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The Law of Attraction Lesson 2

Updated on March 6, 2016
Jeff Watters profile image

Jeff Watters is a business consultant & freelance author who lives in Havre de Grace, MD, former manager of Mattress stores & AWAI member.

Day Three

Becoming In Tune With the law (lesson two)

In the few minutes, it took to read that lesson you learned how to move forward towards fulfilling your life’s ambitions, or as a Swami might say, carry out your destiny.
You may have guessed there is much more to it than thinking of something you want, and having it materialize right before your eyes. Honestly, if it were that simple, we would live in a world of chaos because there would be absolutely no order to the Universe.

What’s was covered in those beginning pages is freely available in most books on the Law of Attraction, but what comes next will get you moving more quickly to filling up that goal list you made on the first day you started your list. However, so far you haven’t exactly gotten your money’s worth, and one thing you will learn about people who practice the Law of Attraction is that they want you to have more than a surplus. The first lesson’s mission was to get you started, guiding you towards an understanding of the “Law of Attraction,” to allow you to discover your real intentions as future goals. To provide the method, that would enable you to manifest in your life. And if you followed along and made a list, you are on your way to rapidly achieve those goals.

There is another law not explained within those pages. The Law of Nature, which parallels the Law of Attraction; each law is unbiased to you unless you put into motion the force that controls both. Consider both requirements as different poles that accept the data you feed it and then respond with the corresponding result. When programmed with negative energy, you will receive a negative result. Neither law is positive or negative as a matter of Universal rule, but each gives you exactly what you want and deserve.

Consider yourself the central point that manufactures the energy force that empowers and controls the Law of Attraction and which delivers the result into the Law of Nature. Controlling one without understanding the other is futile because it is what you ignore that sabotages your ability to realize the life of your dreams. So we need to look at the Law of Nature to completely understand the “Law of Attraction.”

The Law of Nature

The Law of Nature deals with what is solid and how it functions in the Universe. Regardless of whether an object is soft or hard, it should be considered to be solid, including water. So this law deals with the things we see, touch, taste, or have the ability to acquire in a material sense. How it works is easy enough to understand as well. For instance, if you take a ball and put it on the ground it will stay there. It is a solid mass and subjected to the Law of Attraction which is power.

The ball having no mental power is inanimate, lacking consciousness it will stay where it is put forever unless some power comes along and moves that ball. That power may be anything forceful enough to make the ball move including wind, earthquake, human touch, etc. So the Law of Nature is the law that governs all things inanimate. The Law of Attraction animates all things.

There must be harmony between these two laws, and your understanding is the first step in having a real ability to use the Law of Attraction to provide the things the Law of Nature oversees. The Law of Nature doesn’t care if a ball moves or who owns the ball; it only cares that the ball is solid. Everything else is under the dominion of another law. Therefore, as a natural force, the Law of Nature is unopposed to you moving the ball or owning the ball.

As an example, a desire to have a particular type of house, in a certain neighborhood is your application of the Law of Attraction being alerted of an individual product ready for creation in the realm of nature. The same goes for any object that is solid even if that object can change forms as water does. Think about water for a moment, it is ice, water, or steam depending on the temperature; it is still H2O regardless. It is the temperature that changes water into something different.

Hold this metaphor to mind, the warmer the temperature the more ice changes, just as the warmer your desire, the more you are in contact with the Law of Attraction. The better your focus on the material object controlled by the Law of Nature the quicker the result. Both laws must be in harmony. Therefore, to change ice to steam, you must use extreme focus and determination.

You may also liken these two laws as if someone was standing on the edge of a great river watching the flowing water go by, except everything that person sees is something they want in the midst of that river. They cannot get to these things because the river is too great. Perhaps people like that don’t know of the laws discussed here.They don’t know how to swim and cannot retrieve the things freely floating by; perhaps they are too lazy, or ignorant, but it doesn’t matter because both laws are neutral conditions unless put in motion.

Nonetheless there they are, and they’re lost on the shore doing nothing as life passes them as they watch. That person is someone trapped in life unresolved and surely leaving them with little to nothing in the end. Sure something may float to the banks of the river, and they may grab it should they arrive at the place first. Some people may get very lucky indeed as it is a magnificent Universe. But who do you want to be; the individual with the ability or the person waiting? You are learning how to create the world that is enriched by everything you touch not how to grab the leftovers.

Now we have two pictures of how the Law of Attraction works and how it interacts with another law. The first being ice into water or steam and the second being the river. I wish that were all there was to understanding, but there is much more to learn about these laws and how to effect them. No doubt you have heard “Thoughts Become Things” and I have just given you a graphic picture of how that is possible. I hope you keep this in mind as a symbolic look at the Law of Attraction so you will understand the source of the power tapped into when using the Law of Attraction and the obstacle to overcome when you consider the Law of Nature.

The question that you must always ask is this, at what temperature is my desire for the things I wish to manifest? Is it enough to change freezing ice to steam or just into the water? And then focus intently on the physical being of the object as exactingly as you are able.

