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Fixing the Law of Attraction

Updated on March 5, 2016
Jeff Watters profile image

Jeff Watters is a business consultant & freelance author who lives in Havre de Grace, MD, former manager of Mattress stores & AWAI member.

Introduction to the Law of Attraction

Today you will begin to gain a complete understanding of the Law of Attraction and how it either works for you or against you. It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, the Law of Attraction is working in your life right now.

You are going to learn how to get what you want and get whatever it is with ease. Once you apply what is written here the better life you wish to live will come into being starting today. The Universe, which is how we often refer to the life force of the Law of Attraction, likes speed. This fondness for action or speed is why there is no time like the present to gain an understanding of the Law of Attraction.

The ideas and principles here may be applied to your life, regardless of your current personal beliefs or your religious convictions. When you make it to the end of this article, you will see that everything you have learned only adds to and compliments your personal beliefs, bringing splendor to the foundation of your choices. The plan is to add to your heaven on earth by applying the same fundamental values that caused original creation. Thereby adding to your personal ability to create the life you want to live.

Using the foundation, you presently have now blockages that are now impeding you from achieving the life of your dreams will be removed. You will be able to get what you want and do so quickly by becoming more in-tune with the creative force in the universe by using the principles of the Law of Attraction and the complete course of action laid out before you now. You will discover why your life is the way it is now, how to change your life and live your dreams.

This result will not come without effort on your part; there are no magic words, no wand waving, and there are not any mystical potions to all that ails you. However, there is a way to get freedom from your current situation. Everything you want including, good health, wealth, power, influence, independence, and complete happiness is available to you by simply applying one lesson each day as laid out here. Yes, there is a better way to live that makes you whole and at one with the universal force that permeates our very being whether you know it or not.

The final product is a better you, living the life you dream of living; the life deserved regardless of whether or not you've earned it. Obstacles will disappear, and opportunities will be plentiful. Circumstance will change, and barriers that need removing will fall by the wayside. As you grow, you will add what is necessary. That I can tell you from my personal experience, with all confidence, because I have lived it myself and know it to be true.

Admit it; there is space in your life that needs to be adjusted. You created a void that goes unfulfilled because of a troubled life and no way of controlling it. Sometimes the condition that supplies life may be likened to a child who has told one story too many and must cover it by another, then another and another. Thus, the child is compelled to fill his life by telling half truths and living with the misery caused by the original action of telling the first story. It is this state that many of the people in the world live in today.

We want things to be another way but they cannot because of the falsehood held by ourselves. It is that falsehood that you are applying to daily life, and you are going to remove it, regardless of what it is.

You may be thinking this doesn’t apply to you, but it does. Why? Because the life of your dreams is not what you are living now and the reason you are not living a compromised life and it is this cooperation with past life falsehoods that is creating the space in your life. How you change your life depends on how honest you can be with yourself.

All people can change for the better. Starting out from where you are, you will get to where you want, if the first step towards reconciliation is with your past and presenting to yourself an image of what you will become.

The first move is always to acknowledge there is a problem that you are willing to fix. The second is to resolve the issue by moving forward honestly. The third phase is to do it now so your life will change for the better. Once you begin to comprehend this concept, your life will become magical. Taking the first step leads to the second and so on until you begin accomplishing all that you hope.

The situations that caused your current state are resolvable the moment you begin to seek and awaken to a new reality. Once you have decided to “make a difference” in your life and the lives of others, that reality that will come into being and will be created shaping your destiny, story, lifetime.

Therefore, you will become more valuable to other people, not just yourself, appreciated for who you are. Everything in the past will be in the past. Like a distant memory of a life gone by, never to be relived by you or anyone you affected in your past. There is real hope that comes with actual change. That change started with you the moment you began reading this article. The Universe was ready and waiting for you to be prepared to receive all it has to offer you, and it is a magnificent Universe.

Begin today by reading one section each day and finish it within the month. You see almost immediate results and your life will change for the better. Continue with a section each day, applying what you learn as you go. Don’t be concerned that you learned everything. It will unfold as it should.

Begin now.

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