious foods and exercise regularly to keep your body in pristine condition.

Take care of yourself!


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