Since you are on this journey, you must also understand that you are subject to both laws. You live in a world that is governed by physical and metaphysical events. You call the spiritual through your intense desires and continue living your life as the Universe opens opportunities to you. As these doors open, you must walk through them to receive your fulfilled desire. Too many people make the mistake of waiting on the couch for million dollar checks. If you want a million dollars, you better get out where the opportunities are because receiving a million dollar check without reason is unlikely. Not impossible, but highly improbable.

You will release the power of Attraction by contemplating and focusing on the things your heart desires, but it is your feelings about what you ask for that matters the very most. There will be people that ask for one million dollars but feel they don’t deserve it. If you feel you don’t deserve it, you won’t get it. So if you were to look at that list, you made two days ago does it honestly say that everything you want to manifest in your life is something you truly feel you deserve or have an intense desire to see fulfilled? Has there been any effort into it besides writing it down? Have you been “out there” where you can receive it? If not you are not releasing the power of the Law of Attraction, you are merely dreaming.

Let me share an example of an unrealistic goal of mine that I did not want. It would be neat to have, however. I once wrote down that I wanted a mansion. I described it in every detail including the gardens, pool house, gate house, type of brick, etc. Then I found myself gravitating to a different neighborhood with wooded lots and much smaller homes. What do you think I was saying about my goal of owning a mansion? I was saying, it would be nice, but something like this other house would suit me just fine. I have lived in that house with the wooded lot, but never the mansion because what I wanted was the home in the established neighborhood with trees.

So it is with the Law of Attraction. You can attract anything you want in the physical world, but you must want it. It should be something you feel good about, something you are going to love having, doing, being, and experiencing. The Law of Nature and the Law of Attraction must be sensible to work order in your life. The Universe likes balance. It is a friendly Universe, and some things are never going to make you happy, just as the mansion was not going to make me happy. Therefore, the disorder is avoided which maintains order. The Universe is a place that is ordered by cosmic forces that live vicariously through you. What makes you balanced is good, what unbalances you is not. Being contented with what you possess equals order for the Universe and being discontent is not only is disorderly but chaos.

Now I know you may think that there are plenty of people living miserable lives who want more than they have but I ask you, do they believe a better life is possible or are they content being what they are? Let me assure you some who self-flagellate or think they’re martyrs for a cause. These people have made their choice which is why it is written: “there will be poor people always.”

Don’t think of these people as not having, think of them as having what they want or deserve. It may seem cruel but it is their choice and not your choice to have it this way. Once you have all, you want to feel free to go to them and teach them how to improve their lives if that is your wish. Feel free to give them money, food, shelter, and all they need.

These laws are an exact science that no doubt will work for everyone that is in harmony with their feelings and the natural world around them. I know this is also evident in nature as all things are relevant to the world in which we live. You were meant to have more and be a testament to the work of God, but you need to learn how to walk before you learn how to run. So as you fetch things from that river go with the tide and come away with the things you want and feel you deserve.

You won’t come away with anything if you feel you don’t deserve them or have put no effort into acquiring them. There isn’t a concert pianist in the world that hasn’t practiced their craft or taken lessons from someone else, and it was that practice that put them out in the world to receive their desire of becoming an accomplished musician. So it is with you, you must practice becoming an aficionado.

I must wallop this point, so everyone understands completely. You may think whatever you want and feel desire, but you are sending sensations into the Universe of your real intent. The Universe may know you better than you understand yourself. It is the Universe that causes energy to become things, things that you want, deserve and need. Being in harmony is a perfect pitch to the Universe. It doesn’t want to take away from someone else to give to you, nor will it. It wishes to add to the life of all the people everywhere as if to live vicariously through you.

Taking away from someone else would be as if you are asking God to sin. We are not robbers of others; we are mystics that heal the world around us and enrich the places we inhabit. We are the good in the world, and our actions are in harmony with both the Law of Attraction and the Law of Nature. It is our birthright to have the things we desire, and it is righteous that we should have these things.

Do not take up a contrary position to this. Hatred is not a feeling of health and wellness; love is the only source of wellness. Love is a physical, spiritual, and mental state that allows us to get the very things we desire as long as our motives are pure. We know that our biblical teaching teaches us of God, thinking and calling the world to be. The heavens, earth, the moon, and the sun all thought into existence in this way. We as sons and daughters of God have the same abilities if we have the faith of a mustard seed. It is our birthright to have this ability and our inheritance. Two thousand plus years ago the best-selling book of the world, the Holy Bible, told the parable of the kingdom of heaven and the faith of a mustard seed.
As a person with this power, you cannot shape a thing or call it forward until you are in balance with the laws. Give no thought to the past, it is all forgiven, but that means you are accepting responsibilities now to approach the Universe as a child of God. Therefore, think and feel the truth and the thought will be called forward with your rewards. Think and manifest for yourself only, you have no power over other human beings. They are not in your dominion. Surely you can wish them well; you can take care of them with your money or house them in your new home or build cities with free housing for all if that is what you wish. There is nothing wrong with any of that, but you are manifesting for you alone at this point. Wish no other creature ill will and you will find a balance here on earth.

Once love was my motivation, it changed the way I felt about many things. When I started practicing this method I got rid of my hunting rifles; feeling I did not need them any longer. Love was the only expression I wanted to communicate with and the only feeling that I wanted to experience for the most part. That meant trusting in the power or energy that prevails throughout the Universe and trusting that power. I choose a different pattern and to have faith, so love is shown to me. I made the right decision of course because the purity of heart is a way of life that should spread throughout the world. I also know that I made the right decision because after I had ridden myself of the rifles, my girlfriend told me of a violent occurrence in her life and how it made her uneasy that I owned guns. I don’t believe she would have told me otherwise, at least not at that time.

To be successful at manifesting things in your life, you must set exact goals that are in harmony with the life you wish to lead. That balance applies to the two laws we have examined thus far. You are a person who is capable of generating great things in your life as long as you don’t abandon the principles of harmony with the Laws of Nature and Attraction. You could start today by making a list of the things in your life you are grateful to have so they will be multiplied in your life. You need to be exact. Keep and improve what is good, change what is not.

The idea of the list from the first lesson is to give you a starting point or a map of five things that are important to you. Most likely the things you put on that list are the most important things in your life that need to be improved or changed in some regard. The list is a reference communicated between you and the higher power that exist in the Universe. Long ago Jesus Christ spoke of “living water” and we are just learning how to drink that water, so we are never thirsty again. There is no secret formula for making a list or being desirous of something; anyone can do that. Hidden from the makers of the list is how the Universe moves to open the locked and how to remove blockages from the path.

Let’s review how to accomplished. Something is required, and that desire set into motion out to the Universe. The act of listing of the things in our heart a way of opening our neural pathways and it is a way of changing how the Universe arranges situations, making chance our ally instead of a foe. The power wells up in us, yes in our very being, not some mysterious place far off. It is our desires, our real feelings, our will to be someone better communicating with the spirit that keeps our Universe in control. The actual secret never spoken of is controlling cause and effect.

The Law of Attraction is a birthright employed to do good in your life. It is a beautiful harmony of success applied in life instead of the cacophony of failure, with everything coming to you as it pleases the Universe. The Law of Attraction is control and organization in harmony with the Law of Nature which is a physical presence.

Think about what you have accomplished thus far in only a few pages of these lessons. You have identified what it is you wanted and made it known to the Universe. You have thought of things that must change and determined how you feel about changing those things, even if there are only five at this point. You have called on a higher power to assist you in acquiring these five items from your list, and you have harmonized between attracting those things with the natural world.

So this is the place where we will again take some time to reflect on these things. Look over the list again and ensure everything you want is what you want and feel good about having. There should be harmonic peace when you go over the list. But now I ask one more thing of you while you go over the list. Imagine how it will be having what you want actually in your possession or doing what you want. Add this to your retinue. Call on the higher power that is the Law of Attraction to get you what you want. If you feel good about what is on your list, then you will certainly have what is on your list. If you are in doubt about what is on your list, then you need to identify why you are in doubt.

Is your dream of owning a mansion the same as my dream? Is it something nice however not truly what you want? Is what you want in conflict with love or attempting to take away from someone else? I know I am more comfortable with a house on a wooded lot with nice neighbors who I haven’t locked off my property. That is the person I am. And I am comfortable there with those neighbors who are my friends. That is what I want and what I deserve to have. My values are in line with that goal and my feelings communicate that to the Universe. I am worthy of that house and worthy of owning it. So a mansion isn’t good on a list for me, at least not now. There is nothing on my list that harms another human being or takes away from someone else. Everything on my list increases the wealth of the Universe and intensifies the well being of everyone that surrounds me. It should be so with your list as well.

So today’s exercise is to go over your list, the one you are keeping, reflecting on how you feel about each item on the list. Feel free to drop off any mansions you put down and replace it with the desires of your heart. Let your image of yourself be one of enjoying the accomplishments set forth on the list, feel it, live it, look at it from above seeing yourself in the picture. There is no need to worry about how. It will be as long as you are in harmony with the Universe.

So, here again, is the point where we take some time off to see ourselves accomplishing. Allow the Universe to speak to you. Allow it to happen for you because what you want is in the harmony of what the Universe wants. All the power and mystery of the Universe is with you, and it shall be because it is good for you and it is good for the Universe. You benefit and in exchange, the Universe helps because it is a positive change in the Universe that benefits everything universally.

Stop reading here until you have completed the exercise with your list. Return after a reasonable time that allows you to have a full understanding of your list and how those items on your list make your life better and n harmony with the Law of Attraction and the Law of Nature. Remember you are the conduit between Universal power and physical presence. You are the center of your Universe and the stabilizing column that supports your life for a positive effect on everything else that touches your life.

The next lesson will be waiting for you tomorrow when you return to it. Positive things are about to happen for you.


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